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  2. I'm enjoying my 6T a lot at this point. The only issue it has is the speakers could be better. It really seems that updating would get me better audio and a bit better low light photos but I don't take too many of those in general.
  3. They are willing to not make as much margin on the parts maybe? It's pretty much margins and some R&D that someone like Samsung accounts for. In many cases these Chinese OEMs add things to their devices after someone like Samsung has done it first and managed to work most of the kinks out.
  4. They are willing to not make as much margin on the parts maybe?
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  6. Circaflex

    Microsoft Store updates failing (0x80246019)
  7. alex005

    Future iPhone designs leaked!!

  8. alex005

    My hobby

    Me, playing instruments..
  9. need to reinstall your video drivers. Windows upgrades like this are actually in place upgrades where the Windows folder is replaced and things are migrated in. Could be your video drivers suffered for it. Unfortunately I already tried that... totally uninstalled them... cleaned it out.. and reinstalled it... same thing... the only thing that worked was rollin back to 18999
  10. DentedAphid7

    Steam Halloween, Autumn, and Winter sale dates leak

    Agreed. I go to for that now lol and also subbed to humble
  11. I'll give it a try if it appears on the Carplay screen, otherwise it's useless here as it's Illegal to touch your phone while driving.
  12. Sean B.

    Official Neowin Discord

    I was looking for this and finally found it. Not that I'm complaining or anything but why isn't this or the IRC server linked anywhere anymore?
  13. I'd restart the router. I've seen that fix stuff like this before.
  14. Yesterday
  15. Could be your ISP/router blocking that site. You can see the front page, but no links.
  16. I don't know how it happened, and I can't figure out how to fix it, but whenever I go to, I can see the home page, with no problem. I then click on a story link, the story page comes up, then the browser window "blinks", and "an unexpected error has occurred" shows on the screen. Happens on my main computer (windows 10 insider build 19002 now). I have tried IE11, Edge, Edge beta, Edge canary, Chrome, even downloaded Firefox and tried it. Same thing. Installed Kubuntu in a Hyper-V VM, same thing. Doesn't happen on tablet or phone. I have reset chrome, reset network settings to default, removed the network adapter, but nothing seems to work. Any ideas? Danged annoying.
  17. jamwheat

    The Big Wrestling Thread!

    That was kinda funny!
  18. Mmmm, it’s really not “sciencey”. The site is satire. This story isn’t real, I’m sure. Their front page has this: ‘MAN UP’ PILLS TO BE OFFERED FREE OF CHARGE TO ALL SNOWFLAKES Not much else to be said.
  19. That was all I could find on it, but it is about a metal detector, so it is kind of sciencey...
  20. Fair enough. Just wondering, do you have a source that isn't from a satire site, in an article not tagged as Satire, and written by a someone with a name a little more credible than "Chief Morale Officer"?
  21. Yeah, but this really isn't a joke, it really happened...
  22. Speaking of digging yourself into a hole, someone might want to move this to the Jokes/Funny Stuff section.
  23. How do these OEMs One plus, oppo, Xiaomi make such high end devices at really inexpensive prices I don't know. Samsung and others had been robbing us for years
  24. derekaw

    Google Pixel 4 unboxing and first impressions

    Seems a bit soon to call that because who knows how the ‘small’ battery performs on this phone. That is why I used the Escalade/XT6 comparison derekaw/naap51stang - alternatively, I could have chosen Explorer/Expedition, or even Blazer/Suburban; choosing the larger of each pair results in increased cost at the pump/register. Do you REALLY want to go there? Thanks. No.
  25. Details are emerging on the interweb of a metal-detector-enthusiast needing the assistance of the emergency services after digging a 12ft hole after his metal detector started to give a huge reading indicating that the male could be standing on a vast amount treasure. However, it would appear that the male suffered a morale failure after realising, 12ft into the hole, that his trusty metal detector was, in fact, picking up his steel-capped boots. Our morale intelligences reports suggest that the male had spent the best-part of 18-hours digging the hole until he realised that it was his boots that was setting the alarm on his metal detector off. In order to prevent this from happening again, the Ministry of Morale is recommending that everyone who owns a metal detector eithers stops looking for buried treasure, or instead of wearing steel-capped boots, they wear slippers or other suitable footwear. Our Chief Morale Officer said: “Whilst we understand that more and more people are buying metal detectors in order to look for buried treasure in order to subsidise their earnings owing to how much money they have to give over to the taxperson, we are worried that these sort of incidents will occur more frequently. “We are worried that the entire country is digging itself a hole that it might not be able to get out of. “So in order to prevent people from disappearing down holes which they have dug, we are asking citizens to either give up looking for treasure with metal detectors or to wear slippers when sweeping farmers fields looking for coins etc which were hidden billions of years ago. “We would like to thank you in advance for your cooperation in this matter”. source: If you have to be THAT stupid, you better get some help...
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