Yahoo! Messenger for Vista Preview

Built from the ground up specifically for Microsoft Windows Vista, this all-new version combines the reliable and easy-to-use features you've always loved from Yahoo! Messenger with the cutting-edge experience of this new operating system.

  • Instant message, voice, webcam video, and more
  • Use the integrated Yahoo! Messenger Sidebar gadget to keep up with the friends that matter most
  • Also add Windows Live™ Messenger friends to your contact list to see when they're online and IM them
  • Keep conversations organized by dragging and dropping them into one tabbed window
  • Brand new emoticons, program icons and alert sounds
  • Instantly change the look and feel of your Yahoo! Messenger interface
  • Automatic groups are created in your contact list based on your Yahoo! interests (i.e. Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football league)
Video: Video Preview
Link: Yahoo Messenger Website
Link: Discussion on Neowin Forums

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I guess I'm the only one wondering whatever happened to low-overhead instant messengers of yesteryear...y'know, you type something, somebody else receives it, they type something back...with nothing else in the way.

Bells and whistles, that's what it all amounts to. Personally, I don't use voice chat, games, disable crap like winks, nudges, emoticons, and nobody needs to know what track I'm currently listening to. I just need a freakin' chat client that works over TCP/IP.

funny how OSX 10.5 shots have this black type of theme in them. vista really should have gone for black glass instead of this white bull****.

Wow, I could never get into using Y! messenger because WLM was always better in every way. Now Y! messenger looks beautiful and WLM better step up or else I see Y! messenger gaining ground here :D.

This makes WLM look like arse. How come Yahoo can take advantag of the new features of vista and microsoft havn't bothered?

DomZ said,
This makes WLM look like arse. How come Yahoo can take advantag of the new features of vista and microsoft havn't bothered?

Let's hope the WLM team have a little surprise up their sleeve for when WLM 8.1 goes final; Yahoo's looking niceee.

Wow, so Yahoo can come up with a cool messenger and Microsoft itself can't create a special version of WLM for their own Vista?

Crap! IS this the start of that crap that coaxed you from Windows ME into XP? Where there were alot of nice shiny new apps that you were REQUIRED to get XP to run?