Xbox360 sales hit 28 million worldwide, 8 million in Europe

Microsoft has released the figures for its console to date, topping the sales charts at 28 million units worldwide, in just over 3 years. Microsoft's Xbox360 is the best selling high definition console to date.

Microsoft also had another release of good news, with its console selling 8 million units in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, doubling last year's total number of sales, for December. The company didn't state how many consoles it had sold in month of December, but claimed it is 1 million consoles greater than rival Sony PlayStation 3.

Microsoft also reported that the Xbox360 is the fastest growing console in Europe during 2008, a growth that exceeded expectations during the holiday season and poor economy. With price cuts to the console, making it affordable to many, outselling the competition isn't very shocking to many consumers.

Rumors speculate Microsoft will make an announcement during today's Keynote about the sales figures for North America, and total sales worldwide. Watch all the coverage from Las Vegas at Microsoft's 2009 Keynote right here on Neowin

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Commenting is disabled on this article. claims almost 46m Wii's have been sold worldwide, the wiki link only reflects September 2008, while the vgcharz doesn't say how recent their count is or list a source. Obviously the Wiki doesn't include the holiday season for the Wii, but it does include it for the Xbox 360. Wiki's just aren't reliable yet.

Just out of curiosity. So you trust VGChartz' data more than Nintendo's?
Mind to elaborate?
Wikis aren't realiable? If I had to choose I would trust any community over any company.

MightyJordan said,
Nice! That puts it very close to the Wii's so-called 30 million.

So called 30 million? I believe it's more like so called 40+ million. Considering Wii Sports has sold 40 million, and it's only sold 3 million in Japan (and Japan's Wii install base is something crazy like 10 million I believe).

Anyway, wow, 8 million in Europe is a very nice number. Good on MS

Wii has 34.55 million consoles sold to be exact
(Source Wiki

That is why I added the High Definition in that line, so I wouldn't raise eye brows and start a "who sold more" war