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  2. Bruinator

    Flash drive

    i am trying to locate my usb drive on my tablet and then i want to view and play it's contents. How do I do this plz?
  3. Are you suggesting conservatives often lie about where and when people can vote? No, I'm suggesting that liberals often lie about where and when people can vote and encourage voter fraud. Next question. Man, you guys hate that you been discovered cheating don't you? Rather than celebrate what Twitter is doing, the first thing you do is scream "look at the liberal voters". We aren't saying "look at the liberal voters"... not in the least. We are saying "look at the biased platform trying to look impartial and watch as a liberal PLATFORM jumps the shark" Massive difference.
  4. On what? Both companies are rolling in dough, while at the same time alienating long time fans/customers.
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  6. Very profitable company. However, sometimes profitability comes at an expense. That expense can be seen in things like their “bread & butter”, their software, more specifically, their operating system, Windows 10. As they celebrate the alluring waterfall of money coming in, consumers are left stranded in that dry, barren, unsightly desert, known as Windows 10. Maybe once we all dry up, and perish in this desert, they’ll realize the importance of getting their priorities back in order.
  7. About the first image, working in the data center is surprisingly relaxing. Many Computer engineers/scientists pick programming and it is a rat-race while working for the platform is quite easy (if you are doing it your duty, then everything could be automated).
  8. Same here. I have an external usb hard drive attached all the time and did an upgrade with no issue. There's got to be something else to it.
  9. Refers to things like indecent exposure laws which make it illegal to expose yourself to someone on the street with the intent to re-apply that in concept to unsolicited pics.
  10. wonder how this will work on nix? especially support for all the different DEs. will it eventually be a setting to enable dark mode rather than based on what the OS is doing?
  11. And this is why Microsoft doesn't pay much attention to internet nerds. They are doing quite fine.
  12. Microsoft publishes earnings reports for Q3 2019 with a 14% revenue increase by João Carrasqueira Microsoft has published its earnings report for the third quarter of the 2019 fiscal year, which ended on March 31. The company reported a 14% increase year-over-year (YoY) in revenue, reaching $30.6 billion, and an increase of 25% in operating income for a total of $10.3 billion. Net income was $8.8 billion, a 19% increase YoY, and diluted earnings per share increased 20% to $1.14. As usual, this is broken down into three main categories: Productivity and Business Processes, Intelligent Cloud, and More Personal Computing. For the Productivity and Businesses Processes category, revenue was $10.2 billion and increased by 14% YoY. The Intelligent Cloud category grew 22% YoY to $9.7 billion. Lastly, the More Personal Computing category grew 8% to $10.7 billion. The growth in the Productivity and Business Processes category was mostly driven by LinkedIn, which saw its revenue increase by 27% (29% in constant currency), keeping up the strong growth from last quarter. LinkedIn sessions also grew 24% with "record levels of engagement". Office Commercial products and cloud services grew 12% (14% CC), mostly due to a 30% increase (31% CC) in revenue in Office 365 Commercial revenue, with Office commercial seats growing 27%. Office commercial products revenue decreased by 19% (18% CC) as customers shift to cloud offerings. Office Consumer products and cloud services revenue grew by 8% (10% CC) thanks to recurring subscription revenue. The number of Office 365 subscribers grew to 34.2 million, which is about 0.9 million more than last quarter. Dynamics revenue grew 13% (15% CC) and Dynamics 365 revenue grew 43% (44% CC). In the Intelligent Cloud category, Server Products and Cloud Services revenue grew by 27% (29% CC), with Azure revenue growing a whopping 73% (75% CC), and server products growing 7% (9% CC). Enterprise services grew 4% (5% CC). Finally, in the More Personal Computing category, Windows OEM Pro revenue increased 15%, reversing the decline in the previous quarter, while non-Pro revenue maintained the downward trend and declined 1%. Windows commercial products and cloud services grew 18% (20% CC). Surface revenue grew significantly, though not as much as in the last quarter. Revenue growth was 21% (25% CC) YoY. Gaming revenue grew by 5% (7% CC) mostly thanks to software offsetting the lower hardware revenue. Xbox software and services revenue grew 12% (15% CC), with Xbox Live monthly active users growing 7% to 63 million. Microsoft didn't share details for hardware revenue. Finally, Search grew 12% (14% CC), excluding traffic acquisition costs.
  13. I personally think the license for JW was holding them back. Planet Coaster shows the level of detail and depth that Frontier are capable of, but JW felt extremely superficial after a short while of playing. Little to no development of the actual theme park and busines elements of that game since day one, no air or sea based dinosaurs, no rides for guests (other than the monorail), and a very limited space on which to build... we just got new made up dinosaur after new made up dinosaur ad nauseum, all while having to manually refill feeders over and over with your ranger teams where you can only queue three at once, which got old fast..
  14. Really in 2019 command line switches for a browser, next we will be using himem.sys lol.
  15. Why would you include a zoo in a theme park? Why not? There are many examples around the world of successful blends of Zoo and Theme Park. Bush Gardens is the first that springs to mind.
  16. But for every 1 of you there are 50,000 people who have no problems with the newer drivers. I never said I have problems with the newer drivers. "work the best" would imply there are problems. Performance, bugs, etc. Otherwise they would work identically to the newer ones. Haven't you guys seen his previous posts? He's been know to state he doesn't like "useless" features and "bloat" You are not interesting.... Never claimed I was.
  17. "The PC exclusive game will task players will building zoos where "animal welfare and conservation comes first"" I guess I can't build a dystopian zoo then. :< What would be a fun game maybe is being an alien zookeeper, like in that Twilight Zone episode, and going around to different plants and capturing different species, including humans, and putting them in cages in a zoo on your alien homeworld.
  18. This is what Jurassic World should have been.
  19. Jim K

    NVIDIA Power Setting

    Well ... here is the thing. Optimal Power is the best Global setting ... if you're having issues with a particular program/game set it to "Prefer Maximum Performance" under Program Settings. When you have Global set to Prefer Maximum Performance your GPU will increase the voltage, wattage, memory clock, etc. whenever you launch a "3D application" which includes programs like Chrome, Google Earth, etc. It will stay at the aforementioned clocks/watts/etc. until you close the program/game. For example ... if I'm running Chrome at "Prefer Maximum Performance" ... my 980ti is using about 50 more watts during the entire session (75 vs 26 watts according to HWInfo). With Optimal...the GPU will briefly jump when launching the program but then go back to the lower wattage. Take a look below ... Green=Optimal. First spike is launching Chrome ... opening a bunch of websites. You can't tell when I closed it. The second spike is when I opened Google Earth ... spinning the globe, zooming in, etc. Red=Prefer Maximum Performance. The mound(?) is launching Chrome ... opening and opening a bunch of websites and closed it (the dip). The second mound(?) is opening Google Earth ... spinning the globe, zooming in, etc. Does that make sense? Also checks out on my UPS where normally it shows I'm pulling 117-126 watts (with brief spikes to ~180W when opening things) ... with Maximum Performance, even typing this in Chrome, I'm pulling 171 watts constant. No idea about Adaptive...
  20. This will certainly take the fun out of posting random locations for the liberals to show up and vote at ridiculous times like 2016. I mean its only fair since they're bussing in illegals to vote that have no right to do so. P.S Whoever issued my last warning was wrong to do so. I don't care what your opinion is or if you're feelings got hurt for something I wrote that was meant to be light and funny. It was still mean to be funny. Maybe the liberalism has spread to other countries where if you don't like my opinion you silence me. Is that stated in your ToS? "Must agree with everything, no individuality allowed, don't support views I oppose and everything I hate is hitler?" I'd like those points removed. We can call just make endless accounts via VPN from any of the 276 countries. No sweat. Love, America. (the majority)
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