Yahoo Mail Windows 8 app launches as part of revamp

Yahoo Mail still has a ton of people using its services – a recent estimate from ComScore claimed the service still has about 298 million subscribers. Today, Yahoo rewarded those stalwarts by announcing a major revamp of Yahoo Mail which includes the launch of a new app for the service made especially for the Windows 8 Modern UI.

The Windows 8 app itself has been well integrated into the overall Modern interface, featuring a design similar to the default Mail app. Yahoo Mail has the usual email features, and it also lets users see new email notifications from the Windows 8 Start screen. It also auto completes email addresses that are in your Yahoo Mail contact list and it contains a continuous scroll feature for scanning email messages quickly.

Yahoo has also released a new app for iPhone and iPod Touch devices as well as a revamped app for Android products. In a blog post, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer states:

We’ve redesigned the new version of Yahoo! Mail with speed in mind – getting through your emails is faster than ever before. We’ve also made your inbox more intuitive and easier to navigate, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your messages. And, because mobile is everything these days, Yahoo! Mail now has a consistent look and feel across devices.

For people who check their Yahoo Mail accounts via a standard web browser, the new redesign should go live in "the next few days." This is just the latest revamp for a popular online email service; Microsoft launched its new service in July and AOL Mail also launched its own revamp later that month.

Source: Windows Store | Image via Yahoo

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You would think they could have put a little more functionality into this app, like for example, being able to create folders and move messages from the Inbox into them. There's basically two things you can do with messages: delete them or 'star' them. What's up with that guys! I thought the Windows 8 Mail App was lame; this Yahoo mail app is really sad.

You cant make folders but you can move messages into them if you already have or create folders from the web interface.

It's just the Mail app, but whit a ugly big header with 'Yahoo! mail' on it and a purple theme instead of blue... Poitless in comparision with Mail.

You have to import your Yahoo contacts to an account that the People app supports (the only two that are email services are Hotmail and Goggle) so if this app lets people use their Yahoo contacts without the People app route then good.

edit: just checked it out and it does use my Yahoo contacts without importing them into the People app. Until The People app gets updated to use more accounts ill use this app.

Edited by Doli, Dec 11 2012, 5:12pm :

Huh, I didn't even know they had an app of iPhone/iPod, not really necessary. On Android you'll definitely want their app since the stock app is useless (no push notifications) but on iOS I don't really see a reason why you wouldn't just use the stock app. That said, the new version of the app does look nice (I'll assume it used to look about the same on iOS as on Android).

I'll have to check out the redesign of the site whenever it shows up for me, the old design while nice was starting to feel a bit, well, old. I migrated over to outlook a while back now though, the new Yahoo will have to be very nice to make me use it as my main mail again.

Is this app for paid accounts only? Probably is, since they don't open the api's to non-paying accounts. I've used Yahoo Mail for a long time, but web interface only.
--- edit ---
Well I downloaded and tried it... it DOES work with non-paying accounts! Very pleased with that.

Edited by Tuishimi, Dec 11 2012, 4:29pm :

API was the wrong choice of words, thank you for pointing that out. In the past, AFAIK, it would only allow 3rd party mail apps to connect to their pop/smtp servers for paid accounts. Am I wrong about that? I might be.

Paying accounts? I guess I've heard that before, having to pay for POP3 or IMAP access though I've never had to do it... Do they still do that? Only limited to certain areas or something?

Well they could actually have managed to make a better app? But yea, a bit odd, adding a Yahoo account to the default mail client is easy.

Are you referring to the native mail app on Windows 8? If that's the case then something sure is amiss with you! Yeah sure it lacks 1 or 2 things but it's just that; a mail app! I'm actually contemplating not installing Outlook 2013 on my PCs (I'll still keep Outlook 2010 on 1 PC that I use for admin purposes).

Okay - why WOULDN'T you install Outlook 2013? Given the added features (and especially both the improved performance and needing far fewer add-ins), why avoid Outlook 2013? (And yes - the same applies to WORD 2013.)

Well, I'll wait to evaluate whether the cost-benefit is worth it considering that my current setup is actually beneficial as it integrates Windows Phones and the desktops just fine. If you can tell me of any features for general administrative duties that I may miss out on Office 2013, please, be sure to share!

Not exactly sure how this is different than putting in my yahoo account into the regular mail program. I installed it thinking that maybe it'd also connect to messenger, but its nothing but a clone of microsofts mail program(which I already had my yahoo mail account in)

The usefulness of the Yahoo app is primarily for US non-paid users of Mail (since we US users can only have POP3 support as a paid service) - yes; I fall into this group. US users therefore can't use the existing Windows 8 Mail app (or any app that supports POP3 or IMAP). Though I also have a GMail account (which includes both POP3 and IMAP support, and is thus usable with existing third-party software - including Outlook), I also use other Yahoo services (and I co-moderate a Yahoo Group), which means I can't exactly kick Y!Mail to the curb. With the Windows 8 Y!Mail app, US Y!Mail users no longer have to. (A niche user group, to be sure, though.)

The windows 8 mail app works for non-paid US yahoo users. one problem I have with the Windows 8 Mail app is that it does not pull in my contacts info because it uses the People app which does not have an option for a Yahoo account. To get my Yahoo contacts I can add them one by one in the People app which adds them to my Hotmail/Outlook account or import them from the Outlook website to get them to show up in the People app. The Yahoo Mail app lets me use my contacts without the People app.

Er, I'm getting my yahoo mail through the windows 8 mail app, have ever since the release preview. Been getting it in thunderbird for years too. I'm an unpaid US yahoo account.