XM service outage continues for second day

XM Satellite Radio is experiencing a second day of outages after software problems resulted in the loss of one of the network's four satellites. Company officials initially expected to correct the problem yesterday evening, but are now advising customers that they expect a fix by midday. "We quickly identified the problem and are working hard to return to our normal levels of service. The problem occurred during the loading of software to a critical component of our satellite broadcast system, which resulted in a loss of one of our satellites," according to the company's Web site.

The company did not estimate how many subscribers have been affected, but Internet message boards indicate the problem is widespread. The service is still running on the company's Web site, and XM advised subscribers to tune in online if possible. XM has four satellites built by Boeing Company launched between 2001 and 2006. The first two experienced significant problems and are now regarded as "in-orbit spares," according to the company's annual report.

News source: MSNBC

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Actually I was receiving Satellite signal, but not Terrestrial Signal over the weekend , but I was experiencing drop outs.

I don't listen to Satellite Radio that much anymore in the city, most of the music sucks and is constant repeat of same artists, like Genisis, Tom Petty on top tracks etc.. Lucy is okay sometimes, the rest suck since i'm on the west coast O&A show is basically almost over by the time I listen, and I have to listen to Ron & Fez too New York and very depressing radio show, where it's a cast of idiots with stupid names.

XM is okay for when i'm driving up & down I-5 or when i'm driving up & down Vancouver Island, B.C.

My annual XM sub expires in July , I'm not 100% sure if i'm going to renew.

around 2 or 3am last night my XM satellite just kept going out but then coming back shortly after, it wasn't a huge problem. Plus, I really want to know why some people think is sucks. I really enjoy it when I have to go on trips and I go in those areas where all you can get is country stations on regular radio.

I like how they are informing you. They informed me about the problem this morning and this afternoon.

care to explain why you think so? I love mine, and everybody I know that has it loves it and doesn't EVER listen to FM anymore. It's also great for those working the oil patch up here because they can gt good radio anywhere they are, a lot of places FM won't reach.

Ignorant people suck..... I was fortunate not to lose any reception during this time. Satellite radio absolutely rocks. Sure, the freeloaders will always want it to be free, but it's a fantastic service for a reasonable price.

darn it! our one XM radio yesterday wasnt working but 2 more were... so we thought it was broke and junked it and ordered a new one... XM told us nothing was wrong with their system and it was our radio and its a relatively new radio also...... now today they confirm it was that....