XM Radio back on air

XM Satellite Radio has restored service to its subscribers after a software glitch knocked out the signal from one of its four satellites, affecting an unknown number of the company's eight million Canadian and American customers, according to Jason Mercier, a media spokesman for Canadian Satellite Radio/XM Radio Canada. The disruption caused some customers to lose service and others to experience "significantly degraded service" from about noon on Monday to 12:45 pm ET on Tuesday.

"The problem occurred during the loading of software to a critical component of the satellite broadcast system, which resulted in a temporary loss of signal from one of the company's satellites," the company said on its website. XM apologized to consumers in a brief statement Tuesday, and advised users to wait five to ten minutes after turning on the radio to reacquire the XM signal.

News source: CBC News

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Ya, I had sporatic outages just driving home from work. I was just about to go out and buy a new antenna when it seemed to clear up yesterday. Glad I saw this article!

It doesn't sound to me like he has any sat radio. It just sounds like he is trying to justify paying a monthly subscription to Sirius since he has Sirius ready equipment.

I Love My XM.

It was spotty for me yesterday, thought it was on my end until I saw the posts. Today, it was back to 100%
It comes on with my car, and in the morning I listen to a local talk show, by 10am central it was back to normal.
I've had it since 2003, and this was the FIRST outage I've had.