Xbox Live officially coming to Windows Mobile?

Over the last couple of months, there have been many rumors flying around regarding Xbox Live and its potential availability on Windows branded mobile devices. Earlier, internal Microsoft marketing material was obtained, showing that the popular online gaming service will be coming to Microsoft's Windows Mobile platform (hopefully) soon.

Recently, Xbox Live for Windows Mobile was hinted at through a Microsoft job posting; sufficient evidence in itself, though of course, nothing's official until the company says it's official. Earlier, Kotaku reported that the aforementioned marketing material had been unveiled, which does indeed show "Windows phone" under the list of Xbox Live compatible devices; as the website mentioned though, it's certainly rather puzzling. As you'll see from the attached image below, there are no mentions of Zune (a device that Microsoft would most likely want to have included in the service) or anything else other than "Windows phone."

Keep in mind that Microsoft itself hasn't confirmed nor denied this, though the proof is pretty undeniable. Hopefully the Redmond-based software giant will publicly respond soon, detailing its plans for an Xbox Live & Windows Mobile partnership.

Image courtesy of Kotaku. (Full size.)

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He he! This will teach me for getting fed up with the sluggish WinMob development and jumping ship to the iPhone. I can always look at it on the good side though, I'll have a good 18 months with a phone is surprising me all the time with some damn useful apps and a decent mp3 player and then hopefully WinMob 7 will be out and settled, ready to tempt me back!!

I am still puzzled by how useful XBox Live integration with Windows Mobile could be... But I'll wait and see what this turns into. I just can't think of a whole heck of a lot that you could do with this...

I'm thinking some of the the services that comes with XBL like messagings, friendlist, achievements, marketplace (and manage qeues). Maybe some clan support don't forget about Avatars. (I'm thinking they'll be outsourcing their avatar tech someday... perhaps facebook lol)

They continually evolve the XBox services, so along with casual games (again, w/ achievements), maybe some novel cross platform gaming and social integration. For instance, maybe one can earn achievments with that 4-square social network meta game. Plus, phones with gps can participate in community games like a scavenger hung. XBL provides the mesh for community management and such.

I'm sure some smarter folks than me can think of more novel uses, but I think that give a little idea. But yeah, we shall see.

They could just integrate it so much that any WM phone can act as an extention to the 360 as well. Think PSP and PS3 for a better idea. Right now you can connect via the PC and do stuff, buy DLC etc and then when you get home and turn on your 360 it'll start d/ling them. But why not take it to the next step?

Have games made so that they play on WM, 360 and PC? Have music/videos etc that you can have on all 3? Hell, make any WM be able to act as a 360 remote? Connect to XBL through WM without having your 360 on as well? The idea just opens it up for loads of things.

majg said,
(I'm thinking they'll be outsourcing their avatar tech someday... )

The Avatar system is the only halfway decent 'product' to come out of Rare since their acquisition. I would think Microsoft would sell off that division before outsourcing their efforts.

Wow, some good thoughts on that. I hadn't thought of any of those ideas. I guess there is some potential for the integration. I really do look forward to seeing what Microsoft comes up with this. I guess there's more potential than I thought.

dotf said,
The Avatar system is the only halfway decent 'product' to come out of Rare since their acquisition. I would think Microsoft would sell off that division before outsourcing their efforts.

I was thinking more licensing out the Avatar tech.. I wrote my repsonse quickly at the wee hours.

But speaking of Rare, I'm sure they have some stuff in the pipeline... but probably more Natal based.

Zune will be a premium service along with Xbox live. I wouldn't be surprised if the current Zune HDs will get some functionality if it comes outs.

I bet this year is just about setting all of this up. WM7 at MWC and Mix, then there will be more Xbox Live anywhere stuff as they get close to xmas. Many screens and a cloud for mobile, pcs (netbook, laptop, tablets, desktops), tvs (and other screens)--> MyPhone, Windows Live, Xbox Live, Zune

If they pull it off, I think it could be a compelling ecosystem.

The goal was always to build Zune into a media brand and not just a device. Though I think MS will always have a ZuneHD device around, it won't be the main goal. The Zune marketplace is on 360 atm, and the PC. I use the software for music, but you can just as well use it for videos and so on like others, and it already shares that media with the 360. I have it set to share my music to my 360 atm.

So once you bring Zune to WM, then every WM phone is also a zune player. Thus MS has an instant global Zune device that will get sold. The thing is to work the marketplace for other markets like the EU so it offers shows/channels/music from those areas and isn't so US centric.