Yahoo revamps its search results layout to compete with Google and Bing

A long time ago, Yahoo was the first place web surfers checked out to search for things on the Internet. Today, Yahoo is currently the third most used search site in the US, well behind Google and also behind Microsoft's

Today, Yahoo announced it has launched a revamp of how search results are displayed on its web page. In a post on its official Tumblr blog, Yahoo said that the new look allows for those results to be posted higher on the page compared to the old design. There's also been some performance improvements made on the back end that should allow search results to load faster.  Yahoo added:

We’re also introducing a new navigation bar at the top of the page so you can easily browse other Yahoo! sites. Over time, we’ll be rolling out the navigation bar across more Yahoo! properties.

Yahoo claims this is just the first step in a series of improvements it will be making to its search section and that more changes will be made in the months to come. Yahoo is currently in the middle of a 10 year agreement to use Microsoft's Bing engine to power its search results, although there are rumors Yahoo would like to get out of that Microsoft-Bing contract before the 10 year deadline comes up.

Source: Yahoo | Image via Yahoo

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Give me a few months with Yahoo and I could just make it great.

1) Completely redesign mail

2) Bring the whole site up to date-new fonts, new look, new color, new layout, etc.

3) Integrate a killer cloud storage service

4) Integrate there services better

Just to name a few. Has so much potential to be great again.

Looks like a past iteration of Google!
(Feels like people saying any smartphone looks like an iPhone )

I suppose the sidebar links will become a horizontal bar in the future?

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I remember when Yahoo! was a "portal" to the web, much like AOL, CompuServe and others.

Then again, I remember usenet, archie and all the other stuff that made up the Internet back then.

I don't understand why Yahoo even tries anymore? Its all powered by Bing under the hood and Yahoo primarily is used by users as a way to get news, not search anymore. Why pay the people to revamp the way their search engine looks if so few users still use it?

That honestly shows lack of intelligence, how can you be glad that you have not tried something new that could be better than what you are using now, surely having a good look at yahoo could prove that Google is not as good as it seems, i seem to be getting a hell of a load of crap in my results and Bing results seem more relevent to my searches, Yahoo has always been different and now they have improved their search page home i will try them out then decide whether they are better to use , unlike you who will probably sit with one search engine getting the same old results from the same sites all the time. I am amongst those that are sick of google searches being manipulated by sites and if anything i hope Yahoo becomes what it used to be, the best on the net, for nothing other than to hopefully have Bing and Google do something to improve their search results to what they were a few years ago.

"A long time ago, Yahoo was the first place web surfers checked out to search for things on the Internet."

Really? I thought back in the day, AltaVista was a far more popular search engine than Yahoo!?

I just moved to ixquick from Google due to increasing privacy concerns among other things. Results seem more relevant many times. I don't know about anyone else, but Google results this past year have been terrible, I've wasted more time on BS sites that learned how to work the algorithms than I care to mention.

In all honesty, i forgot Yahoo! actually existed in terms of search engine!

Google has always done what I have needed and using google chrome its pretty much embedded to the application anyway.

As I have "forgotten" that Google exists. To each their own. I get the results I need from Yahoo, just a habit to use them for my searches.

Absolutely, I'm not trying to claim google are better. In all honesty I think search engines these days are just as good as each other it's purely down to habit. As I say also, Chrome is setup by default to use google (not suprise) and searching in the address bar is second nature now.

Yeah I was referring that until they have their own search engine, having a front face for bing is pretty much worthless, I guess they must rely on ad revenue off of it ( is that even right way to say it?)

Yahoo! is just lame and sucks. They should have rebranded 10 years ago. Some performance improvements and interface changes aren't going to fool anyone.

EDIT: Oops, can't forget the exclamation point

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