XM-Sirius merger officially approved by the FCC

There's no stopping it now: the marriage of XM and Sirius has been cleared by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), under a few conditions. The deal is said to offer subscribers better choice in the channels they listen to by the two companies and the FCC, but its criticizers see it as anticompetitive, taking the two major Satellite Radio providers and making them one mega company. While the FCC admits this in their press release, they also say that the new conditions make the deal fair and in the public interest.

Among the highlights of the conditions the two companies face in their merger are a 3-year price cap (to be reviewed 6 months prior to its expiry), a requirement to offer customers new programming packages within three months of the merger taking place, and a mandatory application to extend the service into Puerto Rico, also within 3 months.

Much more information is available directly from the FCC.

View: FCC Press Release (Warning: PDF)

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(vlsi0n said @ #5)
Yay... no consumer choice? Check.

You have choice. Get it or don't get it.

Besides, by themselves they were both going out of business. Together they stand a shot. And it looks like cheaper pricing and al la carte programming.

No talk on when interoperable units will be available? No A La Carte or cross programming until the new units go on sale.

Sweet. This is a win-win. Now I won't have to question myself on choosing XM over Sirius when Sirius has a lot of the sports I like. NBA here I come!!