YOOWALK: Walk around the web

YOOWALK is a representation of the worldwide web as a 3D world where you can:

  • Browse the web in 3D with your avatar
  • Build a 3D version of your website
  • Have your own room in 3D
  • Meet people and hang out with them

YOOWALK is organized by villages, grouping websites and brands by areas of interest. When you walk down the streets in one of these villages, you thus see schematic buildings that represent the major websites on a particular subject. You walk around the web!

We call these buildings "walksites". Walksites are 3D representations of websites. Walking around these walksites is thus a new way of surfing a website. You will enjoy the experience of navigating intuitively in these sites, and meeting other people who are interested by the same content at the same time.
For this beta version, walksites are still rudimentary. In future versions, we will improve the tools to enable you to create walksites that will include more and richer elements of websites.

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I was trying to find my way to Neowin but I accidentally stepped into the City of Golden Showers instead. :-/

I don't want to do this anymore. :-(

Has anyone gone to the Developer's section and read the site pricing, its absolutely ridiculous

Pricing structure is simple : Minimum fee is 1 Euro per month (1 Euro is about 1.4 US Dollar). At this price, your address is guaranteed for 1 calendar month, ie until the first day of the next month. If you want to lease your address for X months, you will have to pay a minimum fee of X^3 Euros (X times X times X) per month. Rental fee is paid in advance.

Examples : You can lease an address for 2 months if you pay a minimum fee of 2x2x2 = 8 Euros per month. Thus you have to pay a minimum of 16 Euros for your address to be guaranteed for 2 calendar months (= “until the last day of next month”). You can lease an address for 6 months if you pay a minimum fee of 6x6x6 = 216 Euros per month. Thus you have to pay a minimum of 1296 Euros for your address to be guaranteed for 6 calendar months.

So the longer you want to lease, the more you have to pay per month.

tl;dr, 1 Euro per month for one month, 8 Euros per months for 2 months, 27 Euros per month for 3 months. Anyone else here find this stupid???

That's just ****ing retarded. There's no way anyone would even consider leasing an address with a retarded fee structure like that.

Even if it was n^3 without the additional multiplier it is still too much as a year would cost 12^3 == �1728, or, 1728 times as much as 1 month. Geometric fee structures never work.
I bet they wouldn't allow rental on a single month basis, so you only pay �12 for a year instead. I don't even pay that much per year for a com/net/org domain at GANDI.net (which is also French, see #7) and I get so much more for it than a virtual building in a virtual street on a niche site noone will care about enough to justify even �1 a month.

Edit: grr, in-place editing is still screwed up. All ? == euro symbol BTW

This is what I got from registering.......I think they are collecting email addresses at the minute.

Welcome to Yoowalk!
We have received the information you provided to us. You may take part to Yoowalk's beta test. The Yoowalk Team will select testers with an obscure set of criteria ;-) If you are selected, we will email you the codes to connect when the beta starts in November.

Do not hesitate to spread the word among your friends. Experience will be even better if you can walk around with your pals!

Just send them the address www.yoowalk.com

The Yoowalk Tea