Xi3 shows off customizable interface for PISTON gaming PC

On Saturday, we reported that Xi3, the PC maker that's developing tiny PCs for both work and play, had begun to take pre-orders for its PISTON gaming PC. Most of the press about the PISTON PC before this weekend has centered on its small size, along with Xi3's investment from Valve.

At a presentation at SXSW this weekend, Xi3 showed off something new; the user interface for the PISTON. The company said it would not be showing the video to anyone outside the SXSW crowd but Polygon managed to capture some off-screen video of the presentation.

The video shows that the menu is highly customizable. Xi3 has designed it so that users can select which PC gaming service they want to connect to by clicking on the "Gaming" selection.  In other words, if you select "Steam" for the gaming tab, it will launch Steam every time you click on gaming menu selection.

The UI also allows user to do the same for their favorite streaming video and audio service, along with chat and even home automation services. The video even showed that users can select which color the menu selections will have.

Again, pre-orders are now being taken for the PISTON gaming PC. Normally, the price would start at $999 but from now until March 17th Xi3 will shave $100 off the order and throw in a free copy of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system. The PISTON is scheduled to ship by the end of 2013.

Source: Polygon

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You could buy a PS4 and a Nextbox for the same price as that thing and have a far better experience.

$1000 is a ****ing joke.

I like how they're marketing it "We don't care what you do with it"

Nobody's gonna buy something where nobody cares what it actually does. It can't do everything well

poor timing. compared to current generation consoles it looks good, but not when you compare it to the potential of the next sony and microsoft products competing with each other in the ~$600 USD pricepoint. a year ago this would have sold well, in my opinion. now it's just a "desperate for the next thing" move.

Javik said,
Do we actually have any definitive word on what GPU it has yet?

its an integrated GPU for sure. there was a video where they opened up the case and you could see the motherboard. theres only 1 heatsink and 1 fan. It is probably an AMD APU with a trinity radeon (maybe 7660G). Could also be intel with hd4000.

What's the GPU on that thing? The Tomb Raider's footage had terrible performance.
And doesn't really matters. I'm no buying that thing for 999 bucks. Just updated my i5 3570k gaming machine with HD 7950, so I'm set for a year or two. Just asking for curiosity.

That didn't look like actual gameplay, the game launched straight away, it was obviously just some kind of demo video although even the streaming on that video was bad so that doesn't bode well for actual gameplay.

Who why what . Who in the right mind would pay $1000.00USD for a pc with integrated graphics not even strong enough to play world of Warcraft LMAO. What a joke

dagamer34 said,
It took me about 2 seconds with Google to disprove your statement: http://www.tomshardware.com/re...0k-trinity-apu,3241-10.html

You have a very outdated idea of what "integrated graphics" can do these days.

you have no idea. integrated graphics are junk. the top 2 integrated solutions are intel hd4000 and amd trinity 7660G. you will struggle to hit 30fps with a lot of games of the past few years. some games will hit in the 30s-40s fps on low settings,but the majority of games will be sub 30 on low settings. I have this amd chipset and ive tried using it for games. total let down.

for a machine that's $1000, that's pathetic.

You have a very outdated idea of what "integrated graphics" can do these days.

So integrated graphics from 2012 is just as good as dedicated graphics from late 2006. My old laptops 8600m gt 256mb could play wow at 1920x1200, very high quality (some settings maxed out but no AA) and get 50-60fps. Not to mention I had a LOT of mods running.

Most of his original statement is right. $1000 for a PC with crap specs is a joke. If I was paying $1000 for a desktop, it better have a good dedicated GPU.

Not sure what it's supposed to be anymore.
Gaming 'PC'? with a custom interface.. that lets you play music and TV shows/videos... in a tiny box.

I think I'd just stick with proper gaming machine machines that can be upgraded because the video gameplay in that link looked really bad.