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  2. Anyone have this yet? What do you think?
  3. Whatever, delete my account please. I'm tired of this
  4. Apple releases second betas for iOS 12, macOS Mojave, and tvOS 12 by Rich Woods It's been 15 days since the WWDC keynote where Apple announced the next major updates to its operating systems, including iOS 12, macOS 10.14 Mojave, watchOS 5, and tvOS 12. The first developer betas were released following the event, and today, the second round has been seeded. iOS 12 build 16A5308e obviously fixes quite a few issues from the original seed. Banking apps like Citi Mobile and Bank of America should now work properly, aand so should the EA games that weren't working. Skype still might crash, but that was fixed for Skype Insiders 12 days ago, so the general public should see that update soon enough. Of course, there are still plenty of issues to be aware of, and there are some new ones. Netflix might not work properly, and Twitter might not either. The Weather widget doesn't work, and you also won't be able to upgrade to the beta from iOS 10.2 and earlier via iTunes (use OTA instead). As far as macOS 10.14 Mojave build 18A314h goes, the link for the release notes doesn't seem to be working, but you can expect the same list of fixes, known issues, and new issues. tvOS 12 build 16J5303e actually doesn't list any new issues, as it only has resolved and known issues. Apple isn't reporting a new watchOS 5 build in its developer center. The original watchOS 5 beta was pulled due to update issues, and re-released a week later. Presumably, we'll see a new build later this week, or even later today. If you're waiting for the public betas for iOS, macOS, and tvOS, those should be available soon, probably later this week. Now that a second, more stable build is here, Apple should be gearing up to release them to testers that haven't paid for a developer's license.
  5. I hang out in a couple Nintendo communities and I see people praising this a ton. I never got to use one myself, but it's certainly popular among the fanbase.
  6. Good, current app is slow and clunky. Crap. This is my spam/junk email account so I don't use the app often but it is a PITA to use when I need to.
  7. Wouldn't touch this with a 10 foot pole!!
  8. The Threadripper is a Xeon competitor chip. It's not crappy or overpriced as it has up to 32 cores 64 threads for workstation uses. It's not a gamer chip nor is a Xeon. Epyc is a remarked Threadripper for servers. So apples to oranges as lots of cores are much faster than faster fewer cores for virtualization, compiling c++, running SQL anaylsis, and scientific work, and 3d animation. Not fps flapping contest for the pubg buddies on Reddit. Whoa whoa whoa, settle down there chum. Where did I call it crappy or overpriced? Some of you AMD fans needs to settle down and read what people write before jumping to crazy conclusions. All I merely pointed out, was the article talks about performance being better on the AMD chip, yet leaves out the fact that this is double the cost of the Intel chip. Why should cost matter? Both are giveaways. If anything knowing the price should make everyone want in on the AMD deal.
  9. Microsoft releases Windows Server 2019 and SDK Preview build 17692 by Rich Woods Microsoft today released new builds of Windows Server 2019 and the Windows 10 SDK, bringing the build number to parallel the current client build in the Fast ring, which is build 17692. It seems like Tuesday is the day for such things, with new Fast rings builds arriving on Wednesday or Thursday. The company only formally announced the new Windows Server build, so there aren't any release notes for the SDK. Here's what's new in Windows Server 2019 build 17692: Microsoft Hyper-V 2019 Preview This is the first Insider Preview of Microsoft Hyper-V 2019. Microsoft Hyper-V Server is a stand-alone product that contains only the Windows hypervisor, a Windows Server driver model, and virtualization components. It provides a simple and reliable virtualization solution to help you improve your server utilization and reduce costs. The Windows hypervisor technology in Microsoft Hyper-V Server is the same as what’s in the Hyper-V role on Windows Server. So, much of the content available for the Hyper-V role on Windows Server 2016 also applies to Microsoft Hyper-V Server. System Insights System Insights is a new feature available in Windows Server 2019 that brings local predictive analytics capabilities natively to Windows Server. These predictive capabilities—each backed by a machine-learning model—locally analyze Windows Server system data, such as performance counters and events, providing insight into the functioning of your deployments and helping you reduce the operational expenses associated with monitoring your Windows Server instances. Because each of these capabilities runs locally, all your data is collected, persisted, and analyzed directly on your Windows Server instance, allowing you to use predictive analytics capabilities without any cloud connectivity. In Windows Server 2019, System Insights introduces a set of capabilities focused on capacity forecasting, predicting future usage for compute, networking, and storage. You can manage System Insights through an intuitive Windows Admin Center extension or directly through PowerShell, and System Insights allows you to manage each capability individually. This includes configuring custom schedules to run each capability and adding remediation scripts to automatically address any issue detected by a capability. There's also some new content in the additional downloads section: Windows Admin Center Preview 1806 For full details, see the Windows Admin Center Preview 1806 Announcement. Server Core App Compatibility Feature on Demand This new Feature on Demand (FoD) significantly improves the app compatibility of Windows Server Core by including a set of binaries and packages from Windows Server with Desktop, without adding any of the Windows Server Desktop GUI or Windows 10 GUI experiences. The FoD package is available on a separate ISO and installs on Windows Server Core only. Available operating system components with this build: Performance Monitor (PerfMon.exe) Resource Monitor (Resmon.exe) Device Manager (Devmgmt.msc) Microsoft Management Console (mmc.exe) Windows PowerShell (Powershell_ISE.exe) Failover Cluster Manager (CluAdmin.msc) Process Monitor (Procmon.exe) and other Sysinternals These components come with support for SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) versions 16 and 17, which must be installed separately from SQL Server via command line. Event Viewer is currently blocked (see Known Issues) To install Failover Cluster Manager, launch PowerShell, and then enter the following command: Install-WindowsFeature -Name Failover-Clustering -IncludeManagementTools To run Failover Cluster Manager, enter cluadmin at a regular command prompt. You may download procmon from Process Monitor v3.50. For more information about Sysinternals, see Windows Sysinternals. Please try out this FoD and verify that current applications and tools run on the preview release as expected. Important: Also, please try any server app (MS or otherwise) that you would like to use on Server Core but currently cannot. Let us know of any successes or failures. The following installation procedure uses Deployment Image Servicing and Management (DISM.exe), a command-line tool. For more information about DISM commands, see DISM Capabilities Package Servicing Command-Line Options. Note that the link for Windows Admin Center Preview 1806 doesn't actually work at this time, so this seems like something that will be announced later on today. To download Windows Server build 17692, Windows Admin Center Preview 1806, or Server Core App Compatibility FoD Preview build 17692, you can find them here. For the new SDK Insider Preview, you can find that here.
  10. This is huge, Amazon is all in on Alexa and I think its a great strategy. If you have Alexa at home you get to use it when you are not at home and if you don't have Alexa at home then you get a really nice introduction at your hotel. Personally I jumped in with Alexa from day 1 and I can't imagine home life without it now. We have every type of Alexa device here and waiting on the recently released TV cube.
  11. Yahoo goes lightweight with its Mail app to cater to emerging markets by João Carrasqueira video/mp4 Yahoo recently announced the end-of-life date for its Messenger service, but the company is still alive and kicking when it comes to its other services. The company has just announced a series of efforts to modernize its Mail offering, and it mostly focuses on emerging and casual mobile users with lower-end smartphones. For starters, the company is announcing an app designed for Android Go that takes up just 10MB of storage to install and is optimized for low-end devices which don't have as much RAM. The Go variation offers a lot of the usability features of the main app, including swipe gestures to mark messages as read or delete them, color themes that allow users to personalize their inbox, infinite scrolling through your inbox without having to tap to move to the next page, and more. A new mobile-optimized version of the Yahoo Mail website also brings the same features to those who would rather not install an app for any reason. The web app is built on React and Redux and it should offer a much speedier and responsive experience than previously available. It doesn't seem to be live for everyone yet, but you should be able to access it here. The efforts clearly portray the company's attempt to appeal to new categories of users, which may have felt that the company's offerings couldn't meet their needs before. Joshua Jacobson, Senior Director of Product Management at Yahoo Mail said: We’ve heard loud and clear from users that they’re not always ready to make the big leap to downloading an app that takes up any storage space on their phone. (...) People with high-capacity phones may want to save that space for photos or videos, while others with entry-level smartphones may just have limited space from the get-go. Further, some folks share devices or borrow a family member’s to access their email. This is all especially true in developing markets. Yahoo's bet on emerging markets isn't entirely surprising as many companies - including Uber and Facebook - have been doubling down on these countries where mobile internet access is limited and most users own lower-end devices. Yahoo's push in these markets could help the somewhat stagnant service survive a while longer, but that remains to be seen. Source: Yahoo via TechCrunch
  12. 127 euro... from steam transactions I am not wiling to look at other purchases.
  13. I'm with her...
  14. meh, who cares. I am curious on how much people spend on in game items. Like spending real money for in game cash. Personally, have not done this nor will I ever do this.
  15. _-Psycho-_

    Google finally launches a standalone Podcasts app

    It's going to take a lot to get me away from Pockercasts. Firstly I need a Windows og web version so i can use it on my PC as well as my phone. Then I'll consider it.
  16. Perhaps unwisely, Steam will now show you exactly how much money you've spent on video games by Muhammad Jarir Kanji Alongside a minor UI update that allows publishers and developers to present their library of games in a more appealing fashion, Steam also pushed out an interesting new feature: the ability to see your total historical spending on the platform. The newly added tool racks up all the money you've spent acquiring your extensive gaming library, and might make you think twice before you binge-buy a whole host of games at one of Steam's annual Summer Sales, likely happening sometime at the end of June this time around. Perhaps not such a wise marketing move by Valve, after all. Similar third-party tools also exist but they don't necessarily have the exact purchasing history that Steam itself would possess. On the other hand, the tool does not take into account the value of games you may have acquired codes to via third-party sites, or received as part of something like a Humble Bundle. It also only counts real money you've spent on the platform, so games purchased via Steam Wallet credits earned through trading items on the Marketplace are also not included in the total sum. The tool can be accessed through this link, and shows two figures: 'OldSpend' and 'TotalSpend'. The latter is obviously the figure you should be interested in, though we have no idea what the former stands for. Via: PC Gamer
  17. Yeah; they look like ass but the ergonomics are definitely there! One of my favorite controllers.
  18. As long as they advertise this function so people who don't want CIA spy device know which hotels to avoid, it's all good.
  19. Out of curiosity, why do you take your Google home mini when you travel? Can't you just ask your phone the same things? iPhone user here, but even when I used Android, Google was hard to issue commands to without unlocking the phone first. Whenever it worked, it was great though... Siri however doesn't play nice with Spotify so I end up not using it. That being said, the speaker on Google Home is better than the phone for sure. Somehow, I just like it better than just a portable speaker though. Wouldn't mind buying a better speaker, so long as it has Google Home or Alexa enabled. Something about the hands free nature of it is nice.
  20. Today
  21. should be able to use a usb-a to usb-c adapter I would think The thing is the adapter connects using two USB Type-A ports, and there's only one USB Type-C port on the Switch. or you may be able to get away with using a usb Y-Splitter and a type-a to type-c adapter.
  22. Google finally launches a standalone Podcasts app by Rich Woods Google today announced the Google Podcasts app for Android, which is available now in the Play Store. The company's strategy for supporting podcasts has evolved over time. Back in April 2016, it added support for the medium to Google Play Music. Google Listen, an earlier attempt, was killed over five years ago. Google Podcasts obviously works with Assistant, and therefore Home devices. That means that you can start listening to a podcast on your way home from work, and then pick up where you left off on your Google Home. The firm is also promising smarter recommendations based on your listening habits. And of course, Google wants podcasters to optimize their podcasts for it. It recommends that you prompt the company to index new podcasts as soon as possible, generate direct links, use Google Podcasts brand assets on your website, and track analytics that come from the new app. While Google boasted upcoming features like translated subtitles, one thing that it didn't mention was a version for iOS. The company has previously made every effort to make its products cross-platform, at least on iPhones, but that doesn't seem to be the case here. Update: Google has told Neowin that while it doesn't have any immediate plans for a Google Podcasts app for iOS, it may be interested in "the app working everywhere Google does" down the road.
  23. Do people actually pick up these old games and play them extensively? I would rather new content than unsupported old games full of bugs being put back on a console because the developers already made their money.
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