Yahoo! to make 2011 its year of acquisitions

The well known internet giant Yahoo! has claimed the company is "gearing up for a very big year" of acquisitions. This announcement comes from Steven Mitzenmacher, the Senior Director of Corporate Development, who was part of a panel at the Global Technology Symposium at Menlo Park.

"If you’re not acquisitive, you’re strategically less relevant in the future," said Mitzenmacher. This may be a move to compete with 48 purchases Google made last year. In comparison, Yahoo! only made a few acquisitions, the largest being Associated Content for $100m.

Mitzenmacher also made a dig at Google for the 2006 purchase of YouTube, saying the price was "still crazy". Google representative Neeraj Arora dismissed this statement, saying YouTube "has paid itself back." This debate was continued when Robby Kwok, the Chief Executive of LinkedIn, said, "You can’t deny they’ve done a really good job with it," continuing by claiming that YouTube was a "great deal."

Presently, there are no rumours about which companies Yahoo! may be looking to snap up, but if they are to compete with Google they might have to start looking at social media companies such as IAC's Vimeo. Since Google's purchase of YouTube, the company has increased net turnover to estimated $900 million for this year, and increased its Alexa ranking to the number three position.

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Can't see how this is anything but a sign of desperation.

"If you're not acquisitive, you're strategically less relevant in the future,"

Then why not do it in 2008 when Yahoo was somewhat more relevant?

Yahoo absorb all those web services.. phased most of them out then turned it's search engine over to MS... now to buy more companies? They better if a clear direction there going.

Yahoo can't mock anyone about acquisitions, Geocities? Bought for a $1bn then shut down, Delicious being sold off for a fraction of the purchase price. There verging on as bad as AOL's recent attempts.

They should be careful. Usually when companies go through a year of acquisitions it normally ends up with a change in management following a complete waste of money and a huge loss in confidence.

jbrooksuk said,
$900 that's not really a lot now is it...

$900? It says $900 million... It may not be an insane amount for a corporation like Google, but imagine having $900 million in thousand-dollar bills.

Ghaleb said,
I think it is too late for Yahoo! to follow Google, I can see it bought sooner or later !

I thought MS already owned Yahoo?

Ghaleb said,

Not yet, probably soon, either MS or Google

Maybe MS, if they come cheap. But never Google, Anti-trust laws will never allow it.

Ghaleb said,
I think it is too late for Yahoo! to follow Google, I can see it bought sooner or later !
I think it sorta wants to follow AOL rather then Google.