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  2. Facebook and Google employees fall foul of $100M phishing scam by Ben Esapa A report published by Fortune has revealed that employees of Google and Facebook were conned into paying over $100M to an individual who posed as a Taiwanese manufacturer. The individual, Lithuanian national Evaldas Rimasauskas, was charged last month by the US Department of Justice for fraud, aggravated identity theft, and money laundering. According to Fortune, Rimasauskas began forging email addresses, corporate stamps, and invoices so he could impersonate a Taiwanese manufacturer of tech supplies, and swindle departments at Facebook and Google out of funds which encompassed a total of more than $100M between 2013 and 2015. Rimasauskas deposited the money in banks worldwide, in countries such as Latvia, Cyprus, Hong Kong, Slovenia, Hungary, and Lithuania. Court documents for Rimasauskas' indictment, which were unsealed by the Department of Justice last month, did not directly name Facebook and Google as being victims of the scam, referring instead to a "multinational technology company, specializing in internet-related services and products," and a "multinational corporation providing online social media and networking services”. Facebook and Google have since confirmed to Fortune that they were the companies that had been targeted by the scheme. At a time when consumers are being swindled by websites promising Nintendo Switch Emulators, it is interesting to note that even large companies such as Facebook and Google are not immune to such scams . Source: Fortune via The Verge | Phishing attack image via Shutterstock
  3. More options is better especially when we don't really know what we're doing with VR yet... But to me it just reeks of the "3D Desktop" interfaces that popped up in the 90s and just would not die until recently, I guess the stigma is still there for me
  4. Another CIA asset guilty of war crimes walks free. What a just world we live in! Kosovo ex-PM Haradinaj's extradition rejected by French court
  5. Phil Spencer feels the need for a Netflix-style subscription model for some Xbox games by Shreyas Gandhe Microsoft is busy developing the next generation "Project Scorpio" Xbox console, but the company also has other challenges to tackle in the current times of rapid advancements in hardware and networking. Xbox chief Phil Spencer addressed some of these concerns in an interview with The Guardian and put forward some ideas being considered by Microsoft. With the arrival of powerful hardware, game developers are compelled to release high resolution and high quality content on a regular basis, which is difficult to sustain as it drives up the development costs. One of the main concerns addressed by Spencer is that of infrastructure costs. Smaller development studios may not be able to sustain the development costs and the additional infrastructure costs for multiplayer servers in their early days, while continuing to push out new content. Say there’s 10 people in a garage that have an idea for a service-based game – what does it mean for them to build up the infrastructure to go and create that game? How can we help them? To solve this problem, Phil has suggested that the smaller studios could make use of Microsoft's Azure cloud computing platform, so that "they don’t have to go buy a bunch of servers on their own and stick them under their desks and hope they get enough players to pay for them." According to Spencer, the current model of downloadable content works for big multiplayer franchises such as Destiny and The Division, but for standalone story-based games it is harder to capitalize on updates. In order to help developers of single player story-based games thatwish to push out enhancements to previous games while creating new ones, Spencer has suggested a Netflix-like subscription model. Under this model, the developers would continue to release the game in an episodic manner (think: Telltale Games), but would be able to receive compensation before the release in order to fund those future releases. While Microsoft is working on pushing the hardware envelope further, it is refreshing to know that the company is also thinking about how to improve the experience for developers in order to provide a better gaming experience for gamers. Source: The Guardian via Engadget
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  7. Man of the race: Valtteri Bottas Reject of the race: Romain Grosjean for the collision in lap one
  8. Lol that entire site is full of "National Enquirer" type of stories...
  9. Sorry guys, that previous mock-up wasn't quite right. My login screen looks exactly like this: I've spent hours wading through all of Windows 10's options trying to find a way to remove this keyboard but non of the accessibility options seem to apply to the log on screen. Does anyone PLEASE know how to remove this keyboard from the logon screen or where to look in the registry etc to remove it from appearing? Thanks for reading.
  10. Speaking of pauses, the one thing I noticed with Google Home in comparison with Amazon Echo is how they both deal with pauses in your voice differently. With the Echo if you start to ask it a question and then pause to think, it gives up. Google will wait for you.
  11. Only pedo's find 12 year old girls "seductive", so I guess this tournament director now has the fun of realising everyone now knows he's a filthy kiddie fiddler!
  12. A 12-year-old girl was forced to withdraw from a chess tournament because her outfit – a knee-length cotton child’s dress – was deemed ‘too seductive’. Posting on Facebook, chess coach Kaushal Kandhar expressed his shock and outrage at what transpired at the tournament in Putrajaya. He said the girl was left ‘extremely embarrassed’ and ‘disturbed’ when the National Scholastic Chess Championship director and chief arbiter made the comments to her in the middle of a match. ‘The tournament director deemed my student’s dress to be “seductive” and a “temptation from a certain angle far, far away”,’ Kal wrote. ‘We found this statement completely out of line!’ Kal said that the director told the girl and her mother that they needed to go to the mall and by her a pair of trousers – but by that time it was already 10pm, and the matches the next day restarted at 9am. Because they weren’t able to get a replacement outfit in time the girl – who was a regional champion in Kuala Lumpur – had to pull out of the competition. ‘This incident has resulted in loss of time and money which was invested before, during and after the tournament on coaching, registration fees, traveling, accommodation and other incurred cost. ‘This bright young girl was recently the champion of her district in MSS Kuala Lumpur and has shown tremendous potential in chess. ‘This incident has left her extremely disturbed, and embarrassed.’ He added that he had been playing chess in Malaysia for almost 20 years, and had ‘never heard of this type of issue in any tournaments’ in the country. ‘This should be the first and last time this kind of issue ever appears,’ he said, before demanding an official apology from the championship. A Malaysian Chess Federation spokesman told Malay Mail Online that the tournament secretariat is currently investigating the incident. He claimed that the official complaint lodged by the girl’s mother differed slightly from Kal’s account, but would not divulge any information for legal reasons. Source
  13. I'm sure it works great, but I'm done Running Android and Windows on devices with only 1 GB of ram
  14. In my day to day Interaction with the average user, I have noticed that most of them think the big solid blue E in Windows 10 is Internet Explorer. Who can blame them? Microsoft in all of their Wisdom created a brand new browser gave it a name starting with E and gave it a big blue E as an icon. Makes you wonder what they were thinking. Were they purposely trying to trick the user into using Edge, thinking it was internet Explorer? I told a customer the other day that this E (Internet explorer) and this solid blue E (Edge) are not related in the slightest. She looked at me with the shocked and confused look and said .. "Really?"
  15. Nokia 3310, 3, 5 and 6 listings updated with new release date on UK retailer's website by Shreyas Gandhe The Nokia brand is set to return with three new smartphones and the reimagined 3310 feature phone from HMD Global in the not-so-distant future. Previously, the devices were listed with a release date of May on UK-based retailer Clove's website, but these have now been updated with June as the tentative date of arrival in the country. Clove has begun accepting pre-registrations for the Nokia 3, 5, 6 and the 2017 edition of the iconic 3310, on its website. The devices are priced at £149.99, £189.99, £229.99 and £59.99 (including VAT) respectively, and are now due to for a June release, with the 3310 expected to launch in mid-June and rest of them by the 30th of the month. It could be possible that other retailers may get the devices before Clove, but currently there is no word on the launch from any other source. Carphone Warehouse, which is said to have exclusive rights to sell the Nokia 6 in the UK is also accepting pre-registrations on its website. The prices however have not been disclosed by the retailer. Many carriers in the UK have also revealed their plans to carry the new Nokia 3310, but no information about the other devices is available yet. We should know more about HMD Global's plans of releasing the Nokia devices in the UK in May, if they are targeting a June release. Source: Clove UK via GSMArena
  16. I somehow managed to boot from C again, but still won't go past starting windows screen. I switched gpu with my old 760 and for some reason it works fine. Does this mean my 1060 is busted?
  17. i use this all the time. it maxes out your download rate, it opens multiple connections to the same site. When using this to download a file I'm maxing out my 150 meg connection, compared to when I download with chrome or FireFox. Plus, this also puts a download button over any youtube video. Making it easily to download a youtube video. I was actually on their site last night looking to see how much 2 more licenses would be.
  18. Its not that Apple doesn't want to pay, its about the amount. Most companies are paying to Qualcomm a lot of money only for patents. Plus, Qualcomm is demanding that those companies also pay for more patents that aren't even using or want to use "or else...". Also, Qualcomm is blocking other players to enter to the market. Qualcomm is managing the situation as a monopoly. Every company would want to be the best of the market, however, being a monopoly is a different matter. If you turn into a monopoly then its where the State should controls the situation (and manages the price arbitrary). Exists FRAND but its not working correctly. Plus, Qualcomm acted illegal in many cases, including bribes in China and Korea (where Qualcomm lost both cases). Right now, even the FTC is over Qualcomm, however, a republican group wants to cease it.
  19. boxing

    ...and six months later, here we are. Mamma Mia, that was a good fight last night, and so was Scott Quigg vs. Viorel Simion beforehand; that one was an absolute slugfest from start to finish. AJ's finally proven he's the real deal, but bloody hell did he give us all a scare from round 6 onwards.
  20. LG G6 mini said to be in the works by Shreyas Gandhe LG launched its latest flagship smartphone, the G6 at Mobile World Congress 2017 just a couple of months ago, and a rumor of a smaller variant of the device has already emerged. According to a report from TechnoBuffalo, the alleged smaller variant of the G6 will retain the same design as its larger sibling, while the display size is expected to drop from 5.7 inches to 5.4 inches. The thing that stands out most about the G6 is just how small its bezels are, and how tall the "Full Vision" display is. These two characteristics, packed in a smaller form factor should help the "mini" variant be even more pocketable, while retaining the sleek design. The 2:1 aspect ratio of the speculated G6 mini is said to also be retained from the G6, but other specifications are not known. Apple and Samsung have already begun releasing two size variants of their flagship smartphones in the last two years, with minor differences among them. It remains to be seen whether LG keeps the internal specifications of its flagship in the mini version. It is rather amusing that a 5.4-inch smartphone, which could have qualified as a phablet just a few years ago, may now be launched as a mini device. We will have to wait for more details about it, including the final name, if the device is indeed real. Source: TechnoBuffalo via Pocketnow | Image via LG
  21. Its wikipedia, it is not that it an important or vital site. Also, its not that other states are done the same, by closing or blocking sites, also editing wikipedia directly via legal or monetary means. I don't like Turnkey nor their people or their culture but im not so dumb or ignorant to know when the media is trying to demonize somebody or something.
  22. I know next to nobody uses IE/Edge, but does anyone actually use a download manager now a days? Personally, I have never seen the need for one of these.
  23. Or just don't build them in earthquake zones!
  24. I don't know, but innovation for true 3D audio and enforcing it to be the future of music makes much sense to me. Hifi hardware's price isn't that yet for mainstream both for price and stock, since then Hifi always been a niche. So it's much sensible to invest on 3D audio than Hifi, 3D audio could be noticed and won't need any new hardwares (unless there's a new major game changer implementation, tech)
  25. What happen to the rumour on them launching a foldable phone concept this year. Is that still happening or this is certainly Note 8
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