Yahoo Mail app for Windows 8 gets major update

In December, Yahoo launched the first version of its Yahoo Mail app for Windows 8 and Windows RT devices. The launch was part of Yahoo's overall revamp of its online web email service, which still has over 298 million subscribers. This weekend, Yahoo gave the Windows 8 app a major update with a number of new features.

The change notes on the Windows Store website show that the new 1.2 version of the app include a much needed addition. The Yahoo Mail app now allows users to add, edit, rename and delete the folders in their Yahoo Mail account, something which quite frankly should have been put into the Windows 8 app from the start. The new update also adds the ability to search within the app for words in emails.

The new version of the Windows 8 app also adds a way for users to search, select and browse the contact information in their Yahoo Mail address book. In addition, there's quite a few new language that are supported in the 1.2 version; French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, German, Greek, Traditional Chinese, British English, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesian and Swedish. Finally, there's been some unnamed "performance enhancements and bug fixes" put into the 1.2 version.

Source: Windows Store | Image via Yahoo

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Kamran Mackey said,
Are you seriously being out of your mind right now? Yes Yahoo! still exists.

It was a joke. I know Yahoo! still exists, but my point was who the frak cares?

If they don't fix their security problems they won't be much longer, people are getting their accounts hacked left and right and won't put up with it much longer.

Tyler R. said,
I don't know what it is, but it looks better than the stock mail app.

It looks just like the stock mail app with Yahoo branding to me.. all the icons are the same even.

It's worse then the stock mail app in my opinion. Everything is huge and it's not very smooth at all. It's like yahoo just slapped a bunch of things together and called it the official Yahoo Mail app

Toysoldier said,

Yahoo Mail app for Windows 8 gets major update

And your point is?

This is the Yahoo Mail app... completely unrelated to the Windows Mail app.

Toysoldier said,

Yahoo Mail app for Windows 8 gets major update

I'm saying the yahoo mail app looks better than the stock Windows app. I know it's the Yahoo app. Guess I should have wrote that better...