Yammer can now be the default social network for Office 365

Just over a year ago Microsoft completed its acquisition of the Yammer business oriented social networking service for $1.2 billion. Today, Microsoft announced that enterprise users of its Office 365 service can now choose to have Yammer as their primary social network at work, instead of the older SharePoint Newsfeed.

In a post on Microsoft's Office blog, the company said:

SharePoint Newsfeed is the primary social experience in Office 365, but now organizations have a choice. You can switch your Enterprise Social Collaboration setting to Yammer, and make Yammer your primary experience. Our recommendation is to use Yammer, since it's our big bet for enterprise social, and we're committed to making it the underlying social layer for all our products.

Microsoft offers more detail on how business users can switch from SharePoint to Yammer on a separate website but they want you to know that if you try Yammer and want to switch back to SharePoint, it can be done in as little as 30 minutes.

This will be just the first phase in integrating Yammer into Office 365. Microsoft plans to launch a Yammer app for SharePoint in July, along with some extra help on how businesses can add Yammer with SharePoint 2013 at their place of business.

Source: Microsoft | Image via Microsoft

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Do you like Xbox 360? no problem MS will change
Do you like Windows 7? no problem MS will change
Do you like Silverlight and WPF? no problem MS will change
Do you like Sharepoint? no problem MS will change

Anybody in Microsoft listen to the users?
What's the way?

You invest a lot of money in social components of Sharepoint. Error. Now, you must use Yammer.
You invest a lot of money developing Silverlight. Error. Now, you must use HTML5.


You work in IT, IT changes, get use to it or get out of IT. Want static IT, get certified for Mainframe and COBOL.

Not saying its cool that MS killed Silverlight, etc, its just the way it is. No different then what Apple or others in technology is doing.

tbh if you are good at your job, most skills are transferable between technologies.

i do hear what you're saying though