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  2. looks like a Mosquito bite. I have several Mosquito bites and yes most of them look exactly like that. Female Mosquito's spit on the skin which numbs the skin, so when they tick their stinger in you don't feel it, that's what causes the itching afterwards, is the Histamine in your body fights the anti bodies of the mosquito saliva. Only Female Mosquito's bite. But Hey, I'm not a sexist I Kill them all Male or Female.
  3. i would say it was an insect!
  4. I think Windows 10 is ok for anything lower than 64 cores.
  5. naap51stang

    OnePlus Nord confirmed to feature an ultra-wide selfie camera

    With that wide of an angle, that's going to introduce all sorts of problems, unless the software compensates for it. Look up pin cushion and barrel distortion. Unless corrected, with THAT wide of an angle, it's going to be a distorted selfie.
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  7. 8 little cores are x86-x64 Atoms. I don't think this CPU will work properly under Windows 10 cause Windows is a junk of OS when it comes to proper CPU scheduling.
  8. jnelsoninjax

    Need help identifying what bit or stung my wife

    I'm a doctor, not a ... oh wait, I'm not a doctor!
  9. Big-Bigger? Someone has the classic Hummer driver issue
  10. Pretty sure that's a 6x6 transparent "radar dish": Based on those pictures it looks that is part of a mechanism to make Mario go up or down as the "screen" moves. I definitely agree on your comment - I really don't have any interest in the other Mario sets they're selling. If they'd made sets with Minifigs on the characters and creatures that would have been so much more interesting. Oh OK, I didn't watch the video but now I'm guessing the dish glides along the tiles. That makes more sense than a suction cup which wouldn't grip with all of the creases. Does the screen actually scroll on a caterpillar track? That would be crazy.
  11. See? That's where the missing chargers money will go! /s
  12. warwagon

    Need help identifying what bit or stung my wife

    How are we supposed to know?
  13. first one was good, second not so much
  14. trojan_market

    Apple announces more money for Californian housing crisis

    It's nice and all and maybe this is the best apple could do but it will not change the inevitable which is collapsing of Silicon Valley with its ridiculously expensive housing issue, but with even 10 times this much money or any amount frankly this can't be fixed. this is because of California and Local city corruption that they like to keep prices up to protect their investments. Solution to this problem is simple. Cut or remove the state taxes and balance the budget like Texas is doing fantastically well, remove nonsense regulation for building new houses and buildings and be pro-business in general
  15. I claimed it 6 hours ago - still not available?
  16. My wife either was stung or bit by something in the thigh. Need some help identifying what it may have been. First photo less than an hour after she noticed it. The first photo was most recent (several hours later). Also she did not feel it happen.
  17. Steven P.

    Need a laptop suggestion

    Bear in mind it does not have a webcam, but yes it does look great otherwise!
  18. OnePlus Nord confirmed to feature an ultra-wide selfie camera by Jay Bonggolto A leak last month claimed that the OnePlus Nord would feature a dual camera setup at the front, a first for the company. Today, OnePlus confirmed that its upcoming smartphone will, indeed, come with a dual selfie snapper. In an Instagram post, the Chinese phone maker revealed that the Nord's front facing camera will feature an ultra-wide angle lens in addition to its main camera. The auxiliary lens, in particular, will feature a 105-degree field of view. Although OnePlus did not disclose further details about the front camera resolution of the handset, previous rumors had it that the main sensor will be a 32MP selfie shooter complemented by an 8MP ultra-wide angle camera. OnePlus noted that around 3,000 people are killed every year due to accidents resulting from the reckless use of selfie sticks. In the video, the company posits an ultra-wide angle selfie camera as a replacement for that accessory. At the back of the device, the Nord is also said to feature a 48MP primary sensor, an 8MP ultra-wide camera, a 5MP macro lens, and a 2MP depth sensor. The phone will debut on July 21.
  19. A better tactic would be big x86 cores + little ARM cores on same SoC/Motherboard. But we're still years away from a OS which would be able to do that seamlessly.
  20. warwagon

    Need a laptop suggestion

    For me personally, before I buy a laptop or one I'm looking at buying, I also look at the service manual to see how big of chor it is to repair. I'd like to know if it's as stupid as a certain dell Inspiron model where the screen has to come off, and the motherboard has to come out just to replace the storage.
  21. Thought Intel were finally going to give us 7nm chips with 12th gen. Man they're so behind!
  22. NO! The bane of Internet Explorer, I've lost count of how many times I'm trying to correct a text box and end up going back a page. SCRAP IT!
  23. Can someone do a TL;DR summary for me? Sony is wasting precious CPU cycles on storage, Microsoft isn't. At least that is what I took from it. But the GPU can magically beat a 2080ti as result if you look at all the forums from the fanboys 😄. Appearently GPUs wait on the SSD as the biggest bottleneck is what Sony is trying to say. I laugh and call this Bs. But I wonder after watching the presentation how much of this is true? If developers add unnecessary mazes and load screens as not to cap frame rates and chops maybe this is a problem but we never see this as coding tricks like above are used to load assets Yeah, a 5800XT (what would the GPU be if AMD released it for desktop I think) is not going to beat a 2080Ti It's hard to say, all we know is AMD have said it's 50% more efficient than the 5700xt. Going on what we know on the consoles, it's very likely that they are getting the mid tier of RDNA 2 gpu as AMD will want to reserve the big one for high-end PC gamers where the real money is and if the consoles deliver the performance that of around a 2080 super card, the RDNA 2 high end cheap should beat the 2080ti with ease. It might be that all of AMD's manufacturing capacity for RDNA 2 is being used by consoles right now, that is why we don't expect them for desktop for some time and why we never got a real 5800XT That's unlikely, AMD can't afford to not have much stock in the PC market as that would be a massive own goal to AMD and leave open the market for Nvidia to clean up the market. I think the smart money is that AMD needs one good solid card at the top end and one mid tier card that can compete with the next gen consoles or is a little better but with mid tier pricing. A lot of gamers decide to upgrade when new consoles are out, it's very likely that Nvidia will release with just the high end chip at first, this could be a big opening for AMD to clean up with mid tier gamers at a time when a lot of gamers could upgrade thanks to the next gen consoles. In any case, AMD can't afford to let Nvidia win the PC market because the real money is in the PC market, the margins are a lot bigger compared to consoles, especially on the higher end hardware, that's why Intel and Nvidia are not that interested in the console market, the margins are too small for them to care that much whereas AMD needed all the markets it could get but what they really want is the big bucks at the high end. With that, it would be crazy of AMD to have low stock numbers for PC gamers when Nvidia is putting all it's focus on PC gamers. The issue is unless AMD comes out with something as radical as Ryzen for Radeons, they will always be frowned upon as the "worse choice". And as a 5700 owner, the reported driver issues are 100% true. AMD is probably making significantly more providing CPUs and GPUs to Sony, Microsoft and (GPU only) Apple. I mean, Steam Hardware Survey says it all
  24. I don't understand why people like to do free work for Apple and Microsoft. Do they pay you to test and submit bugs if you opt in for the public beta?
  25. There is VERY little performance to be gained and in some cases, performance is actually worse. At least according to what I've seen. And yet for most titles and applications there is a benefit. There's no point to having it off. It seems a bit hit or miss from what I've seen, some game benefits, some are about the same and some are worse, I wonder if there is any difference on AMD hardware and I also wonder with future games if benefits will be bigger because I suspect this feature is to set up PC gamers for the release of next gen consoles with allowing the gpu to control its own memory and not the OS. Not my favorite site, but they did the work (for games at least.)" rel="external nofollow"> Overall it's not a huge benefit, but there's no reason to not use it. Thanks for the link, I'll have a look. On another note, do developers have any control over how the gpu can use memory with GPU Scheduling? I ask because if they have some control over how it works, future games will likely benefit more from it than existing games and maybe that was the idea to get them ready for what the next gen of consoles is bringing to the table. There is also that other thing, Direct Storage or DirectML or whatever it's called that reduces the overheads on the cpu from reading data from M2 drives, it looks like a lot of this might be connected to keep pace with the lower latency of the next gen consoles. Some more info. It's mainly about latency, memory access is basically the same as it was before. Thanks, I'll have a look.
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