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  2. I used to a Google search to read about Spanish flu only to find out it as linked to Chinese laborers taken through Canada to France. What do you know... Lol We all now know that Spanish term as likely incorrect but to realise that China is likely responsible for the 2 largest human pandemics in recent history was a surprise for me l
  3. Will their shield be put on face in conventional manner, or did they reinvent that?
  4. And one of these strangers who is 6ft away sneezes... Feel free to make up your own interpretation of the rules, but they're nonsense. When a person sneezes, the most the spray reaches is 6 feet. If you're farther than 6 feet away, the spray won't reach you. "When a person sneezes, the most the spray reaches is 6 feet. If you're farther than 6 feet away, the spray won't reach you" Nope, much further. 23 to 27 feet (7-8 m). Sources -
  5. Bugs like these shouldn't exist. Bill Gates would be mad.
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  7. Hello, Does it make a difference is you change your home page to: Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
  8. ZipZapRap

    Huawei P40 Pro review: A new bar in camera performance" rel="external nofollow"> thanks. Good dynamic range there, that's great. Still not impressed with the fine detail, but that's good enough for a point and shoot.
  9. Uh oh. I'm wary. Facebook has a bad track record sharing data. Anyone remember Cambridge Anaytics? How does Facebook have this data to begin with? If it can be turned off, I bet most people don't know about because it's buried in settings somewhere. For that matter, why do they even need this data?
  10. goretsky

    Buying an SSD enclosure with eSATA connectivity?

    Hello, eSATA (external SATA) is just SATA with a different connector (in most cases, I-shaped keying instead of L-shaped keying). There's no difference in protocol. Like conventional SATA interfaces, eSATA does not provide power, meaning an external drive needs to get power from another source. A variant of eSATA called eSATAp (eSATA Powered) provides an interface with eSATA pins on one side, and USB on the other (think of this like an a USB-C interface which has pins on both sides, or for a legacy interface, the 36-pin Centronics parallel cable interface). In that configuration, the USB side usually provides power for an external 2.5" eSATAp enclosure, just like a external 2.5" USB enclosures draw their power from the USB bus. Most, but not all, eSATA (and eSATAp) connections use SATA-II speeds (i.e., 3.0Gbit/s), and the USB side of the eSATAp is USB 2.0 speed (i.e., 480Mbit/s). However, there may be some motherboards or add-on expansion cards that offer eSATA/eSATAp with SATA 3.0 and USB 3.0 speeds (i.e., 6.0Gbit/s and 5.0Gbit/s, respectively). You may also find PC case brackets with an eSATA connector on them and a SATA cable leading back into the PC to plug into one of the motherboard's internal SATA connectors in order to use it as an eSATA port. Motherboard's may have a setting in the BIOS that allows internal ports to be specified for eSATA use, which allows drives attached to them to be ejected like a conventional USB (or FireWire) external drive. The main benefit of using eSATA instead of USB is that it does not require any additional overhead for encoding and decoding the SATA protocol insode the USB protocol, which in theory introduces some delay for the conversion and possibly some CPU overhead as well, especially for tasks involving a large amount of disk I/O. In practice, though, there usually isn't an appreciable difference in speed or performance (maybe 1-3%), and the convenience of using a USB connection. Regards, Aryeh Goretsky
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  12. in this case, scientists. To which governments are backing up. You mean these scientists..." rel="external nofollow"> "more than 180 "scientists" and "doctors" from 36 countries warn about the danger of 5G" "5G will substantially increase exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) on top of the 2G, 3G, 4G, WiFi etc. for telecommunications already in place." Those scientists and doctors probably represent the people that are allergic to radio waves, electricity, wifi and tin foil the inside of their homes despite no proof of it ever being found." rel="external nofollow"> Wait...did you just accuse 180 scientists of all wearing tin foil hats? Wow, so if 1000 scientists came out as one voice, agreeing that there are potential risks from exposure to RF-EMF that would bring the grand total to 1000 scientists wearing tin-foil hats, is that right? Because no matter how many scientists say that there may be safety issues, you know better than them, is that right? You think very highly of your intellect don't you? "180 scientists and doctors from 36 countries" Wow, they're spread out over 36 countries? They must have all conspired through email.
  13. Roku brings ad-supported version of The Roku Channel to the UK by João Carrasqueira It's been well over two years since Roku launched The Roku Channel, offering a wide range of video content for free, supported by ads. Since then, the channel has expanded, adding live news and some premium channels offering additional paid content, but it has remained exclusive to users in the United States. That is, until today. Roku has announced that it's bringing The Roku Channel to customers in the UK in Roku players, Roku TV, NOW TV devices, and Sky Q boxes, and it's available starting today. The newly-launched channel will only offer free ad-supported content for now, counting over 10,000 TV episodes, movies, and documentaries. Commenting on the launch, Rob Holmes, vice president of programming at Roku, said: “With The Roku Channel we are making it easy for consumers to find great free entertainment and provide additional value to Roku users, NOW TV device holders and Sky Q customers (...). Ad-supported viewing is one of the fastest growing categories on our platform and we are excited to meet the consumer demand for free TV.” The content on The Roku Channel in the UK comes from over 40 partners including All3Media International and EndemolShine group, plus some Hollywood content from studios such as Lionsgate and Sony Pictures Television. More partners are expected to be added over time. Movies available include Les Miserables, Get Carter, and The Wicker Man. British TV series like Homes Under the Hammer and The Commander are also available. In therms of features, The Roku Channel offers personalized recommendations and search capabilities to help users find what they're looking for, including a section dedicated to content for children. The content in this section is "hand-picked" to ensure it's suitable for kids, and it also features a character row to make it easier to find content focused on a specific character.
  14. Im_Special

    Firefox 75.0 released for download

    Maybe because it's avaibile and this is a tech site? Well okay Windows 10 2004 is also available now, why not say it has been released too. If it is isn't showing on the official homepage and it isn't coming through the updater then it hasn't been released regardless or not of the binaries being on the mirrors ready for download. Nice attempt to save face with that straw-man argument, when official "finalized" Window 10 builds get released, they do get announced from all over for people who want to download them early, you also do know that MS does stage-roll outs right?... So by your logic people who still haven't gotten the update though Windows Update (because this can take months and months for some), then I guess those builds aren't official... because logic. You say "Windows 10 2004 is also available... blah blah". They do! You see it all the time, ie. For Slow Ring, Fast Ring, Insiders, etc. What was your point here?
  15. The thing is, this is data FB collects anyways, and always has. The only news here is that they're actually sharing it to try and help instead of selling it to just make money. Honestly at this point if people really want more privacy then they should get off of any social media services. OR if you do use them limit them as much as possible. As things stand though, no one is bothering to do so, so obviously they don't much seem to care about their privacy online. This is the right response to the situation. Personally I left all social media years ago, but let's not pretend this isn't already occurring and nobody actually cares. At least it's being used for something other than buying zuck a little more stuff.
  16. Hi! Let's see if I got your setup correctly, you have a dual boot system in which the 2 OSes are Windows 7, right? Since it is the same machine we're talking about, do those installations use the same key or each has its own? The reason I'm asking is because if they were using the same key, for example, because the machine came with Windows 7 preinstalled and you're using OEM activation, having 2 installations of Windows 10 in there could be just as easy as what you have now and wouldn't require Microsoft accounts for activation at all. Performing an upgrade to Windows 10 using via the media creation tool still leads to a valid digital activation, meaning it converts the key you're using into a digital license stored in Microsoft's servers. So as long as you installed the same Windows 10 edition for the other boot option it will activate itself directly when connected to the Internet (and both would have different installation IDs). That digital license would be tied to the machine itself instead of a Microsoft account, so the usual rules apply regarding the changes you're allowed to do. In any case, if you have 2 different keys for Windows 7 (or 10) I don't think there'd be any problem preventing you from replicating your current environment. In that case you may need to use Ben''s Microsoft account during 1 installation and link one key to it and Bill's for the other. I have had machines that had several independent installations in them, including several digital licenses just tied to the hardware (e.g. one for Windows 10 Home and another for Pro). As for my experience with 10, especially these days, I tend to agree with @Brandon H. I still have around an old Dell Inspiron 1520 laptop (Core 2 Duo T9500, 4GB RAM, GeForce 8600M GT, SSD @ SATA II speeds) which should be from around 2007 and it works pretty good. The only problem for day to day work would be because of the slow hardware acceleration provided by the graphics card when browsing the net (ads don't help), being a laptop it's unavoidable. I think Meltdown and Spectre could play a part too, but their mitigations could be disabled if required. Still, yours being a desktop and way more powerful should have no trouble
  17. I guess people are getting on FB and saying they have it? At least it is for a good reason, this time. Still leery though.
  18. Microsoft confirms all-digital events through July 2021 by Rich Woods For the last two months, just about every in-person event has been canceled due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. That includes upcoming events like Build and Inspire, and the latest one to be canceled was Ignite, which isn't scheduled until September. That Ignite cancelation came with a confirmation from Microsoft that it won't hold any in-person events for the rest of the year, and a rumor that it won't hold any in-person events for its entire next fiscal year, meaning until the end of June 2021. Just a week later, Microsoft has confirmed Mary Jo Foley's report, thanks to MVP Ginny Caughey. It's official: All Microsoft conferences will be digital-only through July 2021. — Ginny Caughey (@gcaughey) April 6, 2020 Needless to say, there won't be any in-person events through July 2021, which means that MVP Summit will be online-only again. It also means that Build will once again be a virtual event, like this year's will be. Obviously, Microsoft is going to continue to evaluate the landscape, and it will take feedback from attendees. Presumably, Ignite 2021 will be the next big in-person Microsoft event.
  19. in this case, scientists. To which governments are backing up. You mean these scientists... And yet not one scientist will claim a link between 5G and COVID. This is blatantly false.
  20. It has absolutely nothing to do with freedom of speech. Google is not the government. They have to decide. Freedom of speech or become a publisher (which would make Youtube liable for all YT content). They are dancing in the middle, middle that is not supposed to exist. Either all censorship or no censorship. It does not matter these are IMO dangerous conspiracy theories, this is a slippery slope. It absolutely does matter because people are naive and easily fooled. This propaganda has far reaching real world consequences and YouTube is absolutely in the right to block it. The law you're alluding to (free platform vs. publisher) is a US law that's not been upheld the same way anyway and has significant limitations. YouTube, for example, does not allow pornography and someone who wants to upload such content WILL be censored. That has nothing to do with YouTube being required to provide a free platform to them. If you have issue with YouTube doing this, start your own site and handle all the legal ramifications of allowing any content, including some that's illegal.
  21. Brandon H Minecraft Server

    everything's been updated. let us know if any issues continue to popup
  22. The number of scientists who disagree with climate change in the form of global warming is extremely small. 97% of peer reviewed scientific papers that take a position on anthropogenic (man made) climate change agree that it exists. That's not a small majority. That's not a politically motivated position. That's most qualified people except extreme fringes. The only people who have to gain from denying anthropogenic climate change are fossil fuel companies and politicians who support them. Don't be fooled by the counter-propaganda they're producing.
  23. Technique

    Making the move to Windows 10 from 7. Twin install question.

    Steven - just checking we are on the same page here. I can only speak from Windows 7 experience with this but just to clarify, i am not talking about (within Windows 7 for the example): Control Panel > User Accounts > Manage Another Account > Create a New Account. Which is what i think you were talking about (though i say think as i'm not 100% sure)? What i said in the opening post was what i currently have is let's say a Western Digital drive and a Samsung drive to simplify it completely (and forget all the storage drives). Windows 7 is installed on both the WD and Samsung drives. It's a dual boot which 99.9% of the time would be different operating systems i imagine, but this is the same one. So Bill boots to his Western Digital drive, Ben whenever he fires up the PC boots to the Samsung drive. Two totally different drives. Not user accounts but actual drives. I was wondering if the need for a Microsoft account causes a problem with trying this exact same setup, but in Windows 10.
  24. It took me 5 seconds to find that web page. I'll leave it at that, bye.
  25. If you see any headline using the phrase "Chinese Virus" you should probably stop reading that publication... STARTED in China. SARS is called that for a reason, MERS is called that for a reason, EBOLA is called that for a reason. It's why it needs to be called a CHINESE virus. Sars started in China. This one should be called CARS (China Acute Respiratory Syndrome) Sars (Severe acute respiratory syndrome) No peoples referenced MERS (Middle East respiratory syndrome) No peoples referenced Ebola, or its proper name (Ebola virus disease) No peoples reference here either. Calling it a "Chinese" virus is just being hateful and racist IMHO. Especially since it not only affects the Chinese people. No, it IS NOT racist! It STARTED in China. Your are playing right into the political correctness realm. Call a spade a spade! Not even your explanation makes any sense. You're so deep in racism, you can't even notice anymore. smh Does the Spanish Flu also anger you? Given the proper context, it might cause me some consternation. Why? Just seems to be a silly thing to get worked up over. I'm done with it. I was done when I said it. Not the first racist statement I've come across so it's not worth the time to dwell on it. But, Let's not drag this onto some new moral high ground you happen to be on today, cool? Some new high moral ground I happen to be upon? You sure you wanna pick a fight with me? I’d like to think you a better than passive aggressive BS. You aren’t done with it, you are clearly fuming inside. 😂 Ready! I fear no one but God.
  26. Keep in mind that Ryzen 4000 is going to use a very similar process and architecture as Ryzen 3000. Historically, the first process + improvement does see pretty big gains, so they probably do have more room to grow than Intel does with this +++++ refresh. Still, you should not expect it to be as huge as going from Ryzen 2000 to 3000. Zen 4 (which is likely going to be called Ryzen 5000) will be based on a 5nm process, so will hopefully see another round of big design improvements, including (most likely) DDR5 support. Ryzen 4000 mobile = Ryzen 3000 desktop. And desktop Ryzen 4000 is supposed to be Zen 3, not Zen2+ Yes, the current Ryzen 4000 laptop CPUs are based on Zen 2, I really hate the names. However, Zen 3 is an architecture, not a process. Zen 3 will be based on the TSMC 7nm+ EUV process (there is some recent debate on if that is confirmed or not, but AMD has hinted strongly). So from a process point of view, yes, it will be a + process. From an architecture point of view, it is most likely also more of a + than a new design, but marketing will call it whatever they feel will sell best. It is on a 7nm+ sure, but the architecture itself is not Zen2+. Broadwell was pretty much a Haswell refresh on a new process, Ryzen 4000 will be the opposite. I have heard AMD make the statement that Zen 3 will be an even bigger leap forward than Zen 2. From a performance point of view, that could be true, but from a design point of view, I will believe it when I see it. It is hard to imagine that they would not want to get a 2nd iteration out of what was an incredibly successful design.
  27. In the future, you should mention at the beginning of the article, when a game is an Epic exclusive, so I can avoid getting my hopes up, and skip the rest of the article.
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