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  2. You can now purchase an unlocked LG G5 for $249.99 by Timi Cantisano If you're looking for the latest and greatest from LG, chances are you have your eyes on the new G6. If you're someone that doesn't mind working with a device that's a little older, but can save you a lot in the process, the firm's G5 might just be the perfect option. LG's G5 handset made a splash at last year's Mobile World Congress with its unique ability to accept modular accessories. While it seemed like a good idea at the time, the execution from the firm wasn't quite as stellar, with the project later being abandoned altogether. But, despite that, it doesn't mean that the G5 isn't a good phone. LG G5 full specifications: Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor 5.3-inch QHD IPS display 4GB LPDDR4 RAM 32GB storage with microSD expansion 16MP and 8MP wide-angle rear camera with an 8MP front-facing camera 2,800mAh battery USB Type-C As you can see from the list, it has a relatively decent set of specifications, even for 2017. While the battery life from the 2800mAh battery might not be enough for some, since it is removable, you can always purchase an extra battery. The handset can now be purchased from a third party on Amazon for $249.99. Since this isn't directly from LG, you'll want to contact the vendor for warranty terms. Source: Amazon via Android Authority
  3. Mr. PBH... No it's Mr. Poopy Butthole. Like a Tribe Called Quest you say the whole thing, Mr. Poopy Butthole.
  4. Inmediately uninstalled from my phone after it updated to this version. Discord said once upon a time "it's time to ditch Skype" but at the time I didn't think it was. Now I know it is. Moving on. Most of my contacts already moved to Discord anyways. PS: They also felt the necessity to make this idiotic redesign NOBODY asked for, but the black theme a lot of people including myself were asking for... yeah, I don't see that. Microsoft has been doing a better job listening to feedback lately, but their Skype division must have something up their asses when they keep being inconsistent af. PPS: Totally NOT wasting any valuable on-screen space when only two messages fit at a time on my 5" phone's screen.
  5. Dolby Atmos looks like simplified cinema version of 3D audio positioning like DirectSound3D, OpenAL or Windows Sonic used in games. Microsoft's implementation of Dolby Atmos is just horrible. If you enable "Dolby Atmos" then it automatically disables Sound Blaster's 5.1 virtualization and lowers sample rate and bit depth. Also, you have to disable Sound Blaster's "audio enhancements" or it will screw “Dolby Atmos". Most convenient way for me is to use media player MPC-HC with Sound Blaster's 5.1 “virtualisation”. It looks like, player converts Dolby Atmos audio track to 5.1 channels and Sound Blaster will virtualize 5.1 to stereo Headphones. In this configuration, I don’t have to mess with audio settings when playing games or watching movies with 5.1 audio track. Another issue is, that excessive greed and short-sightedness is killing this new technology. I already have various 3D audio positioning technologies on my Windows for free, but Dolby Atmos wants me to pay another £13 for badly implemented solution which doesn't sound better than alternative. Another gridlock is that content creators are not using 7.1 channels, because most hardware is not supporting it, hardware vendors are not supporting 7.1, because content creators are not creating enough 7.1 content. Idiotic situation is that most expensive Creative Sound Blaster ZxR (~$199) do not have 7.1 “virtualization” support while, some cheaper cards like Audigy Rx ($59) fully supports 7.1 and G5 ($129) supports 7.1 “virtualization”. Saving pennies on important features on device with significant price looks like a dumb decision. I think it is up to hardware vendors to add one audio socket and two channels first, because it is much easier, than waiting for content creators to start releasing all media with 7.1 track which can’t be used.
  6. Samsung introduces ISOCELL image sensors which could show up on the Galaxy Note8 by Timi Cantisano Today, Samsung announced its ISOCELL camera sensors at Mobile World Congress in Shanghai. While the firm did not give away too many details, there were some interesting bits of information that could indicate that it will be arriving in the upcoming Galaxy Note8. The new ISOCELL sensors have four main principles that are followed: ISOCELL Bright sensors deliver bright and sharp images with high color fidelity and reduced noise in low light environments ISOCELL Fast sensors provide fast autofocus onto still or moving objects even when dark ISOCELL Slim sensors adopt the smallest pixel sizes available in the market at 0.9-1.0um, yet produce high quality images for the slimmest devices ISOCELL Dual sensors can be mixed and matched in various combinations on consumer devices to bring about features demanded in the latest dual camera trend If rumors about the Galaxy Note8 offering a dual camera setup are to be believed, there is the possibility that it could utilize these new ISOCELL sensors. Naturally, most of the information that has leaked about the Note8 is just rumors at this point, like the render that appeared online just a few days ago. Although the dual cameras will be a nice addition to the handset, there is still the downside of Samsung not being able to integrate the fingerprint reader into the display. While the firm did try to make the technology a reality, we know from a report earlier this month that it was not ready for the launch of the Note8. Luckily, we might not have to wait long, since there has been a rumor that it could launch the Galaxy Note8 at an Unpacked event sometime in August. While Note devices in the past have been quite pricey, this upcoming unit could take the cake, with the rumor it could cost close to €1,000. Source: Samsung via Android Authority
  7. I've read it twice. Now what? Nothing in it states a thing about Trump/Russia collusion mayhem. It's no secret Russia hacked and even in the report it talks about Russian espionage in the 1970's election. I don't need 3 government agencies to tell me this. One agency (NSA) of which had moderate confidence. Hacking in some form, has been going on since the Enigma machine and probably before. Check out Annex B at the end of the document please.
  8. Not bad, but yes very heavy on the micro-transactions. FYI It’s up on apple store as well as I’ve just installed on my iPad as well and sync’d my progress via the Facebook signin support. Just another little distraction from work lol
  9. Is Atmos Worth the upgrade if you already have a 7.1 setup?
  10. Well they technically haven't won yet until they produce a product with this tech that consumers can actually purchase.
  11. No, not at all. You are just oblivious to the fact that Macs can be infected and instead flip your blinders on because of your love for Apple and hate for anything Microsoft. You can keep living in your made up world, but the day that you are infected and held ransom, many of us will laugh.
  12. Worst part of this new interface is you cannot see the status of people in your friend list. Before, each contact icon in the list had a small dot - green for online, yellow afk, red dnd etc. Now you actually can't tell which contact is afk/online/dnd until you click on them and are taken to the chat history - where it gives the status in text under their name at the top. I can't believe this made it through QC.
  13. Thank you both
  14. Too much white space. Now there’s less description of each top article. No compact view? No way of hiding right side? Time to write a custom style in css.
  15. Congrats @sc302
  16. Yes, but FOX botched the coverage and had to retract their story
  17. You know this much about the robbery because you participated in it.
  18. This is garbage. SSDs now have a lower lifespan than older SSDs if you mean the general mass-market devices because they're cramming more voltage levels per part of the memory, if you actually had the faintest clue about flash memory you'd know this but since you obviously know about the same as a dead horse I'll fill you in on it. For storing data you have two states in the classic binary system: 1 for on and 0 for off, classic flash media stores data this way so there is a single memory gate for each bit and the reason flash media degrades is that charging and discharging the gate (which requires high voltage) slowly destroys it meaning eventually it can no longer change state and will be stuck either high or low. Now, in multi-layer flash memory you have multiple voltage levels to store data, instead of being just either 1 or 0, it can have e.g. 4 states where 3.3v means 11, 2.2v means 10, 1.1v means 01 and 0v means 00 so now each gate is storing 2 bits with 4 voltage levels instead of 2 - great, you can have much more storage per gate! However, each gate now fails much quicker because instead of the tolerance of failure being from 0v-1.65v and 1.65v-3.3v if you try to store 01 and instead of lowering to 1.1v it lowers to 2.0v, it will incorrectly be read back as a 10 which is wrong. Newer drives may have 16 or more levels of voltage per bit - woo lots of space, woo cheaper drives, boo the drive life is much - MUCH - shorter. Reading back the data is fine it's only writing that causes the problems. Expensive SSD drives (e.g. for businesses or servers) will still use single bit-gates but the mid and cheap drives will be using MLC gates and no they certainly do not have a longer live than mechanical drives. Next time you don't know something, please just ask about it instead of posting a completely bogus nonsensical comment about it.
  19. I wouldn't use a Mac just for this reason. You can be safe on Windows as well, IF you're not ignoring common sense rules, like visiting unsafe web sites, opening email attachments without checking if the email is actually legit, etc. I'm really not a Windows advocate, but I never used a AV on it, just its defender, and never had any issues except maybe some toolbars that got installed via some software. I use Malwarebytes to scan my pc manually once a month and that's it. Also I always keep the OS updated (being on Win 10 right now it's all automatic, so that's one less thing I have to remember). Someone told me years ago that the best AV in the world is the user in front of the monitor. I tend to agree
  20. Please join me in welcoming sc302 to Supervisor. He has shown his dedication, value and persistence for this site. Thanks for being an outstanding and helpful member of staff! Your commitment doesn't go unnoticed. Thank You!
  21. I've thought about climbing it and taking it down a piece at a time, but the slope between it and the house is nearly vertical and I'm kind of afraid of the stumps rolling down the hill and into the house. I could take it down in fairly large pieces maybe. It also has no limbs whatsoever for at least the first 30 feet and I don't have climbing gear, so if I managed to climb it I would just take a little bow saw and cut the pieces by hand instead of using a chainsaw. I've got no doubts about my ability to pull it away from the house, it's just a lot of hard work to do it, especially when you're working on a steep slope. I'm gonna take a break for a day or two though before I mess with it and take care of some other chores.
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