Xbox One update introduces "black screen" issue

The latest update for Microsoft’s Xbox One included a number of highly anticipated features and positive changes. Unfortunately, it has also introduced a fairly significant bug.

Artist's rendition of what the "black screen bug" may look like

Users on reddit and the official xbox forums have reported that their screens sometimes “go black” after pressing the Xbox button to go to the home screen. While users can still hear audio, the only fixes that can bring back video output are either unplugging the Xbox One power cable or, more simply, holding down the power button for approximately ten seconds to perform a hard reset.

Thankfully, the Xbox support team appears to be aware of the issue and has reached out to at least one affected user via twitter. Although we assume that this bug will be addressed rather quickly, it does come at an unfortunate time given that Microsoft has only just opened the floodgates for the beta of its most anticipated next generation title.

Have you suffered from this particular issue while playing your Xbox One? Should we call this bug the “black screen of death”? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Gamespotimage via Neowin

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Personally I think it has to do with the Battery Status now on Home screen option and should only happen once and it's while it loads it to the screen. I'm only guessing but it took a while for mine to display and it only did after hitting the button on the controller now the Battery Status is always there and mine has never repeated the Black Screen.

I am getting this and it sucks! grrrrr!!!!!! I hope it is fixed very soon. It happens quite often too at different points when at the main home screen or playing a game.

This is next generation, get used to it. Nobody tests anymore, it costs too much. Plus, they have deadlines to meet. It's not too often you see release dates pushed back. And it's not just MS, look at EA with everything they release.

It happened to me while playing Killer Instinct. The game started to load where it shows the characters getting ready to fight with the background scrolling from right to left. However, there were no characters, just the background. And it kept repeating over and over. So I hit the home button and the screen flashed and went blank. Nothing would bring it back but I could give it voice commands. So I said, "Xbox turn off" and I could hear the confirmation. So normally it asks you, are you sure, so i said yes and nothing would happen. Had to pull the power cord.

I believe this is happening to some people but how can the update not affect every Xbox One friend I have and still affect others, aren't all Xbox One the same?

Ya, this randomly happens to me. Really annoying when you are in a party and have to do a hard reset and then rejoin the party and everything.

This happened to me on Sunday I think. I turned my console on, went to the Titanfall beta which was already running, and the audio was messed up. I hit the home button so I could quit the app and restart it, and then the screen started flashing and went black. I turned it off and back on and it was still black. I had audio but no video. Unplugging it for a few seconds fixed it though.

Scabrat said,
I heard that both consoles can run 60 fps at 4k resolution while running the Black Screen. Its quiet amazing ...

I heard it was 30 fps @ 4k on the Xbox One. It's not a big deal though really, you can't even tell.

I have a Day One console, it has the problem. We have a second regular XBO console, and that one is fine.

Unplugging was the only fix for me on the unit effected.

Funny thing is, if I use my voice to "Go Home", I don't have the problem...only happens when I hit the Xbox Button on the Controller.

It happened to me playing AC4. Had to do a hard reset from the front touch panel. Before that it would just do a continuous power loop but never get to the dashboard. It's Only happened once so far.

I know the first gen of any console/product is when they have most bugs... But this is rediculous, seems MS saves expense by not even having a bug testing team anymore with all the recent problems

I have not had this happen but i bet it has to do with the removal of the sharpening filter and them messing up some other code on accident.