Xbox One to offer free ad-based Xbox Music streaming service via Xbox Live Gold [Update .. or not]

Update: Penello has now posted a correction to his own Twitter feed, stating that the Xbox Music service on Xbox One will require an Xbox Music Pass after a quick 15 song demo:

Original Story: Microsoft already offers Windows 8.1 users a way to stream songs for free via its Xbox Music service, and the web browser version can also be accessed for free for six months. After that, it requires a $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year subscription to Xbox Music Pass to continue listening to the streaming service on the web. The Xbox Music apps for iOS and Android also require an Xbox Music Pass subscription.

But what about the upcoming Xbox One? Microsoft executive Albert Penello, answering a question from a fan, posted word on his Twitter feed this week that streaming tunes on Xbox Music via their next generation game console will be free as well:

As with all of Microsoft's media apps for the Xbox One and the current Xbox 360, users will have to pay an Xbox Live Gold subscription fee to access the Xbox Music service. However, this week's announcement means that console owners won't have to pay for an additional Xbox Music Pass if they want to listen to the streaming service, although they do have the option to do so to eliminate those periodic ads.

Source: Albert Penello on Twitter via The Verge | Image via Microsoft

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Lord Method Man said,


He's referring the PS4 not being able to play MP3s and CDs -- and XB1's DLNA support.

Well if your referring to Sony's Music Unlimited service, then you are correct. If you pay for their streaming service, you can then stream music.

However, if you wish to say stream music you already have to it from any other device, you can't. That's DLNA

I don't know, Sony didn't rule that out, so we will have to see. As long as the browser has proper support, it should.

For me, the bigger issue is the fact that even if the browser does support that, you wont be able to play that music while your gaming. They made it pretty clear that the only music that is playable during gameplay would be music accessed via their Music Unlimited service.

That tells me that they created a Music Unlimited app that can run in the background while you game and the OS/UI was made with that in mind, not a general use media player that can play music from all sorts of sources.

Lord Method Man said,

And PS4 has what to do with anything here?

Ask yourself that question when something is being offered on the PS4 that is not offered on the X1. Then reverse your answer and it will answer your question.

uxo22 said,

Ask yourself that question when something is being offered on the PS4 that is not offered on the X1. Then reverse your answer and it will answer your question.

No, actually it won't. This has nothing to do with PS4.

Lord Method Man said,

No, actually it won't. This has nothing to do with PS4.

Funny you should say that, see "greenwizard88's" comment below, see some people does think that bringing up the PS4 is warranted.

What? They will still require a Gold account to access media services? Even the ones where a monthly fee is required (Netflix, XBOX Music Pass and so on)?

This is another idiotic decision that prevents the ecosystem from thriving by keeping users out of it.

A Gold account SHOULD NOT be required for media consumption.

greenwizard88 said,
That's a large part of why I'm getting a PS4. Vote with your wallet.

Please respond to "Lord Method Man's" question above. Thanks

dear microsoft... as yo may already know... even when you try your best to be positive...the fine folks of the internet will find a way to spin it into something negative...

spacer said,
The thing is, it's not hard to "spin" it. If you're unhappy about it, blame Microsoft.

It was a simple question with a straight answer (at least from the above tweet)... and people want to make it, more than what it is...

Microsoft does suck at times in communication... but the above looks pretty straight forward... and people still want to add to it to make it bigger than what it is...

I know instead of being happy that ad free music comes with gold, they put a negative spin on it as to why it's not offered to silver. When has any paid service been offered to silver. Why do the same question come up every time as if it's a surprise?

That is correct.

Albert Penello @albertpenello also tweeted the following: I was wrong about Music on XboxOne: You get 15 free song plays then need Music Pass for ad-free streaming. No ad-supported streaming. Sorry!

So now the people what were whining about it not being on silver can be happy that gold is not getting it either. I have a music pass so, it's a moot point for me.

I have a pass and I'm very happy with it, a single fee per year and i have access to anything i want on all my devices. Sure if i stop paying its gone but I'm ok with that, the amount of crap i get through via this unlimited service is far better than a system of only buying what i absolutely want (with the benefit of keeping).

also, my son has gold and with the gold sharing functions i shouldn't need gold, even though i might get it anyway for gaming (will have to see first, i use a pc mainly but if bf4 is as good as it sounds on xbox one i might jump in)

ffs, does anybody there have a clue what's going on? It'll be a bloody miracle if they manage to get the thing out the door on time.

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