Yahoo! Messenger Preview for Windows Vista

The long-awaited Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista now has a preview build available for download. The Vista version sports an entirely resdesigned user interface, tabbed chatting, the ability to transfer files of up to 2GB over the Messenger client, and a corresponding Sidebar gadget to boot.

A couple of things are missing from this build, however. Users eager to try out this version will have to do without both voice and video chat, and will also have to deal with poorer performance than the traditional Yahoo! Messenger. There is also no 64 Bit version of the software, although it is unknown if the final build will include a 64 Bit version.

Download: Yahoo! Messenger for Windows Vista Preview | 207 Kb (Freeware)
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you do not sign in useing your windows live user however you can add your windows live friends to your buddie list just as you would normally ad a buddy.

At least it shows that Yahoo understands Vista better than MS!!! better use of the Vista interface, truer to Vista's UI and far more user firendly than Messenger, which looks the same since its win 98 version. Funny MS cannot even produce something good with their own OS, it takes someone else to innovate.....

indeed. No one at MS seems to care about what their vista applications look like...after all the hype about the new coding options of DWM etc. I've been testing the glass interfaces for Miranda using Messenger and it's so much prettier and cleaner. It's VERY sad for MS when the open source shareware tinkerers are turning out better core applications for their OS than they can...sigh.

Yes, I think that this was the biggest let down for 2007... The preview back in January looked great, but got this, and well... meh...

They made it clear it's a preview version with lots missing and people still complain

Here's an idea people. Use the feedback part that comes with it to report your issues. Seeing how that's the whole point of this preview release.

am i missing something here? I have yahoo messanger running on my laptop that has vista home premium on there supposed to be some crazy VISTA only build out?

I can't wait for adding more features for Yahoo Messenger for Vista at the final release! I am wondering is that first version for vista? In the future, will it be 2.0 version?


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