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Michael Stanclift
Kansas City
15 July 2001
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Michael is an storage/virtualization technology consultant, an avid photographer and professional geek. He is both an VMware Certified Professional and an certified EMC Implementation Engineer.

From 2002 to 2009 he was a full time senior staffer at Neowin serving in nearly every capacity and position on the site over the 7 year period. Originally hired after responding to a post by Neobond for gaming news reporters, he went on to later serve as one of the original Supervisors, and eventually as the first Managing Editor where he setup the formatting, policies and procedures that have established Neowin as a technology blogging powerhouse. He retired from the site in mid-2009 to peruse other interests. In late 2011 he returned is a part time news contributor.

He still occasionally plays games from the Call of Duty series on Xbox Live, and Angry Birds, but you'll no longer see him reporting on gaming news on a regular basis.

Thanks to a grant to his middle school from Microsoft, he has been a legitimate system administrator from the time he was in the 13. While in high school he was inspired to become a journalist by his newspaper advisor, and later studied journalism at Baker University. Unsure of exactly where the profession of journalism would go in the future, and if it could pay the bills, he left school to peruse a career in information technology. Although his IT career more than pays the bills, his love of writing, reporting and analysis has never died.

He lives in Kansas City with his wife, son and two dogs.

He is the 82nd member of Neowin, and quite proud of it. There was a Neowin cake at the wedding to his wife in 2008, the proof is somewhere in the forums.

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