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  2. If you are in the UK and have any device that can pick up any form of BBC TV then you are eligible to pay the licence. It doesn't matter if it's a TV, smartphone or a PC. They will get you. You can't even buy a tuner card for your laptop without having to give your adress first. Purely for TV licence checking. oh you are so wrong. The days of having to give your name and address when buying a new TV, tuner or anything like that have gone, that happened in June 2013. I can go into any store and buy any TV and not tell them anything about myself. I have never given my name and address when buying a smartphone or a PC, what about people who build their own P.C? If you live in the UK, then i suggest you read up about our rules, even if you do not live in the UK, I suggest you get yourself up to date and stop producing trash like you have. I got asked for my name and proof of address when I tried to buy a TV tuner card in Staples. They wouldn't sell it to me until I did so. So I declined and went to PCworld, same thing. I know they don't ask for an address when buying a laptop or smartphone but if you have either device and no licence you will be treated exactly the same as if you had a tv without one. The onus is on you to prove that you don't use any BBC service, your word on the matter will not stand up if you are investigated.
  3. I'm doubting that number.
  4. The other reason for the price difference (especially on Amazon) is *warranty coverage* - the Snapdragon model is covered by Samsung USA's warranty; the Exnyos model is not. (I have a Samsung USA S7; however, I got it via *sweat equity* - not a purchase. I passed on the S10 for other reasons.)
  5. You seem to be an expert in icon design. Please explain how it is a mobile phone design?
  6. HTML Essentials - free cheat sheet download by Steven Parker Claim your complimentary free cheat sheet today, before the offer expires. What's it about? Master HTML elements in no time with this cheat sheet. HTML is one of the building blocks of the web. While it's not a programming language, it's one of the easiest languages to learn as a coding newbie. But the long list of HTML elements you need to be familiar with can prove to be a stumbling block. Don't worry, though, because this cheat sheet can help you get past that problem. The cheat sheet contains concise descriptions of various tags, attributes, objects, and other important HTML elements. You can dip into it anytime for quick recall! Download today! How to get this free resource: Complete and verifiable information is required in order to receive this offer. If you have previously made use of these free offers, you will not need to re-register. While supplies last! Please ensure you read the terms and conditions to claim this offer. >> HTML Essentials - Free cheat sheet download << Offered by MakeUseOf, view their other free resources. Limited time offer. Not for you? That's OK, there are other free eBooks on offer you can check out here, but be aware that these are all time-limited offers. If you are uncomfortable sharing your details with a third-party sponsor, we understand. Or via our preferred partner: Unblock streaming services with Unlocator SmartDNS or use their VPN to stream as if you are in a selected country. Try the 7 day free trial #unlocator — Neowin (@NeowinFeed) November 10, 2019 How can I disable these posts? Click here. Disclosure: A valid email address is required to fulfill your request. Complete and verifiable information is required in order to receive this offer. By submitting a request, your information is subject to's Privacy Policy.
  7. In another topic not able to choose between one crap german car brand vs another crap german car brand. And here complaining about which useless worthless consumer grade junk smartphone to buy for the wife. You seem to have a lot of money to throw away. Havent you considered to give it to charities, or donate? Christmas is coming in 2 weeks, many poor mfs under tbe bridge dont even have money to eat a decent lunch, so it would mean them a lot! Buying a high-end smartphone with a 2 year contract where you get unlimited phone-calls and like 8GB internet in Germany is not that expensive. Of course you can spend less if you buy a monthly SIM but the call quality / reception won't be as good and you have to buy a Smartphone up-front. That's what I do for my private phone (cheap Drillisch monthly cancelable contract and a OnePlus phone) but I have a company phone with better coverage if I need it and my wife would not want a OnePlus. Everyone is running around with the latest Galaxies or iPhones in Munich. Leasing an Audi A4 or a BMW 3 is not that expensive if the company pays for that. I have bought a used car privately a couple of years ago and it was one of the worse decisions in my life. It has a lot of problems and it costs a lot to have it serviced all the time. So maybe where you live these might be luxuries, but here they are kinda the norm. And purchasing (not leasing) a pre-owned (or even Certified Pre-owned) A6 is not *that* expensive (if you drive too much where leasing makes no sense - which is the case for our family); instead, we went with the purchase option with our 2016 Quattro A6.
  8. I bet for serious content creators who make high 6-figures in revenue, this thing pays for itself within 6 months, and then you have a supercomputer for the next 5-6 years.
  9. I like this design, but they should also be adding meaningful smooth transition to windows. Most of the animation in windows stutters which makes it look out dated and slow than it actually is!
  10. BudMan

    TP-link to Asus Router

    You understand you can change the lan network on the router to anything you want right... if you want to use 192.168.1/24 or 192.168.0/24 or 10.42.16/24 or 172.17.0/23 etc..
  11. What are you talking about? Netflix has a *ton* of programming in 4K - with Dolby Vision on top of that. Disney+, Hulu, FandangoNOW, VUDU, AppleTV, etc. all have 4K content. FOX has 4K NFL. While there is no 8K stuff available, the displays do a better job of presenting both HD & 4K material. The 8K being promoted here is for professionals who can capture raw master footage and downconvert to other formats with higher quality. Professionals dont capture photos on phones. Also, nobody has 8k screens 8K displays are a growing segment of the high end television market. They've been in stores for a couple years now. At high cost and no content... it's a pure marketing gimmick
  12. Google Assistant's Interpreter Mode is rolling out to phones today by Usman Khan Lodhi Google announced Interpreter Mode earlier this year, rolling it out to Google Home and Assistant-powered Smart Displays some time later. As suggested by the name, Interpreter Mode permits users to communicate back and forth when they're abroad and do not know the local language. Now the company has announced that it is rolling out this feature today to "Assistant-enabled Android and iOS phones worldwide." To enable this feature, users need to say “Hey Google, be my German translator” or “Hey Google, help me speak Spanish." Google Assistant will slide up a sheet, translating the conversation in both of the users' native languages. It may also offer smart replies to facilitate a conversation if users are unsure what an acceptable response would be in a given situation. Users can use the Interpreter mode by using the keyboard if they are in a quiet environment or manually select the language that they want spoken out loud. As this feature is integrated with Google Assistant, it is already available on Android phones, while iOS users need to install the latest version of Google Assistant from the App Store. For now, the Interpreter mode is available in 44 languages including Arabic, Hindi, and Russian among others.
  13. I never have this problem? The only time I've ever have issues is when I'm on the treadmill for a long time and get a sweat. I've never had one fall out of my ear, ever. Loose, sure, and that's usually when I'm mowing my extremely bumpy yard, but even then it's not frequent. If they come out that frequently for you, probably better to just move to standard headphones.
  14. 100 icons huh... what about the other 7,500 icons and glyphs in windows? and the 6,000 ish that haven't been touched in many years and the few hundred that haven't even been touched since windows 95!
  15. Will give both options a try. Although, this only happens when using apps like Webex, BlueJeans, Hangouts or similar... It doesn't happen when playing games or watching movies or youtube.
  16. Does this have the built in VPN option like the regular browser does?
  17. Google introduces Verified SMS and spam detection in Android Messages by João Carrasqueira Google has been trying to upgrade the messaging experience for SMS for some time through RCS (Rich Communication Services), a technology that's finally rolling out more broadly in the U.S. Today, though, the company is improving SMS in a different way - by increasing security. Through a new blog post, Google announced the rollout of a new feature called Verified SMS, which lets users know when they're receiving messages from a real business. The reason this needs to exist is that many businesses send out SMS, like verification codes, from random numbers, which makes it easy for users to be deceived by impersonators. This new feature will verify whether a specified message is truly from a business. This feature is rolling out in nine countries for now: the U.S., India, Mexico, Brazil, the UK, France, Philippines, Spain, and Canada, but more countries will be added over time. Another new feature, at least for some users, is real-time spam detection, and it does exactly what the name implies. The Messages app will warn you if it thinks a message might be spam, and you can confirm or deny its suggestions, which also helps improve Google's algorithm. This feature has already been available for the past year in some countries, but it's rolling out more broadly in the United States now. If you're in the U.S. and you're worried about security, Google also recently hardened the security of its Fi service, expanding features like spam warnings for calls and VPN to more phones.
  18. That will create 1 million unsatisfied customers, in the short time of a few thousand folds!
  19. I can see the appeal, but I'll wait for the Apple iPhold.
  20. I hate this aesthetic, straight to mobile phone design.
  21. TP-link login ip is192.168.0.1 Example reserve ip: Asus Router login IP is and if i reserve ip in asus it will be and so if i change my router TP-link to Asus how can i use my reserve ip in asus router because they are ESXI server and other stuff and i dont want to reinstall everything. Please do reply.
  22. They don't have the silicone bits for your ear, it's AirPods style. You can't hear your media in a noisy environment and they fall out when you're active. Even when chopping veggies they just getting looser and looser until one falls out and I'm trying to push them back in with my shoulders, they suck.
  23. Microsoft unveils more new colorful icons, shows off new Windows 10 logo by Rich Woods In a Medium post today, Microsoft went into detail about designing new icons again. But rather than just new Office icons, this time the company showed off a wider array of images. Some of the icons seen in the image above were previously shown off, while some weren't. There are new icons for Notepad and Paint, which have icons that haven't been changed in some time. Obviously, they're meant to be more modern. The Mobile Data app is getting more colorful as well. All-in-all, Microsoft says that it redesigned over 100 icons. There's even a new Windows logo on there in different colors, although that was shown off previously. In the blog post, Jon Friedman said that taking an icon theme from 10 products and scaling it to over 100 was "both daunting and thrilling". After all, it was a pretty broad endeavor on a company-wide range of products. Different design teams and different product teams all needed to get together on this, as one of the rare times that Microsoft made an effort on consistency across consumer, small business, and enterprise products. Of course, it's still unclear if there will be consistency in when these icons are released. The new icons are based on the Fluent Design System, Microsoft's new design language that's meant to translate between a "diverse yet connected system". The idea is that these icons will appear on a wide range of device types, screen sizes, and form factors. Unfortunately, Microsoft didn't actually say when these new icons will be available. Hopefully they all come as one feature update for Windows 10, rather than as single app updates over the course of months.
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  25. What is the list of courses it cover? I am already burned with two other lifetime subscriptions that were actually *lifetime* on useless old stuff
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