YouTube starts its pilot program for paid video channels

Google's push for more revenue sources for its YouTube website went to another level today. As previously reported, Google has begun to charge money to access a few video channels on YouTube in a new pilot program.

In a post on YouTube's official blog, it states that YouTube content creators have been asking Google to add "more flexibility in monetizing and distributing content." The pilot program includes over 50 channels to subscribe from, with fees that range from 99 cents to $2.99 a month, with some offering yearly subscriptions at a discount. All of the paid channels offer a way to try them out for free for 14 days.

The current list of channels include selections for kids such as Baby First Plus and National Geographic Kids, and Google says that Sesame Street will launch a paid channel in the future that will include full episodes of the PBS series. There are also some channels that have more mature content, including movies from independent studios like Magnet and The Asylum.

Google says that even more paid YouTube channels will launch in the coming weeks, and qualified YouTube creators will be able to sign up for launching their own paid channels as a self-service feature. While you can view any paid channels on multiple devices, the actual subscription payment must be done on the PC website for now.

Source: YouTube | Image via YouTube

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Wow Youtube I cant believe they are taking that route. Cant blame Google I mean look at there recent purchases and computers they are selling. They bought out Motorola you would think that would be off it self and look at those Pixel ChromeBooks you think at those prices that they are charging with a 16GB SSD you would think they would be selling like hot cakes.

TNA $4.99 and UFC $5.99 but WWE turn down offers from Google. WWE choose Yahoo start this summer Is Yahoo better than YouTube?

I was optimistic for this but so far I'm really not impressed. From that list of 53 there are maybe 4 channels that are small youtube partners, the people who really need this. Also the price in the UK is much higher, most of them are £3.49 per month which is $5.40.

Edited by Gaffney, May 9 2013, 10:47pm :

may be a good model if:

those channels with millions of regular viewers wont have this as they earn enough as youtube partners

those channels with a small number of viewers catering to a niche market, will be able to make some money from this niche market as there will be some willing to pay
although they may risk losing many viewers
the subscription amount should be made to be enough, so that the gain in paid subscribers offset the loss in viewers



this will be popular for those youtube channels that are so unpopular that they cannot gather the millions of views needed to pay well as a youtube partner

any youtube channel with millions of regular views would not do this