Young girl sends nude photos to older man via Playstation 3

A Kentucky man has been arrested after being accused of convincing an eleven year old girl to send him nude photos of herself while playing her PlayStation 3 online.

Anthony Scott O'Shea, the 24 year old man accused of these crimes from Somersat Kentucky, is facing charges of promotion of child pornography, online solicitation of a minor and sexual performance of a child. He had received the photos over a span of weeks via the Playstation 3 online network (Playstation Network). The girl, after realizing what she had done, told her parents.

The two met online playing the game Warhawk. The man used the screen name "Thunder-Kid." Not only were nude photos sent to the man, the girl performed sexual acts via a webcam. The state subpoenaed the records of the man via his online screen name, and on March 2 his home was searched. During questioning he admitted that he had been in contact with the girl and received the photos. He had also distributed the photos to others.

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When my son was 12, he had a computer in his room. I told him "you know I WILL find out if you are doing something bad [and he knew what I meant], because I will check your pc on a regular basis". I never had a problem with him and the internet. Just being INVOLVED with your kid's life can save you from instances like this.

Now you see that, is good parenting imho.

A lot of parents wouldnt do that, because they would consider it "too harsh", or not letting the kid have their freedom that they wanted so badly when they were a kid. Its called an upbringing and lots of parents seem to forget this from what Ive seen.

RealFduch said,
I'm waiting for another "Teen kills his sneaky parents who watched his porn."

If he had porn on there, the pc would be gone as fast as I could unplug it :|
13 yr. old kids and porn? Not in my house.

11 year olds on the PSN....wen the hell did this happen?

i thought eleven year old girls were still playing with dolls

lol got naked then realised what she done ... pfft even at 11 kids aren't that lethargic. either way i made an older girl do this from socom 2 back on ps2 a couple years back lol.

Since she started posing on cam and all, I guess he wanted this to happen, making it bad, but I always wonder what kind of protection in law there is from having a 13 year old girl send nude pictures by MMS to someone's mobile phone and then send an anonymous tip to the police that he used extortion to get them.

Who will side on the, say, 40 year old man here? Child nudity is seen as among the most horrible things ever on this planet, after all.

Contrary to popular belief, nudity isn't that big of a deal, not even for a kid of her age, if one really wants to harm someone. It's just a body, after all. I'm surprised it's not happening more often, actually.

Anyway, Sony should of course not be involved in this case at all. The medium could have been anything.

Victor V. said,
Are you ****ting or those were real words?
So, it's just a body? Let's wait for you to have a daughter.

Hmm Victor... So you see little girls as sexual objects only??
Why don't you have a seat over here..

Did the parents not teach their kid not to take nude photos in the first place?

I guess parenting is too much a burden for some people. Pretty sad.

GreyWolfSC said,
This is why Nintendo is so anal about Wii online features.

Yeah 1 silly thing that could be done through ANY online service with file sharing capabilities means Nintendo have to castrate their online gaming service.

Don't misunderstand. I don't see any fault in Sony for this. But I bet others probably already do. All I was says is that this scenario is why Wii online is the way it is.

As sucky as the Friends system is it probably would have protected this girl. :(

The problem with Wii's online system is in the implementation of it in the system menu, not in the concept behind it. It needs a friends list where you can actually see when your friends are online and what they're playing so you can play with them. Swapping codes is a one-time thing. (The ability to scan a barcode "Friend card" at your buddy's house to add them to your list would be nice.)

We can't go on and say that they need to be supervised every hour of the day.

But the fact is that this is very poor parenting. After eleven years of teaching, you'd figure a mother would have commented something about naked.

Playstation® Network EULA

Where available, a child under the legal age of majority can only have a Sub Account associated with a Master Account of the child's parent or legal guardian. If you are creating a Sub Account for a child, you must provide (i) your consent for SCEA to disclose, pursuant to SCEA's privacy policy, your child's personally identifying information to third parties for the purpose of allowing your child to participate in PSN activities, such as video and voice chat and gameplay; and (ii) your credit card information if requested by SCEA for Sub Accounts for children under the age of 13 in the United States and Canada or under the specific age applicable to your country. Your credit card will be used to verify parental consent under laws requiring such consent. You will not be charged a fee for creating the Sub Account. If you do not consent to the disclosure of this requested information, you will not be able to create a Sub Account for the child. If all requested information is provided, a separate email containing a code will be sent to the Master Account's email account with instructions to complete registration by entering the code into the Sub Account using a personal computer. You will need to create for your child an Online ID that will be associated with the child's PSN Sub Account. Please note that the Online ID is publicly available to and viewable by all PSN users and your child may receive text emails from any PSN users, including adults, in your child's PSN account mailbox. The parent's Master Account will not be notified of such text emails sent to a child's Sub Account mailbox. As the parent or legal guardian, it is your sole responsibility to monitor your child's access to or use of PSN, as well as any communications made or received by your child on or through PSN.

Sranshaft said,
The real question I think is what is an eleven year old girl playing a game like Warhawk for in the first place?

Yes, I'd regard letting the girl play that a clear parenting fail.

You can't monitor your kids all the time. It's an impossibility.

I blame the man who was soliciting a child for pornographic pictures of herself. Don't lose focus of who is to blame.

Honestly, it sounds like the kid is eat up with dumbass for doing something like that. I know I knew better than that at freaking eleven years old. Touched in the head!

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