Youtube to offer feature length movies

In this current age of streaming video there is just about anything you can watch on the internet ranging from TV Shows on BBC iplayer to Films on Hulu but one service that seems to want to jump on that now is Youtube. Youtube is among the most visited sites daily on the the internet and major film studios are thinking of using that to their advantage by putting feature films on the site, the only downside to the whole of this bit of news is inclusion of adverts but its a small price to pay really if you can watch a full feature length movie. The form of advertising hasn't been fully confirmed yet but reports suggest that it will be down to the studios what sort of advertising they go with to help fund this service.

At the present time of writing this article Google haven't mentioned if and when this could roll out but one studio executive mentioned to CNET that it's very close to going through. "It's not imminent, But it's going to happen I would say you can expect to see it, if all goes well, sometime within the next 30 to 90 days".

One studio that is already part of the Youtube family is Lionsgate who have been offering users of the site access to short film clips of upcoming movies. Whatever happens its a sign now that Youtube is now a bit more then just an upload and watch site, its a fully fledged entertainment site.

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I'm pretty certain they'd put this type of thing on a seperate server or do a huge upgrade at least, especially to improve quality.

I wonder what quality these videos will actually be, will they be fully quality or typical youtube quality *yuck*.

youtube is already slow as it is, now with full movies its gonna take for ever to load videos. and no im not on crappy dial-up

Soldiers33 said,
youtube is already slow as it is, now with full movies its gonna take for ever to load videos. and no im not on crappy dial-up

Um the great thing about YouTube (and other sites) is that you don't have to wait for the entire thing to load and you don't even have to load the whole thing. Just press where you want and it'll load from there.

No surprise YouTube would soon have videos really, if it's just minor video adverts you have to watch (providing they're not regularly interrupting the movie) then that's great. Though I expect for some time this will just be limited to USA like many other sites

rappeh said,
Yeah I don't like the idea of region blocking on little clips but I suppose networks have to protect their material.

Most sites these days block by region... Usually the UK blocks a lot of outside traffic, and so does the US. I can't access any tv shows broadcasted online, because of region lock.