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21 February 2002
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Byron started writing news and reviews for a popular Windows/Microsoft news site called which he designed and created from scratch over 14 years ago. He then carried on his interest in gaming over to another site entitled Techulous. Byron has been a news writer for Neowin since October 2010 and is a fully fledged gaming nut who not only owns every console going, but also has a huge games collection. You can add Byron on PSN: byron_hinson on Xbox Live: Terratogen and on Apple's Game Center: Terratogen

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iPhone 6: The queueing experience

· · Hot! with 52 comments

Deciding to queue for a technology device is a big deal for many people, but how is the experience and is it really worth all those hours of standing up in the hope of getting hold of something new.

DisplayPort 1.3 details announced

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A update to the DisplayPort standard was announced today. DisplayPort 1.3 will allow bandwidth up to 32.4 Gbits/second and connections to much higher resolution displays and multi-monitor setups.