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  2. it was a fun game but too easy to get into stalemates. and then matchmaking was all messed up because the whales dominated matchmaking. so your game either ended in stalemates or you got wrecked by whales.
  3. People have been around long enough to see Microsoft do both good and bad things here. We can debate largely on what those are, but I think they've had enough time to learn some important lessons along the way. Everything Windows 10 so far has been a major step in the right direction -- definitely something that is useful to the desktop but enabling touch/mobile more. I'm not without my reservations but I look forward to seeing how this is executed.
  4. Google now opens Office files in Drive in editing mode on the web by Jay Bonggolto Google has begun rolling out a fresh update that changes how Microsoft Office files are opened in Drive on the web. Office documents now open in editing mode by default. The latest change applies when you double-click on a compatible Office file. This includes documents with such file types as .docx, .doc, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, and .xlsm. However, you will be redirected to the “Office Editing for Docs, Sheets & Slides” Chrome extension instead of Docs, Sheets, or Slides if that extension is install
  5. Alexa for Windows 10 adds Drop In support for video calls, fresh design, and more by Jefferson Mangubat Amazon has rolled out a new update for its Alexa app for Windows 10 that introduces an entirely new look and a bunch of new features that expand capabilities for users. The updated app has added support for Drop In during a video call to let you connect with friends and family more quickly, among other features. The latest release brings with it a few improvements for the app's hands-free experience. If you're constantly listening to music via Spotify, Alexa for Windows 10 now allows y
  6. I'm sure that was not a mistake; quite to the contrary, it was a brilliant idea. But if you're looking for what was wrong with Windows 8 and RT, they were visually reprehensible, poorly designed, incompetently implemented, and disappointingly supported.
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  8. Least we don't have to use the old stuff for refresh rates anymore! The redone disk management stuff could be nice even if the screenshot looked wonky (being able to minimize disks you're not working on, more readable fonts, etc, and not using MMC anymore could make things more stable. I wouldn't mind never having to open up a command line for diskpart either, if that's part of it.) I hope the networking part is improved too. That's one thing in win10 I've never really liked.
  9. They didn't laugh because iOS dropped it, they laughed because Apple wouldn't support it point blank. They pretty much said Flash is bad we won't support it. Android fanbois endless mocked them for it, since back then Flash was huge and used everywhere. Now, how the tables have turned. Apple was ahead of the curve on that one. And it’s funny because the Thoughts on Flash letter basically dared Adobe to prove Apple wrong. Adobe released a version of Flash for Android, but it was slow and incredibly buggy. Adobe then gave up on mobile because they didn’t want to bother rewriting flash to be b
  10. well obviously they didn't know they would need more time and also probably wanted to get out close to new console launch. did not knew when everyone else did? they were crunching hard for a while. it is nice to be optimistic but it is also nice to be realistic. maybe the deadline was there to motivate employees to crunch harder so that is why they keep moving it in the last minute. or maybe they should have planned better, and to be honest stadia announcement probably complicated things, and google paid too much for them to refuse. - my guess is either of those. both could have been avoi
  11. I can't say I care about $600 cards so hopefully they've got plenty to offer on the lower end as well. I'm getting off the PC gaming train for a while.
  12. ZipZapRap

    AMD introduces the Radeon RX 6000 series of GPUs

    Running a 2070 Super currently, so I’m really keen to see benchmarks but I also have a g-sync monitor. Can I switch to an AMD card and still utilise g-sync?
  13. That would make sense. I've never tried these two but I've still been looking forward to 3, so hopefully I'll have time to get into these and see how I feel about them. IMO 2 has aged better and is a lot of fun, both are good though but be prepared for some grinding in the first.
  14. Like a video game announced too early, the end result will probably have so much cut and/or changed that I think the best thing I can do right now is set up a keyword block on any news about this...
  15. I hated seeing the string pulling the doors open lol
  16. Me: "Yo dawg I heard you like rounded corners so I split everything up to fit more rounded corners inside rounded corners." Every hobbyist OS concept video looks "cool" in a ChaNinja / second-rate Linux DE / transparent credit card iPhone kind of way. There are so many visual oddities that I hope none of them ever actually come true. Literally every official Windows UI has looked more finished and refined than literally every YouTube concept video. =_=
  17. UK's numerous contact tracing apps to become interoperable by Paul Hill With the constituent parts of the United Kingdom having their own autonomy when it comes to their coronavirus response, they’ve each developed their own contact tracing apps. From today, users of the Scottish, Northern Irish, and Jersey contact tracing apps will get notifications if they crossed paths with someone on a different contact tracing app who laters tests positive for coronavirus. To make this work, developers had to incorporate a federated server where positive test results can be stored and then the par
  18. The start of Xbox branded appliance. The washing machine is an Xbox too, whats the difference?
  19. Some Edge Canary users can finally enable history and open tabs' sync by Abhay Venkatesh Microsoft announced back in December of 2018 that it was moving its browser offering to one based on the Chromium open-source project. The firm began testing Edge builds in April 2019 before finally making it generally available in January 2020. However, it wasn’t until this June that the browser began replacing the legacy version automatically. The first version of Windows 10 to ship with Chromium-based Edge is the October 2020 Update (version 20H2). However, one key feature that the Redmond giant
  20. Just please, fix the typography features of the Settings App. My god, sitting back and looking at any of it is just like this massive amount of different shaped text with no emphasis or sectioning to it.
  21. PGHammer

    Unboxing the beast: The Xbox Series X is here

    There's lots of pics out there from others but I expect Rich will put some up if enough people ask. The X isn't as big as people thought it would be, and it's small next to a PS5, but then every other console looks small next to the PS5. The S is tiny though, it's a good option for people who want a second console, be it a second Xbox or something to go with their PS5 maybe. Anyone with kids, and the money ofc, I could see getting a X for themselves and a S for the kids. The X will be the first console I have ever owned; Rich's review actually sealed the deal due entirely to how much
  22. AmazingRando

    Halo Infinite studio head Chris Lee steps down

    When the console's packaging features Master Chief and they don't have it as a launch title, you know you messed up. I wish we could eventually know the inside scoop on what happened. The game looked great during the Gameplay Showcase, but it only looked great for a previous gen game. The whole time I kept thinking, "Ok, sure it doesn't look super next gen, but here in a minute they're going to do something that will make my jaw drop." and that just never happened.
  23. Awesome. Will give me another chance to try to get into the game since Witcher 3 upgrade is delayed and Cyberpunk is delayed. It's so weird that I am buying a new console and there's not a single next-gen game coming out that I want to play.
  24. Yeah the speed change for is awful. 180 MB/s, update windows, 5 MB/s, roll back and it's 180 again... I'm planning a cpu/motherboard upgrade soon and will be doing a clean install, hopefully it resolves it. I still can't find anyone else on the internet with this issue other than this thread.
  25. I cant wait to try this update, trust me an update is desperately needed. The current app is really frustrating to use for me.
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