Zombie network explosion

The number of compromised zombie PCs in botnet networks has quadrupled over the last three months, according to figures from the Shadowserver Foundation. Shadowserver tracks botnet activity and the number of command and control servers. It uses a variety of metrics to slice and dice its figures based in part on the entropy of botnet infections. The clear trend within these figures is upwards, with a rise in botnet numbers of 100,000 to 400,000 (if 30 day entropy is factored into equations) or from 20,000 to 60,0000 (for five day entropy).

Entropy of botnets is calculated on the basis that if no activity is seen from a specific IP for a number of days - either 30, 10 or five - then it is removed from the botnet count. Shadowserver figures suggest the number of command and control servers has actually decreased over the last month, following a spike in activity back in July.

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XP SP1...that is the reason for all those zombie networks out there. Been in IT, you preach the same sermon all the time. Update your PC, Update your PC, Update your PC. Not only are you safer but by updating the OS, you are taking advantage of advances in the technology. Windows Firewall to name just one thing that is introduced with SP2..come on mate, get with it?!?!?

I would be as proud of that as I would be of saying I run an outdated Red Hat 9 install on my PC.

Please update to remove known vulnerabilities.

This has been a public service announcement.

Just because you don't THINK you have been compromised doesn't mean you haven't. What are you using for your AV? If it's not Nod32 or KAV and you are still way back in XP SP1 land...I'd bet cash money you're a zombie, mate.

It was that damned fake UPS email, we're still feeling the effects of it at work, an absolute nightmare to remove if we don't want to re-install, and so is the blacklisting afterwards

If the people who created this are ever discovered, they should have their digits removed with blunt snips.