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Residing on the Caribbean island of Jamaica in the West Indies, Andre best describes himself as a technology enthusiast. He authors a personal blog about his experiences using Windows and Windows Live services.

His journey into blogging started back in December 2004 when Microsoft started their online blogging service MSN Spaces which was renamed as part of the Windows Live wave of Services). Like many he was enthralled by the excitement surrounding the development of Windows ‘codename' Longhorn which eventually became Windows Vista. From then on his enthusiasm for Windows grew into a passion. Throughout those years he was able to expand his reach through the opportunity of writing reviews and articles for thanks to founders Bob Stein and Byron Hinson.

"My love of technology has allowed me to have various stints at website's such as Longhorn Blogs (now Windows-Now), Extended64, Windows Connected, the Microsoft Clubhouse and most recently The opportunity for me to start my very own blog and share my opinions with you about technology allows me to help and learn from so many of you in return. It has been one of the great aspects of blogging."

In April 2010, Andre was awarded Microsoft MVP in the category Windows Desktop Experience for his community contributions. You can often find Andre participating on the Windows 7 Install, Upgrade and Activate Microsoft Answers Forum.

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