Your Desk Will Be Able to Charge Mobile Devices

A tag team consisting of tech company Fulton Innovation and office furniture maker Herman Miller Inc. could allow mobile phones, PDAs, laptops, portable music players, Bluetooth headsets and so on, to be one day wirelessly charged by your office desk. A technology called eCoupled needs to be integrated into an office desk in order to charge a device without power bricks, cables or even the original chargers. Wireless charging is possible thanks to Fulton's use of magnetic fields.

Fulton's device would be the only device that would require a direct electrical connection. The technology is already being used to charge Philips Sonicare tooth brushes while charging of Motorola phones and Apple iPods is in the works. Analysts find the technology intriguing and believe it could save companies and users a ton of money in the future. "Those things are 30 bucks each and if you have 50 people in your office the cost really adds up," said Jim Lynch, director of the Association of Professional Office Managers.

According to Fulton's description of eCoupled: eCoupled technology includes an inductive coupled power circuit that dynamically seeks resonance, allowing the primary circuit to adapt its operation to match the characteristics of the load. The power supply circuit automatically optimizes efficiency by seeking resonance at ultra-high frequencies between the primary and secondary coils for any given load.

News source: DailyTech

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I already charge my cell phone with the USB port on my PC, have been doing this for over a year and never had any issues, it charges my cell battery much faster than on a regular electrical charger.

It takes 4-6 hours to completely charge my Razr V3C using the regular charger and aprox 90minutes using the USB port on PC.

Wish I could charge my Palm this method also.

It sounds great to me. I wish they'd come up with a version for the hybrids to recharge at home. I'd love it if my notebook could do that too.

Man I could use one of these right now. The AC port in my laptop is dying and I don't want to spend the $750 for a new motherboard (charge port is built onto the motherboard, inaccessable from outside)

Oh well...hopefully I can strike a deal with the folks for a new one for college...

i dont really know how harzardous this can get but i was so fedup with the wires around me that i searched for these about a year ago but atlast.., this is possible now. im sure you will be able to recharge without powercables some day.

As long as it doesn't cause a fire hazard, I'm all for it (because remember, most desks are made of wood).

But if you still need to place the object on a special kind of surface... That doesn't really make it wireless, does it? you'd still be confined by that surface, which will need to be plugged in.

I think the surface doesn't matter and unless your device floats in mid-air, it's about as wireless as you're going to get.

Read the title again, it's not "run your mobile devices wirelessly", it's "charge your mobile devices wirelessly"

Think of a coffee table that recharges the batteries in the remote controls, or a computer desk that recharges your phone, ipod/generic dap/bluetooth devices, etc.

I for one like the technology and want to see more of it.

Wow... I was wondering how my Sonicare toothbrush was being charged. I looked at the charger and saw no contacts for power to flow and thought to myself: "How the....."

Cool technology. Looking forward to seeing more devices with it.

I would just put your plate next to the laptop (Intel CPU) heatsink. You may even succeed frying an egg.

True - I keep my coffee warm with mine and my graphics card in my laptop.

But saying that having a desktop processor in a laptop is going to get nice and warm.