Yahoo brings advertising to PDFs

Adobe and Yahoo are teaming up to trial putting advertisements inside PDF documents.

Ads for Adobe PDF Powered by Yahoo, as the new service is known, presents publishers with an alternative to conventional subscriptions, which, if widely adopted, could open up a new model based on free, ad-supported publishing, say analysts. The service allows publishers to generate revenue by including text-based ads linked to the specific content of an Adobe PDF page. The advertisements can only run in a side panel separated from the publication's actual content.

"People want content for free," says Matt Swain, an analyst at market research firm at InfoTrends, who has been briefed by the companies on their plans. "The question is how do I reach consumers without charging them a subscription fee?" he says.

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God you people can be so annoying. It's allowing companies to have the ability to publish their works in a way that is profitable for them. Not every PDF file is having ads. If I get access to some more case studies or books that cost hundreds of pounds to help with my uni work at the expense of seeing a few ads, I'll be greatful. Complain about the utilization, not the possibilities.

I've got no problems if the ads are only in what's now "pay to view" content. For example I've often wanted to read something like a magazine review of something but would have to fork out money for an account. If I could get this content for free but with ads I'd have no trouble with it.

Now, having ads in every single PDF, that I hopefully will never see. PDFs are pretty slow to browse to begin with.

Usually i download some pdf magazines (many not for free) and yes, they came with the usually ads.

So i also think that it's not too bad after all.

"People want content for free,"

Ahhh a classic case of telling customers what they want. I don't want content for free necessarily if it means I have to have ads in it. I would gladly pay a subscription to Facebook, for example, to have it without ads. However, I am not given this choice.

And if I am looking for documentation I expect the company behind it to swallow the small cost of producing a PDF for my convenience as a consumer or as a tech. Depending on the situation it is rather insulting to expect me to sit or flip through ads just so the publisher can save a buck or two.

This is similar to the "let's throw ads in the middle of DVD movies" idea with the same problem: Our world is already saturated with ads. We don't need more. Not everything is about getting something for nothing.

I agreed is only specific pdf are tagged with ads and not every pdf (for example corporate ones or legacy pdf).

i dont have trouble imagining a day when i wake up and there will be ads on my ceiling, and in the mirror.

ads **** me off so much, now if i see an annoying ad for something i specifically make a point NOT to buy it.

since when is pi$$ a bad word? is poop a bad word too?

-edit 2-
guess not..... hmmm double standards!