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  2. I do not recall kde ever being able to group dissimilar applications. I don’t recall BeOS being able to either but it’s been over 20 years ago since I used it. I actually don't remember if you could move the windows as a group (in kde), but you could easily tile (or maybe stack, not sure if either is the correct term) them by their title bar, that looked like a bookmark (or tag).
  3. Yea, so if you calc the 33% that Uber takes, then it grosses to $35k ($200/day) or $52k ($400/day). I am also assuming your calcs take into account 261 working days in the year, which it seems you have calculated that. $35k for a part-time job is pretty good if you consider what you make at McDonald's or some other fast food place. You can easily net $200 a day. I have done it. If you drive full time and 7 days a week you can net over $100k a year. And since you control when you drive with Uber you can work all 365 days. Why do you care what Uber takes as long as you get a decent amount too. If you can net $100k a year does it really matter that Uber got $30k out of you $130k gross?
  4. Yazoo

    Are these temps too high?

    Its an i7 3930K Sandy Bridge-E. However I had been running it stock 3.2 GHz for the past year or so.
  5. Useless to you. I use them every day. I also doubt Virtualbox had any issue with hyper-v. Nox is probably a type 1 hypervisor and you cannot use a type 1 inside a type 1. Ever. It was probably the issue. Starting with 1809 MS offered to make it's virtual platform opened as a feature so things like Android Studio can run nested or just use Hyper-v for some system calls. It's not Oracle's fault for being behind and not supporting it. Oracle doesn’t need to support hyper-v though. It is a type 2 hypervisor and can run on top of hyper-v fine. Android Studio needed to start using hyper-v because it only supported Intel Haxm for the longest time and it is a type 1 hypervisor. Constantly turning off hyper-v for other hypervisors gets old after the first time you need to do it.
  6. I know that under certain circumstances users don't update or can't update but MS should try to lessen the number of builds they support. I could understand if the updates were not free but just like the way that Android has become so fragmented, so has Windows two cents.
  7. Neowin stop supporting Epic. The Epic store is 40% owned by a Chinese Malware company with ties to the government. There have been countless hacks from users of the store. Also they are being dicks to the PC platform with these anti competitive exclusives
  8. Useless to you. I use them every day. I also doubt Virtualbox had any issue with hyper-v. Nox is probably a type 1 hypervisor and you cannot use a type 1 inside a type 1. Ever. It was probably the issue. Starting with 1809 MS offered to make it's virtual platform opened as a feature so things like Android Studio can run nested or just use Hyper-v for some system calls. It's not Oracle's fault for being behind and not supporting it.
  9. China is Huawei and the chinese are stealing tech and pirating everything. If Huawei is getting this beat-down.... its because they are chinese
  10. That is a feature. Not a bug and has nothing to do with the May update. Hyper-v like VMware vsphere and KMS are type 1 hypervisors not type 2. This means they need to run bare metal underneath the OS as ring -1. Ring 0 is the kernel and ring 3 are the apps like virtual box 😄. This means it must encapsulate the host OS and use your CPUs instructions for itself. To run both you need to use bcedit to create a menu at startup. One with hypervisor on labeled Hyper-v and one with a hypervisor off switch labeled VMware player. Go Google it as I am on a phone now? As for spyware this has been proven false over and over. What the Eula means is when you use cortona or the search bar it will go to bingo duh. Obviously data has to leave and it's no different than Chrome. The rest is just metrics data for improvements with a generic ID for things like system crashes and your event logs. No keystroke logging. Win7 and 8 had this back ported years ago to
  11. Gaming cloud is technically and economically inviable. Usually, a render farm costs $0.5-$1 per hour (a moderate machine, i3 or similar). Let's say 0.5 x 4 hours per day x 23 days = 46 bucks per month. But a console is less powerful and eat less energy. Let's say 1/4 of an i3, so it is around $11 per month. PlayStation Now costs $10 per month (yearly).
  12. irrelevant, huawei owns own expansion technology far before the ban.
  13. You can buy a key for $12 on some sites. It's legit as they buy from business resellers who have purchased separate volume license keys
  14. This build seems to have fixed the USB drive lettering issue, from the looks of things. Hopefully this will be pushed out to everyone soon. I haven't been offered the update on any of my 3 PCs yet.
  15. So, where is all this overwhelming evidence that Huawei is spying? I mean if it's so obvious and so big, surely someone could present the public something solid as an evidence and not just bunch of childish accusations? Or so I thought. Then again I've seen what US did to Kaspersky not long ago when they caught NSA contractor using hack tools... US good guyz, China bad guyz. I frankly think they are all the same, it's just that China isn't pretending anymore where US still hasn't gone past that phase...
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  17. Good to see they're testing it out still, well, it's the new norm now, CU's getting tested by slow/release preview rings.
  18. Funny thing is, only one of my four systems had issues updating to 1903. The Vista based laptop, had no issues. i3 based HTPC, had no issues. FX8350 based PC had no issues. Athlon 955BE PC.. that had two. The USB issue, (which the same USB drive was attached to the FX8350 without issue), unplugged it... ran into "you have hardware on this system that isn't compatible with this version of Windows" Updated the Nvidia card to the 430 series driver.. voila. 1903 installed successfully. It's always a guess or miracle to see which will install, and what won't. But a laptop that's way older having no issues, vs. new hardware.. that always leaves me scratching my head.
  19. There is very little bloat. yeah right. everyone know windows has ton of legacy bloats. unwanted software thats deprecated but still exists like the ones mentioned in the article You'll be surprised how much software out there still depends upon stuff that's no longer being developed or maintained. If Microsoft starts ripping out stuff that's been carried over from older versions, then I bet we'd start getting a bunch of comments from people complaining their programs no longer work for no reason - especially for business users. Like, what about old versions of programs that software makers just don't support anymore, and that's too costly to upgrade? Or programs where the developer either stopped making/selling that program, went bankrupt, or straight up disappeared? Do you want to choose between being left behind in technological progress/new updates/security fixes and keep your old programs working, or being able to stay up to date and use the new programs being made while having to completely rewrite or replace your entire workflow every year or so? Even if Microsoft made this legacy stuff a downloadable extra (which would be a logistical nightmare), you'd get people who either don't know how to download the stuff and complaining, people complaining that they have to download things to get their programs to work "when they were just fine before", and people complaining because they have a download cap. If you want your old programs to keep working in Windows, Windows will have to keep some stuff around to keep those programs working. And especially for business customers, Windows really prioritizes keeping these programs working that you're already used to. If you really just want the new stuff and to be out with the old, you can just use Windows RT. ... Except that totally failed. then how are they able to remove these bloat without breaking the apps. you talk as if removing things will always break stuffs. thats not the bloat we want removed. removed legacy unused software like these which is no use to anyone. there is always duplicate apps like settings, IE/edge etc its also horrible how there are at least 10 UI design and are so inconsistent You seem to under the impression that Windows was written specifically for you and your use cases only, but I have news for you- you're not the only person to use it. Grandma wants IE because she's uncomfortable learning new things or it is difficult for her to do so. Joe needs ODBC because it will cost $150K to rewrite a system his business has used for 20 years and they cannot afford and do not need that. Take your head out of your rear. A few megs of storage won't hurt you a bit, but making big changes has the potential to hurt a lot of other people.
  20. Yet another blow hits Huawei, as SD Association no longer supports it by João Carrasqueira Since the United States Department of Commerce added Huawei to its Entity List, essentially banning it from buying products and services from American companies, companies such as Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm, and more were quick to cut ties with the Chinese manufacturer. Even Arm, the British company that develops the ARM processor architecture, stopped dealing with Huawei, basically eliminating any chance of the smartphone maker developing its own chipsets. As if that wasn't enough, Huawei is also now being removed from the SD Association's list of members, as reported by SumahoInfo. This organization sets the standards for technologies in SD and microSD cards, and with Huawei being removed from the list, the company can no longer support this kind of external storage in its devices. This isn't the worst that's happened to Huawei in the past few days, naturally, since many phones on the market already don't have support for SD cards. But it's yet another big blow in a series of hits that have left the company in a troublesome situation over the past week. In a statement to Android Authority, the SD Association confirmed that the decision is a result of the U.S. government restriction imposed on the Chinese company. While Huawei has been planning for the event that it might be unable to use Android or Windows anymore, working around the sheer number of bans the company has been facing will be no easy feat. ZTE faced similar pressure last year and was nearly put out of business, so the future isn't looking terribly bright for Huawei, even if it does have a significantly bigger market presence than ZTE.
  21. Heavy Rain demo is now available on PC ... YAYY!!! \o/ ...through Epic Games Store ... Awwwww nvm
  22. "Bloaty bloat, bloat, bloat." It's like a flashback to 2002 when that's all (Linux) people could say about Windows.
  23. then Cortana stopped getting sms notifications, then Cortana could no longer send sms Actually the Cortana SMS integration still works. I still use it with my 950. You must be ultra lucky, here's a thread talking about it(discovering the change in phrasing, then it being lost completely). It's why I finally gave up on my beloved Lumia 950." rel="external nofollow"> Same here. That is why I have this POS Samsung Galaxy S10, the most expensive phone I've ever owned, and I still can't get it to read/respond to text messages in my car, nor will it read GPS navigation directions, and it lost the names of 75% of my contacts a couple weeks ago. Boy, Microsoft sure got the basics down right.
  24. In your pfsense config, you will want to create your vlans. What you will do is create a rule to block traffic coming from your guest vlan to your private vlan, it will be able to communicate with all other networks. You will trunk your vlans on a port (usually you just have to enable trunking, but you can tell it to include those vlans on that trunk port) to the switch. You will probably have to configure the switch port that is coming from pfsense to trunk. You will have to configure the switch with the vlan id's that are coming from the pfsense router. Then you can assign those vlans to ports. If you have a AP that is vlan capable (**cough** ubiquiti **cough**), you would trunk all of the vlans to that and make your AP default to the private vlan or a management vlan of some sort (so add another vlan for management of devices that can only have source traffic come from your private vlan, another pfsense access control list) to manage networking devices. Then you can have your AP host both the Guest VLan via a Guest SSID and your Private vlan via Private SSID. Draw it out on paper first on how you want things to work. It will then become clear to you what you have to do and if you will or will not experience an outage. Understand that you will probably have 1 lan for internet traffic to go across, 1 lan for house, 1 lan for guest, if any guest or house will need to share devices like printers, another for printers/shared devices, and maybe for the hell of it one for IoT devices. (fyi, I don't see a way to not have an outage of some can create the networks and test, but when you move devices over to the new LANs they may have to reboot).
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