You can now search Windows 8 apps online with MetroStore Scanner

For some reason or another, Microsoft has chosen to not make Windows Store applications easily searchable from the web. While Microsoft does post all of the application description pages online, the service is not woven together in a cohesive way that makes app discovery intuitive.

While we wait for Microsoft to get its act together and provide a service that allows us to easily locate new applications and share them with our friends, MetroStore Scanner is a new service that allows you to browse the Microsoft Store from the web.

The service, which you can find at the source link below, is primitive, but provides a more cohesive look at the Windows Store than what is currently available from Microsoft. In addition to allowing you to search the applications, there is also an unofficial store counter in the top right corner. At the current count, there are over 26,000 applications in the Windows Store.

We hope this service evolves but recognize and fully expect Microsoft to introduce their own solution. Until then, MetroStore Scanner is the best option available at the moment. 


Source: MetroStore Scanner

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Aergan said,
I just want to be able to browse *just* Xbox/Windows Live games, why can't Microsoft provide an option?
The Games app has what you're wanting; scroll over to the right and choose the "windows games store" header.

Medfordite said,
Doesn't filter too well based on language, but still a good service. I bookmarked it for later.

doesn't filter for me at all.

anyway i don't see any features superior to windows store.