YouTube goes social; new layout being tested

YouTube is now rolling out a re-designed homepage amongst other things that they claim will enhance the social integration of the site, making it easier for users to indentify what's relevant to them. It's apparent however that Google for now, is rolling out the changes to only a few users.

Engadget reports that when they approached Google about the changes, the company issued a brief statement saying "With more videos coming to YouTube every minute we're always experimenting with ways to help people more easily find, watch and share the videos that matter most to them. As always, we'll consider rolling changes out more broadly based on user feedback on these experiments."

What's clear is that whether you like this layout or absolutely hate it, it's worth getting in contact with Google to let them know, since they appear to be taking on user feedback as a priority when it comes to the design of their massively popular video site.

Only last year, YouTube revealed and later rolled out a set of changes to its website design that brought it inline with other design changes sweeping through the company's services. With the birth of Google+ last year, we've seen Google attempting to streamline itself, focussing on its core services, YouTube clearly being one of them.

Source: YouTube Redesign (Incl Images) | Via Engadget

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I've had this for a couple weeks. I kinda like it but it screwed with a theme I use to darken it for my HTPC. Oh well time to fix the theme myself... shouldn't be hard.

I had that design yesterday and I thought my browser was ****ing up. I was looking at different ways to fix site issues like clearing cache, cookies, restarted, etc. It was so terrible looking I thought something was wrong. I guess I figured out what was wrong, Google's design team.

I would love them to add support for the Facebook Open Graph, so that the videos I watch are automatically shared to my Video section on Facebook, like what happens with DailyMotion. I doubt they're going to do this, though, considering they're owned by Google

The Sun must have come up, because there's a new YouTube redesign.

Actually, I like the option to hide videos from the Uploads feed. I really missed the option to remove videos from the homepage subscription box, so maybe this'll work.

The only Youtube change I didn't like was the one I have now. Have kind of got used to it now, so the new change isn't that big a jump.

Clearly most of you need to realize that going social on many sites like YouTube is beneficial. My upcoming online magazine will fully social due to Facebook, Twitter, and even Tumblr's API's that allow people to interact in many ways.

I for one always support change.

Looks like a few changes, the left sidebar now is just a dedicated list of people you are subscribed and can be customized Great change that was needed.

Going back to white kinda reminds me of the old design. When I first saw this, I thought the article was using old images of Youtube.