Xbox One video goes behind the scenes at Microsoft's testing lab

Microsoft's reveal of the Xbox One 'all-in-one entertainment center' showed that there's a lot of high-end hardware inside the product. The console is also being tested at Microsoft's campus in Redmond, Washington and today the company issued a new video that showed what those labs look like for the first time in public.

Microsoft's Larry Hryb and Lisa Gurry appear in and narrate the video where, oddly, they don't actually refer to the console as the Xbox One but as the "brand new Xbox". The video shows the inside of "Studio B", starting with the XOC, the Xbox Operations Center, which monitors the 300,000 servers needed to run the Xbox Live service. Hryb claims that there's more computing power in the Xbox Live server system than the entire Internet had in 1999.

Another part of the video shows the accessories labs where Xbox controllers are tested by robots to make sure they can endure long stretches of use. The video also shows the building's sound-proof room - one of the quietest in the world - for testing of the Xbox One's sound system. Finally, the model shop is shown, where super-high-end 3D printers can be used to generate new concepts for controllers quickly.

Source: Xbox on YouTube

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For ****s sake Neowin, stop with the duplicate posts on twitter. You're spamming everyone's feeds.


Im gonna drag this a bit off topic but see how on 1:48 on the video, the sound engineer has 3-4 programs runnign simulataneously,
this why windows 8 and metro full screen crap will always be a failure for people who need to get work done.

i hate having to constantly tab between apps, who the hell wants everythign running full screen all the time. many people have multiple programs open at once..

Exactly dude, modern apps are **** for getting proper work done just like an Android or iPad tablet. With Blue however you can have 3+ open at a time which kind of helps but I wholeheartedly agree. If you want to program, design, develop whatever- you will be doing it on the desktop for a loooonnnnggg time!! And im fine with that!

This reminds me of the halo testing labs they showed before in that they literally go in, wave the camera around for 2 seconds then hastily leave. Why not do it properly, explain things in detail, have the cameras take a proper look around, etc.?

The spike TV after show was very informative and entertaining. I can't find it online though, but you might be able to find it on Tv, on demand. It shows a lot of Xbox one development. Better than these other videos I've been watching.