YouTube redesign launches to horrible feedback

YouTube has launched what it calls a "cleaner" and "simpler" interface today, with the idea being that users will find it easier to subscribe to channels you enjoy. This new design is quite a change from the looks of the past, and takes some visual cues from Google+ and numerous other minimalistic Google products by becoming more white and using more empty space.

Major website design changes are rarely received well by their users, however the feedback to this particular YouTube design is particularly nasty. Almost every YouTube video with comments from the past few hours features some sort of complaint relating to the changes, often relating to how YouTube has made it harder to perform certain actions.

Holy s***, am I on youtube anymore? This interface is horrible!

It seems each update they make it difficult for us to find people we are subbed with recent videos.

Dear Youtube, Ever heard of the phrase if it aint broke don't fix it? [...] I have a 27" monitor and it's all squished into left hand side now...great job.

I hate this new layout so much I am about to stop using youtube.

Comments in a thread on the Neowin forums have lead to similar opinions. User Yorak described the interface as "extremely awful", while simrat described the changes as an "example of one bad design." Furthermore, one of the most viewed people on the site, Ray William Johnson, has complained about the layout on Twitter:

Many of the complaints relate to two major issues with the new layout. Firstly, uploaded videos from subscribers have been made harder to access: previously you could visit the YouTube homepage and the latest videos from subscribers would appear in a list (if you were signed in); now you have to click My subscriptions in the sidebar on the homepage, and then click the Uploads only tab to view the latest videos.

As you'll notice by the URL, the best way to view the latest videos from subscribers is no longer on the homepage

This change is made particularly confusing as the new default tab, What to watch, also includes new videos from subscribers in among other recommended or featured videos. The videos in the What to watch tab don't appear in chronological order, meaning that to revert to the previous list you have to click away twice from the homepage.

The second issue is that all content is left-aligned, which can be a problem for those people with displays larger than 1366 x 768. In the Neowin offices we have a 1080p (1920 x 1080) display, and when watching a video there is 730px of blank space to the right hand side. Depending on the size of the monitor, there is a chance that you will need to physically turn your head to the left to watch a video, as opposed to the old method of watching the video in the middle of the layout/display.

For those that want to complain to Google about the new layout there is a Send Feedback button located to the bottom right of every page. Otherwise, let us know your thoughts on what Google has changed in the comments below, and don't forget to vote in the poll as well.

Source: YouTube Blog


Which YouTube design do you prefer?

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Sheesh. It's very uncomfortable having it left aligned.... So that's why on my sis' 13" MB Pro looked so well.... Hell with Low Screen res.

I don't think I've ever been one to complain about a new website layout--every update I've experienced to any website has been an improvement, to me (yes, even every Facebook update).

I haven't had chance to check this one out much yet, but at a first glance, as nice as the old design was, I think I prefer this.

The only thing that seems odd to me is how everything is justified to the left, as you mentioned in the article. I can't think of a logical reason for them doing this.

While the layout has some issues, I haven't used the YouTube page itself for quite awhile now on Windows 8. I find the apps YouTube+ or PrimeTube worthwhile replacements.

I don't get it. Years ago, only a bunch of browser supported round corner / shadow and all stuff and now, at last, every browser support it correctly. However, the new trend is border-less, rectangular border and shadow-less. SHEESH.

It is the same thing each time they change the design, people will mown for a couple of weeks and then all will be back to normal until the next change..

Guys, this update is for all those grandparents that still have a 14 inch CRT monitor and can't do anything higher than 800x600.

Oh ffs. It's all Metro-fied.
It seems that Metro is the new skinny jeans--a big fashion trend that everyone gets on board with, even those who have no business wearing it. Looks good on 5%, and on the rest, it's horribly unflattering.

Is it really too much to ask for these large sites to simply ASK the friggin customers through beta testing what they think? They're so big they no longer have to give a **** about what we think I guess.

It's NOT a beta when everyone has to use it. It's the "latest version". You can call it whatever you want, but we all know what it is.

I hate that What to watch is the default homepage setting, with no way of setting it otherwise -- I'd much prefer My subscriptions to be the default homepage setting -- but aside from that and the left-aligned layout, I kind of like the new YouTube look.

It wastes a lot of space on the left side to ask you to sign in.
And, most ridiculous sucking change is the elimination of sorting of date.

I hate all the unused white space but I do like the new page for when the video is playing but a few extra clicks just to keep up with your subs seems pointless. Why isn't there even an option to keep them on the front page? I'm just going to keep bookmarked for now since it seems the best option.

Correct me if I'm wrong...they didn't even roll out a test beta on this did they?

I mean...last time they changed up the website...they at least allowed people to look at the beta website first before it was rolled out.

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