Yahoo Mail integrates IM

Yahoo seems to be aiming its guns at Google again. Google added chat to Gmail a year ago, but according to Yahoo, the experience is not as integrated as the new Yahoo Mail chat functionality. Over the next few months, more and more Yahoo Mail users will be able to chat in real time through their e-mail program. Yahoo said in November that it would embed instant-messaging technology directly into its Yahoo Mail program so that users wouldn't need Yahoo Messenger or another IM service to chat with each other online. Check the link below (sorry for the small dimensions) for a glimpse of the new feature. I assure you the corny conversation example is completely unrelated to the level of intelligence Yahoo Mail developers have (or maybe that was c|net's people?).

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Ya know, I like companies working to provide better quality services. However, Yahoo's new mail falls flat. I mean, Windows Live Mail takes a second to load but it's very sleek and pretty, decent features, and works very nicely. Yahoo's Mail beta is god awful though. A few times it's done nothing but hang when attempting to load, the theme blows wang, and there weren't really any new to the features. Hell, currently, I've reverted back to their old mail for now.

GMail is still my favorite though with the POP3.

Speaking of Yahoo Mail--and I'm going somewhat on a tangent here--I have about 100 emails archived in a Yahoo Mail account that I'd like to forward to another account. However I'm not seeing any way to select more than one email at a time to forward it.

Short of going for Yahoo's POP3 account (which I would then be able to access from, say, Outlook), does anyone know of some hidden option?

The killer app for Yahoo's mail will be automatic download of other POP3 accounts with filtering into seperate Yahoo mail folders. It can be done now...but you hve to manually check the other POP3 accounts. It would be great if this became an automatic feature. Imagine using Yahoo Web Mail as your one and only email client for ALL of your accounts. That would be sweeeeet!!

It is nicely done, though I don't see myself using it as I only keep web based email for spam mostly. Though easy way for travelers to keep IM available without downloading the client.

Hmm.. I like it.. but I think the interface of yahoo is more sexy..
besides, i am more addicted to msn than yahoo

What do you like more...the rampant ads everywhere, or the bloated interface that makes it more diffucult to just read your damn mail?

I don't have that feature on my account yet. However, another new feature I noticed was that you can now import your contacts, emails and contacts from various other email accounts - ranging from AOL over Gmail to Hotmail.