YouTube releases user created feature film

Back in 2010, YouTube asked the world to take part in a project called "Life in a Day," a type of film that had never been attempted to before. The video streaming giant set out to create a 90-minute feature film out of purely user generated content.

Today, Google has made available that film, after a limited theatrical release around the world. The film has appeared at Sundance, Berlin, SXSW and Sydney film festivals, and has "finally come home" to YouTube.

Google announced today on their blog that Life in a Day can be watched in it's entirety on YouTube. The Times of London said that the "Life in a Day" film was a "thrilling piece of cinema" and Washington Post called it a "profound achievement."

It's great to see such a film being released to the public, and Google itself says that the film is a "entertaining, surprising and moving view of life on earth." On an interesting note, you'll actually receive a content warning when you attempt to view the film as it has not been reviewed by any governing agencies.

A DVD of the film is also available from their official YouTube channel, but before you buy it, you can watch the film in its entirety below.

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Just watched it all. Was pretty much a clever mix of a lot of different cultures and interesting moments.

I recommend giving it a go.

This was a beautiful movie. Showing millions of people around the world how millions of people live. Well cut and edited. A very moving and emotional piece, describing many facets of humans and how one adapts, enjoys, fears, and makes the most of their life.

I'll be the first to say I didn't like it. I had a WTF face most of the time. Mind you I live in Mexico, so isn't coming from a "OMG American!". Part of me was expecting a National Geographic type film, not a huge mix of other youtube videos.

That's my 0.02

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