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No more iPhone subsidies for Microsoft employees

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Unmoved by independent market-analysis company Forrester Research's conclusion that "iPhone users are richer, younger, and perhaps even more productive at work than those who use competing smartphones," Microsoft has taken steps that have left some...


YouTube videos now cached by browsers

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In the past people with slow connections who tried to watch YouTube videos often had their patience tested. Playback often caught up with the buffer, leading to annoying pauses--and leading many to give up entirely...


Linux is first OS to support USB 3.0

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Sarah Sharp, a self-styled "geekess" and Linux developer at Intel's Open Source Technology Center who has recently been working on the Linux USB subsystem, announced on her blog that support of USB 3.0 will soon...


Facebook kills anti-Muslim group

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Facebook has disabled an anti-Islamic group called "I Hate Muslims in Oz" after the issue was brought to their attention by CNet's Chris Matyszczyk. Facebook's stance toward Holocaust-denying groups is more ambivalent. The company's terms...


End of the road for Microsoft Money

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According to CNet, Microsoft will soon be bringing to an end its Money line of personal finance management software. From Microsoft's Money FAQ, the products affected include Microsoft Money Essentials, Microsoft Money Plus Deluxe, Microsoft...