YouTube rolls out rental service

YouTube has quietly rolled out a rentals service that offers both movies and tv shows.  Costing between $.99 and $3.99 for 48 hours, the fee is paid with Google Checkout. By entering the 'pay for rental' market, Google is now in competitions with Netflix, Apple (iTunes) and Microsoft (Xbox Marketplace rentals).

According to, it is expected that YouTube will make this announcement sometime today. This seems logical as why would YouTube open a store but not announce it publically. You can currently access the store at

With Hulu rumored to be entering the 'pay for market' too, it only makes sense to see YouTube follow a similar business model.  As users become more comfortable paying for digital only content, it's one step closer to the death of physical media. 

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Well..not sure about other areas..but around my area...years ago...we had about 4-5 blockbuster stores..those "redbox" kiosks...and a few of those "hollywood videos" places. They are ALL GONE. Either closed down or moved off.

And even rent by mail companies like Netflix are feeling the pain of streaming's going to be the future. There is pretty much no excuse for having dial up anymore. You can get speeds fast enough whereever you are to be able to stream a movie.

Rental stores and rent by mail companies are about to go the way of vinyl records.

I would not pay to stream from youtube, Hulu yes but we dont get that in Jamaica. When I.m in usa thats all I watch although 4 dish network dish and reciever is at bm bro in-law home

If i have to pay 5.99$ for a film, i prefer to go to blockbuster since it's a lot cheaper (at least here in IT).

I think they need to bring in the monthly subscription method. $10/m
this is kind of on the higher side. apple store rental is just 2.99 i believe.

It was only a matter of time before Google would try somehow to make some money outta that endless pit called YouTube.

Rohdekill said,
seeing how I cannot record from u-tube, they won't see a penny of my money.

Your not supposed to be able to record rentals they're called rentals for a reason.

opensuse said,

you rent to record?

Of course not. Nobody ever records a video through a rental service. [/sarcasm]

Edited by Rohdekill, Apr 23 2010, 6:01pm :

Rohdekill said,

Of course not. Nobody ever records a video through a rental service. [/sarcasm]

Sigh. My point was: if you're gonna pay money for a rental only to copy it, you don't know how to use the Internet.

And keepvid copies the youtube video bit for bit. No change in quality.

Rohdekill said,

lol @ the overlays you get stuck with and **** poor pixelation at full screen. This was a joke, right?

You've obviously never used those types of services and/or programs. There is no change in quality. In fact, I have observed BETTER quality and this is from someone who has downloaded over 100 youtube videos. It is almost as easy to do as watching it, and you have the video forever. This works with very long videos, as well. I recorded that one Cambridge speech from several years ago by that dying professor.

Rohdekill said,
seeing how I cannot record from u-tube, they won't see a penny of my money.
There are more than enough add-ons for Firefox to download videos from Youtube.