YouTube Mobile undergoes its biggest redesign yet

Google revealed today perhaps the biggest update yet for the YouTube mobile website since it first became available in 2007, bringing improvements such as HTML5 support and a revamped user interface.

According to Google, the mobile website, which offers a way for those on mobile devices like Apple's iPhone or Google's Nexus One the opportunity to view YouTube videos without using native applications, has seen exponential growth (160% in the past year in fact), and now streams more than 100 million videos per day to users across the globe (roughly the same amount as the desktop version of YouTube was receiving when Google acquired it in 2006).

With mobile consumption continuing to grow strongly, the YouTube team has made every effort to improve the usability and speed of the newly designed web app with this latest update, which is only available at this stage for iOS and Android devices. Based primarily around touch-screen devices, YouTube Mobile is now faster than ever before, with a much more visually impressive and user friendly interface that represents its also newly redesigned desktop counterpart. Long-awaited functions such as the ability to “favorite,” “like” or “unlike” videos, and create video playlists from the mobile website, are now available, while a new "home screen" view, similar in looks to that of the Facebook for iPhone and LinkedIn for iPhone applications, allows quick access to places around the YouTube Mobile site such as favorites, playlists, and subscriptions.

The new-look YouTube mobile web application

Videos on the HTML5 capable site will be of higher quality than even the native YouTube iPhone application, which is still using a streaming format designed for second generation Edge networks. Through the new mobile site, you can also watch better quality videos by toggling a new "HQ" option, which is toggled on by default.

The team at YouTube is making every effort possible to convert users from native apps to the new site, prompting new visitors on the iPhone to install the web app on the home screen and making it clear that the mobile site will be updated with support for new features before native apps get that support(in particular, the iPhone YouTube app which Apple has full development control over - not Google).

YouTube's new mobile site will be rolling out over the course of the day in English only, with support for additional languages to be made available in the coming months.

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Man its way better than the native app for the iPhone, now just have to wait for a more broad use of the HTML5 format by the industry and the new generation of media on the web will really kick off....thats right I said it, Flash has to give way to the future.

TheWolfster said,
I like how it started with an iPhone then became a Nexus and went back to an iPhone.

Yea. I noticed they went to press play on the Nexus and it showed it running in the iPhone lol

Anyone notice the video examples start a ways into the video and not from the start? Did they pull another "magic trick" with this video and pre-cache the vids so it would look faster?

JaMDKinG said,
they should update the android app because its sucks donkey ___

After today I think that's unlikely, at least in the near future. While they will eventually, I think they're really wanting to push the mobile site and remove the need for native apps.

thatguyandrew1992 said,
"the iPhone YouTube app which Apple has full control over - not Google"
Can apple control the videos on youtube that will be streamed to the iPhone?

They have full control over the development of the application, but don't control the content. Have updated article to reflect that, thanks

warwagon said,

Right now I feel sorry for anyone who has an iphone 4, not jealous!

My brother doesn't have any of the issues on his iPhone 4, and I checked myself. It's just like my iPhone 3G when it comes to reception, not any of those iPhone 4 reception issues people are having. But once Windows Phone 7 is out, I'm going to get a sweet Windows Phone that beats his iPhone 4.

warwagon said,

Right now I feel sorry for anyone who has an iphone 4, not jealous!

Same mines been fine since the 24th when i got it

warwagon said,

Right now I feel sorry for anyone who has an iphone 4, not jealous!

LOL I know. I wonder what happened to that Apple Care employee. S/he probably got fired for saying that the latest update won't fix the antenna issue. That's something which could force Apple's hand to do a recall or give out free bumpers.

Anyhow, back on topic, great update for m.Youtube!

I like it! They finally added the new features to it.

Too bad the iPhone app (not the web browser) doesn't reflect these changes.