Young girl sends nude photos to older man via Playstation 3

A Kentucky man has been arrested after being accused of convincing an eleven year old girl to send him nude photos of herself while playing her PlayStation 3 online.

Anthony Scott O'Shea, the 24 year old man accused of these crimes from Somersat Kentucky, is facing charges of promotion of child pornography, online solicitation of a minor and sexual performance of a child. He had received the photos over a span of weeks via the Playstation 3 online network (Playstation Network). The girl, after realizing what she had done, told her parents.

The two met online playing the game Warhawk. The man used the screen name "Thunder-Kid." Not only were nude photos sent to the man, the girl performed sexual acts via a webcam. The state subpoenaed the records of the man via his online screen name, and on March 2 his home was searched. During questioning he admitted that he had been in contact with the girl and received the photos. He had also distributed the photos to others.

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