Yahoo Mail accounts accessed with stolen passwords

Yahoo has revealed that some Yahoo Mail accounts have been accessed using stolen passwords in an organized effort from unknown sources.

According to the blog post by Jay Rossiter, SVP, Platforms and Personalization Products, the passwords to the accounts were obtained from a compromised third party database, as the company has not detected any unusual activity on their end. As a safety measure, Yahoo has reset the passwords for the affected accounts and will be guiding the users to regain access to their mail.

In addition to resetting the passwords, Yahoo will be implementing a two-step verification for additional security on the affected accounts using either an email notification to an alternate address or through SMS on the user's mobile. The company is reportedly working with law enforcement agencies to take action once the sources have been identified.

It was reported recently that over 2 million user accounts and passwords from sites such as Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others were exposed by botnets and malware-infected PCs. 

Source: Yahoo Blog | Image via TheBoxHouston

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i only use yahoo for my fantasy hockey pool and my account and many members of my team all got fraudulent activity emails and we all had to set up 2 step

I keep telling my mom to switch from Yahoo, since it's not the best service these days, but she doesn't want the hassle of switching. I'd think all these problems would be more of a hassle. Half the time she can't even get new mail on her Nexus 7.

zhangm said,
A lot of people like to stick with what's familiar...
It's not just about familiarity. Just like a phone number when hundreds or thousands of people have your email address it's not so easy to switch.

Enjoy all those viagra ads and male enhancement spam I get in mine. Oh, and dont forget emails for women around the world looking for a guy just like you!