Zune Holiday Offers Announced

Microsoft’s Zune is about to experience the holidays, retail style. Starting tomorrow, major retailers will begin offering various deals, price cuts and giveaways related to the Zune 4, Zune 8 and Zune 80. Maybe we’ll finally hear more about the rumoured Zune 16! One can dream, right? Expect these discounts and sales to be updated frequently, all the way through January. Zune retail partners Amazon, Best Buy, Circuit City and Walmart are behind the deals, which are obviously going to be limited to the United States. Man is it more and more tempting for me, a fellow Canadian, to cross that border and take advantage of the high Canadian dollar.

View: Zune Holiday Offers

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If they drop the price on the Zune80 I'll bring mine right back to Target and get the discounted price. Glad I have it though. Love this thing!

The best holiday offer that MS could announce is that they're going to sell it outside the US. Come on, what is the delay?