Xbox team said to be working on Microsoft smartwatch

Earlier this week, we reported on claims that Microsoft is preparing to join other tech giants, including Samsung and Apple, in developing a new 'smartwatch'. The report pointed to orders that Microsoft had apparently placed with suppliers in Asia for 1.5-inch touchscreens. 

Today, further information has emerged that further substantiates these claims. The Verge cites a "reliable source" who has confirmed to them that Microsoft is indeed creating a smartwatch device, and that its Xbox team has been working on its development for over a year. 

Here's one they made earlier... 

You may be wondering why development is being managed by the Xbox team. The answer is simple: the original plan in developing a watch-like device was to launch it as a heart-rate monitor, a fitness accessory for the Xbox 360 console, known as 'Joule'. During the course of development, plans changed, and it was decided to broaden the scope of development into a multi-purpose smartwatch device instead. 

It seems that we're still some way from seeing a finished product, with development still in the prototype stages, but multiple groups within the Xbox team - including those who have worked on other Xbox accessories, such as Kinect, now involved in its development. The device is said to feature a removable strap and, in line with this week's previous report, a 1.5-inch touch display; one prototype apparently includes a Surface-style magnetic power connector. 

Given the stage of development at which the project is currently said to be, it seems unlikely that we'll see the new smartwatch being unveiled alongside the new Xbox console; we're expecting to get our first glimpse of that product in just a few weeks' time

Source: The Verge | Image via Tech Goes Strong

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Maybe the missing but highly requested Notification Center for both Windows and Windows Phone will come as a separate wearable accessory under Surface Watch brand and not as software update on Blue as everyone is expecting #joking

I am glad we have more leaks on this story. Can't wait until it gets officially announced.

Judging by the weak WP support from the Xbox team so far I would be that WP devices will either not work or not work as fully as ios and android devices.

efjay said,
Judging by the weak WP support from the Xbox team so far I would be that WP devices will either not work or not work as fully as ios and android devices.
I'm curious as to what you mean by weak WP support. I honestly don't know what they are doing for other OS's that they aren't doing for Windows Phone.

Id take a Microsoft smart watch over any other one. Fact is, Microsoft knows how to make their devices talk well to each other and that's exactly what a smart watch needs! I don't wear watches, but this may make me reconsider, especially if similar build quality of the Surface!

I threw my surface onto an ice scraper the other day (not on purpose), and it didn't even scratch. My girlfriends iPad gets dented if you look at it funny. HA!

Frank Reymenants said,
Seriously? My Surface pro is covered in little scratches and I transport it in a leather laptop bag. I can clearly see the wear and tear on the sides...
You're transporting it wrong. I haven't had my RT in a bag yet and the cover is the only thing showing wear and tear.