Youtube rolling out new player design

Though an official announcement hasn’t been made by either Youtube or their parent company Google, the video sharing site has started to roll out a new design for its video player today.

Following this month’s earlier redesign which overhauled the overall look of the page, today’s new refresh concerns just the video player. The controls have been redone for a much lighter glossy finish and the volume adjuster moved to the left. The player now also automatically dims itself when the mouse is inactive. 

Though all videos are not sporting the new design, videos from our Neowin Youtube channel do seem to have been graced with the new player. Give it a shot for yourself! 

Main Player

Auto-dimming when inactive

Volume adjustment on mouse hover

Resolution and quality adjustment

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Ah I like the volume on the left now. Usually I have to pause it to fix the volume and its right next to the play/pause now. Not that it matters really, but ok fine. It is nice it opens inline instead of pushing up into the video.

I think this new interface is good for embedded videos. Often when somebody embeds a video here, I have to open it in Youtube to get a fullscreen button, so hopefully this new design fixes that.

I don't like the volume button either, it feels like change for the sake of change. Besides for it being on the left, I really don't like you have to move over the button just to change the volume.

I'm indifferent really on the change, I tried to get it to auto dim on me but no luck anyone know how long you have to be inactive for?

As I said in another topic, the controls should fade out web 2.0 style like it does in QuickTime X if your cursor is outside the borders of the movie. On mouse over it should fade in back.

PsykX said,
the controls should fade out. On mouse over it should fade in back.

Definitely! I still like it though haha

The website changes are ugly. I don't like the poster's info below the player.
The player itself looks nicer but the volume changer to the left will annoy many, me included.

danisflying527 said,
LOL? I've had this for months

Perhaps you did (not entirely certain how) but this IS news for most of us.

DarkNovaGamer said,

Perhaps you did (not entirely certain how) but this IS news for most of us.

Yea for me too, i can see this player sometime since few weeks perhaps one month and a half

danisflying527 said,
LOL? I've had this for months

So have I. I like it more than the old player.

Edited by xTdub, Apr 29 2010, 4:13am :

danisflying527 said,
LOL? I've had this for months

Yeah, I've seen my friend with the new player a couple weeks ago. I was wondering how he got it since I didn't see anyone else with it.

DarkNovaGamer said,

Perhaps you did (not entirely certain how) but this IS news for most of us.

It is? Didn't even Neowin cover this a while ago? I'm confused now.

"New video page launches for all users"

A whole month ago... Note "all". And yes, that's the official blog, so I don't know what's up with Neowin's statement of "Though an official announcement hasn't been made"

Edited by Northgrove, Apr 29 2010, 8:40am :

why can't they do like that transparent control bar that you use in many flash videos on game websites like assassin's creed 2.

Inklin said,
There was no point in moving the volume slider to the left, I can't stand it!

I will say that I really didn't think that would bother me when I read the first comment against this, but the more I use it the more it kind of does. My mouse seems to find its way on the right side of my screen, so it would be helpful it things that I used a lot (Such as volume) were there... It doesn't have anything to do with the fact that I'm used to it being there, it's just more convenient on that side...

O god, a new design thing. the debate's on this are always 50/50. i'd like to say I like it, and I like the fact you don't need to click for the sub menus. but as for those who don't like it but don't know why, its just a fear of change (we all have it, it's like a instinct). those complaining about the layout change, it tuck me 3 sec's to get used to it, grow up! but those who just don't like the look, fair enough.

This is HORRIBLE... I've been using this new update today, and it's really not a move in the right direction... What a shame.

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