Xbox One and 360 June update available starting today

Microsoft is rolling out a huge update for the Xbox One that will allow external hard drives, add the capability to share your real name with people on your friends list, improvements to SmartGlass, and liberate popular apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and 180 more apps to non-Gold subscribers.

The requirements for the external hard drives are fairly standard and will require a USB 3.0 compatible drive with 256GB or more of free storage space. Once connected the Xbox One will instantly recognize the new drive and ask to format it. At this point it will become the default storage device for all the content you download. You will also have the option of transferring all your stored data from the Xbox One to the external hard drive. This will allow you to easily take your information on the go and plug it up to a friends console and access your media and games from their system. There will be a limit of two drives that can be connected and used at the same time.

The June update will also give gamers a new option called Real Names. This option will allow users to share their real name to friends instead of their Gamertag. You will be allowed to select who you want to share your real name with. If choose not to, you will remain anonymous with your name displayed as a Gamertag.  

SmartGlass has also been improved and updated. The SmartGlass app will add a new activity feed that will be displayed directly on your home screen. This will give you access to see what your friends are doing and even give you broadcast notifications. If you click on the broadcast notifications you will be able to watch these streams on your SmartGlass device. Lastly, SmartGlass will gain access to OneGuide and add a universal remote that will allow you to control your other connected components. 

The new updates will begin rolling out sometime this week for the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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If you are not already getting prompted check to see if you have "Update Console" in System Settings. If you do then you can probably update now.

(XBox One Specific)

June 4, 2014; 0 days ago Public System Software/Xbox Live Changes
Entertainment apps can be accessed without paying for an Xbox Live Gold membership.

So not a big deal.. should have been by default accessible to silver-members as well. You know, who the hell would pay for Gold subscription if only wants to use IE, Youtube etc.? Greedy a**holes.

Who would buy a 360 if they only want to use IE youtube etc when HTPCs are normally cheaper? IMO anyone that actually uses a 360 has a gold account because they play games online.

Don't forget that is also enables the TV & OneGuide features for many non-US markets, such as here in the UK.

Indeed. I'm in the preview, and have been saying "Xbox Watch Sky One" for a week or so now :) It's also good that it turns your Sky Box on and off in the same way it does your TV :)

My TV provider won't update their channels so I can't use this without the cable TV remote.... really sucks I can't use voice or Xbox remote for channel changing...

Bertch said,
Also going to be working here in Canada (Rogers, Bell, etc) :D

I only hope it works with the smaller canadian providers too, such as Access Communications and SaskTel maxTV in Saskatchewan.