Xbox One is in full production, first shipments heading out

Earlier today, Microsoft confirmed that the Xbox One console had entered full production and would launch in 13 markets on November 22nd. While we still have 79 days to wait before they officially show up on store shelves, the process of packing and shipping units of the console has already started.

Major Nelson has posted up two new images; one is what Xbox Live's director of programming Larry Hryb says is the very first case of Xbox One consoles that are packaged "and ready to go" to some unknown store location. Hryb doesn't say when or where the picture was taken but that orange label on the box says, "Do not sell or display before November 22nd, 2013."

The other image shows quite a few of those single boxes all stacked up on several wooden pallets. Again, there's no indication when or where these pallets of boxes were located but it's likely that it was somewhere in China, which is where the assembly of the Xbox One is handled, along with the Xbox 360.

Microsoft also announced that the Xbox One got a final CPU speed boost to 1.75 GHz before it went into final production; the company has not revealed just how many units will be available on its launch day.

Source: Major Nelson | Image via Microsoft

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I got my email from Microsoft saying my Xbox would be here on the 22nd. That's good and bad for me because I'm going out of town on the 23rd! At least I'll be here to sign for the package.

my question is with an almost full 2 months of full time production, how many are they going to actually have at launch. Will we have an artificial shortage of consoles or will Microsoft make sure there is a constant supply of consoles through the holiday season.

The Wii's general production was around 2million per month.

so use that as a base and it would depend how many Microsoft resources are dedicated to the launch production as it would be possible to do 2.5-3 per month +

Crisp said,
How many can you fit in that box? 3?

I'm thinking 1 per brown box. Remember, the thing is ****ing huge, plus the Kinect is in there, and the PSU and pad. And lets not forget the sticker.

DARKFiB3R said,

I'm thinking 1 per brown box. Remember, the thing is ****ing huge, plus the Kinect is in there, and the PSU and pad. And lets not forget the sticker.'s not as big as you think

James Johnson_95988 said,'s not as big as you think

That is not what your mum said.

Sorry, couldn't resist. lol

just a few more sleeps.

The night before will be like when I was a kid at XMAS, cant get to sleep, thinking about the next day, the excitement ...I miss them days