Zbot trojan creators arrested in London

Police in London have arrested two people on suspicion that they created the ZeuS or Zbot trojan that infected many computers around the world. The couple used the trojan for monetary gain but authorities did not disclose how much money was stolen.

The trojan installed itself on victims computers using social engineer techniques. Generally the trojan would mask itself as a reputable website such as a bank, credit card company or tax office to get the victim to install the software.

"Once installed, the Zbot Trojan injects itself into the victim's Web browser and monitors all traffic. It then lifts credit card information as well as social security numbers and enterprise login credentials for social networking sites, as well as Web banking and financial accounts, which it subsequently sends to the attackers, according to researchers at security company BitDefender."

These arrests are important as they let cyber criminals know that they can not hide forever. Hopefully with more public arrests, the wave of online trojans could possibly be curtailed as corrupt programmers may be more cautious about their malicious habits.

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Zbot is one smart cookie. I was doing a google search when System Security tried to alert me that my computer is not protected against viruses. I opened Norton, blocked ALL connections and shut down that tab, and yet after I closed the tab, System Security tried one more time to install itself.

Some people would recognize System Security to a previous name: Antivirus 2009.

Oh I HATE that program! It can be a real pain to get rid of but more importantly it tricks plenty of people into buying their fake software because they see all these warnings about infections that don't actually exist.

Drag those people into the street and shoot them!

good now they should stay in jail forever or agree not to use ANY pc again or get thrown back in and have survailence round the clock for say 5 years so they don't act up, if they want money then apply for a job as there are plenty.

"These arrests are important as they let cyber criminals know that they can not hide forever." ... not always true, but their mistake was the fact there was financial gain, which is almost always trackable in some way

I don't know who I loathe most, Muslim terrorists or defective units of society who's projected purpose in life is to produce viruliferous software as it is their only axiomatically failing talent.

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