YouTube 'close' to content filtering deal

Video sharing site YouTube has reportedly reached a deal to automatically filter out copyrighted material. Digital 'fingerprinting' technology from content protection firm Audible Magic will be used to pre-screen user-submitted videos for copyrighted work, according to the San José Mercury News, which cited "anonymous" sources.

Spokespersons for YouTube and Audible Magic declined to comment to YouTube first announced that it would be working on a content filtering system in September. When the systems were not in place by January, and pirated videos remained plentiful on the site, media companies began to demand that YouTube and parent company Google manually remove hundreds of thousands of copyrighted clips.

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great now could someone explain why something my friend made himself (a video of HIMSELF! nothing in it was copyright) was asked by Paramount pictures to be removed because it "infringed on a future film" i mean comon a FUTURE film? how the heck could he know what they are working on.. .he even got a letter through certified mail asking not to infringe again on it ugh

This will be interesting to see if YouTube can survive this, people will probably get fed up and leave to other sites

Shall be interesting times

Filtering large quantities of video properly will require an ENORMOUS amount of cpu power, though it is probably a good candidate for nVidia CUDA technology.

Flae_qui said,
thanks google

Google isn't to blame, its Viacom and the other tv/movie companies that want their material removed, even though they don't realize that they're getting billions of dollars of free advertising.

screw all those people trying to remove stuff like music videos etc from cause it aint like there top quality... screw em there all greedy!... plus it aint like people cant just record stuff from there tv's and watch it that way when it's damn near the same thing.