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  2. Dopamine

    Oh yes. That is a nasty one. I think it might have been in the 1.3 release already, but I'm not sure.
  3. i agree this will be a perfect #2 for me and i’ll have a couple wallets on it.
  4. That could suggest an attempt of circumventing protected material, or downloading illegally, or attempts have been made in the past, in which case, I'd contact their admin to find out if there is a legal way to achieve what you wish.
  5. wow. a building. amazing
  6. Speed Test Question.

  7. This phone is barely different from the other flagships. Tbh i expected a phone from razer to have something powerful like the nVidia chips, and cutting edge like HDR screens for gaming.
  8. Dopamine

    That's a strange one. I'll test it out. When this happens, could you check in task manager if Dopamine is using a lot of CPU or RAM at that time?
  9. lovely! now i wish they'd streamline the miracast ability too, and add more features to it. currently it's not compatible between different pairs of devices, it's a tad slow, and only mirrors the whole screen instead of allowing to project only say a certain file or app. Airplay & Chromecast are so better!
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  11. Hi I have tried a number of ways to download all the mp3 files automatically contained in the current webpage but failed. I have used tools such as internet download manager, VSO downloader, offline browsers like neo downloader, extreme picture finder etc.,. I have even tried add-ons in Firefox like down them all, download helper etc.,. All of the above tools or software are downloading only PDF files upto 200+ contained in the current webpage but not downloading even single mp3 file. Actually I can download all the mp3 files by using recording software such as VSO downloader which may take time upto 6 to 7 days. If I know the technique of downloading files in bulk it takes just five to ten minutes. Someone after examining the webpage they suggested that authors of webpage created those mp3 files for streaming and so it is not possible to download.
  12. New drone video shows off Apple Park and Visitor Center

    What phone do you use that is American made? Answer, none of them, unless you're using a first generation Moto X from 2013. Motorola built a factory in Dallas TX and paid employees something like $12 an hour minimum to build their relatively inexpensive 2013 flagships. It was not a success, and as such, every phone since has been built in Asian countries under labor laws that wouldn't fly in the US. If you don't have a phone, you should know your computer was made over there, too. You can't escape it. If it's not made at Foxconn, it's made at a similar facility.
  13. Or the quality of images uploaded to FB. It's useless.
  14. iPhone X now shipping within one to two weeks of ordering

    I’m in Australia too. When I originally ordered the expected delivery date was week starting 29 Dec. Got a message yesterday that it had shipped and I can expect it on 27 Dec but it arrived today.
  15. Right you are. Flight #1 for this Dragon was CRS-6.
  16. I pay $15 a month on top of Amazon Prime for HBO during Game of Thrones seasons. Ideally, you wait 2 weeks, and then buy 2 months' worth. If timed right, you watch the first 3 episodes when the third one airs, and then you cancel after the finale within the 2 months. You can also pay the $15/month to Hulu to add it there, but I like Amazon's streaming platform. Granted, that's in the US. I don't know what Amazon and Hulu charge elsewhere. In the early years of GoT, piracy was almost forgivable because of how little HBO was willing to work with fans who wanted to come by the episodes honestly. Then they had that Apple only year, which was more shenanigans. They've come a long way and I feel they deserve to get paid, at least by anyone who thinks the show is worth the bandwidth to pirate. But I suppose they have a ways to go with the international crowd.
  17. Deutsche Bank strategist says to keep clear of bitcoin

    Deutsche Bank, isn't that the same company that has TRILLIONS in derivatives, and yet Ulrich Stephan has the gaul to be sceptical about cryptocurrency that has more legitimacy than Deutsche Bank's business model.
  18. Telegram messenger blocks channel over pirated content

    Telegram allows encryption, but anyone can join a public channel. There are a number of channels that offer content. If it's pornographic or even remotely possibly illegal, Apple will make Telegram block it on iOS, but it can still be viewed on Telegram on Windows and Android. If you have a chat with a friend over Telegram, that is encrypted and Telegram can't see it. It's also possible to make a private group on Telegram that is encrypted. The channel in question was most likely public. Or, if it was private, someone who was invited told someone with authority what was going on (i.e. they snitched). Telegram can't view encrypted chats. They were asked by the US gov't (or maybe the UN) for access to ISIS chats. All Telegram could do was shut down the chats, and that's what they ended up doing. It's not that they don't want to help. I'm sure they do. It's just that they don't have master keys to the encryption used.
  19. Yeah, I simply do not trust it. sure, some people may get rich but it's all a guessing game on how high it will go or when to get out with as much actual $$$ you can before it crashes etc. either way, i would not invest too much real $$$ into uncertain things as if it crashes your going to get burned.
  20. Smartphone Guidance

    Moved to Tablet, Media Devices & Smartphones Welcome to Neowin.
  21. Telegram messenger blocks channel over pirated content

    I don't use telegram but I had the idea this was an encrypted chat platform. Was the chatroom unencrypted or can the employees of the service eavesdrop on all conversations?
  22. How did you find Neowin?

    I found this place by the same mechanism that gets me where I usually go, with everyone else who hears just fine and knows better when not to listen.
  23. I miss the days when games, and technology were released and working. This half cooked release stuff really should be illegal, sell me the completed product, not a half cooked one with the promise to finish it later.
  24. >uses let, promises and arrow functions. >Doesn't use templates in the output. I don't think I can take you seriously as a show off
  25. The French nuclear safety institute (IRSN) has reported 100-300 TBq ( terabecquerels) of Ruthenium-106 was released. BOTE, 300 TBq would be ~2.5 grams.
  26. I reckon the traditional banking crooks will be right. BitCoin is nothing based on nothing. It's going to crash, and a lot of people are going to go down with it.
  27. ascentismental Uh daisy tribe
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