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  2. You could say the same thing about the US dollar. Billions printed out of thin air. Majority owned by the few, and can and do manipulate the market. Worst part is they've got the US government to bail them out too! Biggest scam of the century. So essentially, you trust randoms more than the government. Brilliant !
  3. do any expansions add to the single player?
  4. Windows 10 build 17074.1002 now in the Fast ring with a fix for AMD PCs by Rich Woods A week ago, Microsoft released Windows 10 Insider Preview build 17074 to the Fast ring with quite a few new features. Since then, the company has been releasing fixes for current versions of the OS that fix an issue that was causing PCs with AMD processors to become unbootable. Now, that fix is coming to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring, in the form of build 17074.1002. When 17074 was first released, there was a block on AMD machines installing it for this very reason, so if you've got an AMD chip, you're finally free to install the latest build from the Fast ring. There was also an issue that caused some devices to hang on the boot screen after the PC was upgraded, if the BIOS has virtualization enabled. This too has been fixed in today's cumulative update. Those that were looking forward to a full build this week are surely disappointed, although it's still possible that we might receive one this week. Perhaps it's more curious as to why there haven't been any new builds in the Slow ring in over two and a half months, as that ring is supposed to get updated monthly.
  5. Rather than giving bad maps..I'd rather see expandable squads. The amount in a squad is too small as is. Maybe even the ability to join squads together perhaps not to spawn on but to track better and communicate with since some groups of players are bigger than 5. Also tweak things more - faster loading and unloading of the game and of course stop releasing bad maps and put the end of round map vote to 3 maps not 2.
  7. You could say the same thing about the US dollar. Billions printed out of thin air. Majority owned by the few, and can and do manipulate the market. Worst part is they've got the US government to bail them out too! Biggest scam of the century. Yes, I agree with you. The scammed even their own countrymen out of their gold via this scam
  8. YouTube announces changes to its monetization policy

    LoL google just took advantage of this opportunity to pay less to content makers Exactly. Its like a millionaire does a scam and the bank announces no more loans to people who earn say less than $60K
  9. Unboxing the Chuwi Hi9

    They do ok for what they are, let's face it, this isn't exactly a cutting edge device, (android 7) The problem with them is that they don't release driver source and that's why the device with MediaTek SoC always stuck on the same OS it comes with. XDA hates them with a passion True, I just have a kind heart towards them as I had (still have) an Oukitel K10000 for what is was, isn't been a very good IDGAF PHONE. Out of all the mtk devices I've owned, it's the most memorable. battery life on that handset must be beast! Based on my experience with BLU Life One XL, nope
  10. I hope you are being sarcastic. Not even close - look on Android-based handset sites - from AndroidAuthority to AndroidPolice - not just handset-developer sites. As much and as strange as it seems, MOTOmods - which are hardware snap-ons to Motorola phones, tablets, and even phablets - are actually POPULAR with users - and not alone in North America, but globally. That is more than anyone else - including Samsung, for that matter - can say. And while Motorola (and even Lenovo) initially DID use a lot of Mediatek-based SoCs, both brands have gone Qualcomm rather large in terms of North American products; in addition to the E series, the Lenovo Tab series - which used to be MT-based - remember, I own the Tab 2 - has been Qualcomm-based starting with the Tab3; the current Tab4 is also based on Qualcomm silicon.
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  12. Hands-on with the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2

    the audio quality when recording video is so bad though. and it applies to all video taken. so if you use instagram or snapchat. same results.
  13. It's not a 'win' by any stretch of the imagination. Apple is the wealthiest company on the planet because it evades tax on an industrial scale, whilst using overseas manufacturing to avoid paying a living wage domestically. Allowing companies to get to the size and influence of Apple only undermines consumer rights and protections, reduces competition and perpetuates income inequality. And Trump just solved that problem... Now instead of using loopholes and avoiding taxes they can bring the cash in the US and pay lower taxes on it... Let me refrase it for you... Apple and other corporations were paying ZERO taxes on their profits abroad, now they will bring that cash to the US and pay taxes on it due to the lower tax brackets. If Trump had offered a one time tax amnesty followed by tax increases and the elimination of tax loopholes then perhaps I'd agree. Instead Trump just allowed corporations to avoid massive amounts of tax, money that is essential to financing America's collapsing infrastructure and grossly inadequate public services. This doesn't even come close to making up the deficit created by massive tax cuts to the wealthy. The rich get richer whilst the poor get poorer. If you consider that a win then we clearly have different political and social outlooks. I am so glad he is not doing what you are suggesting.... he would have tanked the economy and gotten us in another recession...
  14. It came from the headline did you read it or did you just skim through it.
  15. Then don't post it publicly? Your logic is ignorant beyond belief and common sense. You'd be surprised how many public (and even private) profiles are being "invaded" with users stealing other people's pictures, including stories, then pretending to be them and posting the same content on a fake profile. This isn't about people posting something "they shouldn't have" in the app, it's about the creeps who stalk and steal other people's content. Instagram is here to blame as well, because they make it specifically hard to report fake profiles who steal content unless it's either a public figure (with a "business profile"), as they simply suggest you contact the person who's being hurt by actions such as these and reporting it to them. lol, give me a break. If you're that concerned about infringement or impersonation, you'd probably not be using Instagram stories, or instagram at all. I seriously doubt the 99.999% of people who actually use Instagram for their work are that concerned with a few screenshots taken off instagram. For the lucky few that actually make it on Instragram, their following is large enough that any one who copies would immediately be called out and ridiculed. Not to mention if someone actually has content stolen from a private profile, that's on them, and nobody else. Learn how to secure your material and don't accept followers you can't trust. Now that's logical and full of common sense, not the nonsense tangent you went on.
  16. Google, the advertising giant complaining about slow websites when it's adverts that's the number one reason why they're slow.
  17. The headline came directly from the source.
  18. Faking that you're unaware you are for starters.
  19. I'm no Apple fan, in fact I love to throw around #crapple at every opportunity, but @adrynalyneis correct. Your OP was clearly a bash at Apple in how it was phrased. It read that you were inferring that Apple is anti-net neutrality and has poor app approval policies, and Google doesn't. May not be what you mean't, but that's how it came across. It would also be helpful to phrase the headline as "Apple has not yet approved..." rather than "Apple blocks...", which in reality was (before the article update) the truth of the situation.
  20. Hands-on with the Xiaomi Mi MIX 2

    Not too bad.
  21. It’s a a bit late to play innocent. All of the above was a lead in to your actual statement: and figure out the Apple not that good of a company.
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  23. Minecraft Server

    Works for me, remember the port number
  24. Microsoft adds three games to Xbox One Backward Compatibility

    Because if I got it for free last year, nobody else should have a second chance at it? Kind of a selfish attitude if you ask me. Really? You don't think a subscription-based service that entice users to stay subscribed by giving out 4 games every month would try to avoid giving the same game twice? Seems more like common-sense than selfish. With the number of games that haven't been given out as GwG yet, I really don't see why they would give the same one twice and make it useless to people who stayed subscribed.
  25. It's a shame we need a lawsuit for Apple to see this. It was the negative press and public relation which prompted it actually. In those apple meetings were you?
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