Yahoo To Preview Messenger For Windows Vista

Yahoo will give users a preview of what it will be like to use a new and improved version of Yahoo Messenger on Microsoft's Windows Vista at the 2007 International Consumer Electronics Show this year. Yahoo will show off an early version of Yahoo Messenger optimized for Vista, with new features that take advantage of some of the user interface enhancements Microsoft has added to the OS.

"It feels very much at home as though it's living and breathing in Windows Vista," said Joshua Jacobson, a Yahoo senior product manager, of the version of Messenger built for Vista. The company plans to release a beta of the application in the second quarter of 2007, and a final version should be available four to six weeks after that, pending feedback, he said.

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News source: PCWorld

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Good Heavens! Finally a good UI. All UIs after 5.0 were horrible and don't even start about instability. Hope they have made it stable too.

Wow.. Yahoo ? That messenger client has been a common crash mess since it was first released. Even after all this time, it bugged out horribly after barely installing it (things such as right clicking anywhere on the program caused it to quit). It's a shame because I always think it'll be better after 6 months, it'll be better next version, etc, but nope. Ah well.. I guess it's back to half-assed WLM. :\

It's too bad they went for a custom look rather than use the actual Aero resources (scroll bars, window background gradients etc.). It would make the application fit in more.

Yeah, I hate it when they skin an application just for the heck of it. It's garbage like Norton Anti-Virus, and even now Microsoft Office 2007 that deviate from the Windows standard look, it annoys me to no end. Instant messaging programs usually aren't too bad, although Windows Live Messenger bugs me a bit. This one isn't too bad, I might use it...

wow i better break down and get a better pc and vista when it comes out this new one for WV looks a hell of a lot better then what we use now

This actually looks really cool, although lots of it is gimmicky, it's nice to have something made just for Vista that looks kinda nice

wow that's a nice and elegant looking application, now it's when Vista will start becoming a must have as more and more cool applications for Vista only such as this one start to surface.

Not a big fan of Yahoo Messenger because of toolbar and other junk that comes by default and problems with IE hangings because of Y! browser plug-ins.

But the MSN Messenger integration and this new UI makes Y! Messenger very enticing.
I look foward to trying it out when its released.