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  2. saurabhdua

    Why do I get to see this at times ??

    Please refer to the following video ( & follow till the end ) to clarify the contrast :-
  3. Jazmac

    is the Apple Watch worth it?

  4. spacelordmaster

    is the Apple Watch worth it?

    Here's a few to choose from watch
  5. Unobscured Vision

    General Space Discussion (Thread 1)

    An interesting read. More difficult, I feel, will be putting all of the above into practice. The main issue is getting new Graduates and other prospective Recruits with the appropriate skill-sets actually interested in working for Government positions like these where historically there will be a very entrenched culture that is resistant to change. Even if directives are handed down through chains of command/management to invoke changes, there will be a good chance that any such meaningful changes that initially encouraged an upswell in recruiting and interest for these positions there will likely be a large portion of those recruits who for one reason or another don't pass the recruitment process at some level because the standards are arbitrarily (and unnecessarily) too high. This may appear to be a misnomer, or some kind of arbitrary standard in of itself -- that the standards must be high in order to secure the best of the best -- but in reality these recruits are likely well suited for placement anywhere in Aerospace Industry or Aerospace Sciences, or even Operations; and in fact would qualify for such positions even when handling sensitive information or materials. The problem is one of zealousness instead; that the Government has become too zealous in its' own practices and arbitrary standards to even see its' own misgivings. Sociology teaches us that closed cultures tend to become zealous and arbitrary, blinded by their own standards and insensitive to the greater, more expansive and larger cultures outside of them. I feel that NASA and the myriad of satellite agencies that surround and comprise it were, at least at one time, almost completely blinded by their own zealous nature. That nature has shifted somewhat over the past six years, thankfully, but there is still a lot of that nature still present within NASA and that culture of "business as usual" still rules. We've only seen a paradigm shift in the past three years of any significance; where it leads, I've no idea but I believe that NASA will not survive in it's current form.
  6. spacelordmaster

    is the Apple Watch worth it?

    As much as I love Apple products, I find their watch ridiculously expensive for what it does. I got one of these and it does the same thing for less.
  7. DocM

    General Space Discussion (Thread 1)

    Proposal: convert some NASA Centers to FFRDC's (Federally Funded Research and Development Center) Difference: externally managed, just as Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) is run by CalTech ISTM this could address the issues of an aging NASA workforce, a high rate of retirenents, difficulty in recruiting (increasingly, grads want to work in NewSpace), costs etc.
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  9. spacelordmaster

    Puerto Rico Mayor Under FBI Investigation for Corruption

    I was born there and I can tell you that bitc*** and her political party are the worst of the worst.
  10. spacelordmaster

    Recently got the 2017 $329 iPad.. LOVE IT!

    I love mine. Got it with Apple pencil. It's awesome. Congrats Warwagon!!!
  11. spacelordmaster

    New iOS user - I need help - need a solution

    Google Photos is your solution. Unlimited photo storage, and yes, it's compatible with iOS. I have an iPhone 8 plus too and use it.
  12. The evidence is overWhelming. If it makes you feel any better, Buzz Aldrin, after years being silent about it, admitted to seeing a strange object while in orbit around the moon. He even admitted NASA advised him and the crew to keep quiet and deny everything. Also recently, the NAVY pilots that chased a UFO. It was on the news. If there is a human being on this planet that can tell the difference between a plane and a UFO, it's a NAVY pilot. Those guys have eyes like a hawk, and if that pilot says what he saw was not of this earth, you better believe it. I do believe we are not alone. To believe we are the only living beings in the universe is pure ignorance. I do believe we are being watched. I do believe our government is hiding something from the public, not because they don't want us to know, but because of fear of public panic. Have you ever seen the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode: "Who watches the watchers"? If you havent, I highly recommend it. Gene Roddenberry was an atheist. The episode is very interesting because it really makes you think if what we call God is really nothing more than a technologically advanced civilization that watches over us and our progress without interfering in our affairs, unless we cross the line. Check it out when you get a chance. It's on Netflix.
  13. So who pays for the RnD? These articles always leave that out...
  15. Battery life is the main advantage. The other advantage will be cost when Huawei, Mediatek etc stop releasing comparable cortex a76 chips. Qualcomm charges a lot for their chips but Mediatek's chips will definitely be cheaper than Intel.
  16. these use cortex a76 cores which are much more powerful than cortex a73 cores.
  17. It's like Chevy cars with the auto-stop feature. They don't have an on/off switch like Ford cars do, so you are forced to use it. I find it disrespectful to add such a feature and not give the user full control of it.
  18. Disrespectful to say the least.
  19. From what I understand their customer service is a nightmare.
  20. GrandMaster

    Atari is in hot water after it calls reporter a troll

    I've still never used a blueray, but I don't have a PS3 and I don't have a blueray player. I do have a dvd drive in my computer and I can use a HD DVD any time I want.
  21. warwagon


    Here is the story behind my sig photo, one day I was at my GF's house and I was bored. She was at work, so I started taking lots of photos of myself with my new iPad's front-facing camera, or maybe it was the back camera, I can't remember. I was taking photos because I wanted a new profile photo. After a bunch of photos, I did not like the photos I had taken so far, so I went and stood against her white-grey wall and took a few more photos. One of which was the one you see here. Now you know the origin of the photo.

  22. Who says it's wasted? Just a bunch of barrels laying around. Only gets better with age. Having said that, can I have just one of them?
  23. spacelordmaster

    Facebook is also working on a time management feature

    I totally agree with you. See my post.
  24. spacelordmaster

    Facebook is also working on a time management feature

    The one thing that FB really needs to work on is the ability to allow the user to completely block their FB page from public view. By that I mean not allow ANY pictures to be seen by anyone who is not in their friend’s list. For example, if you set your privacy settings to the max, people who are not on your friend’s list can still some of your past post pics on your timeline, even when the privacy settings are at max. They should implement the same privacy feature Twitter has, where if someone who is not on your FB reaches your page, they cannot see anything but your username and whatever profile pic you have, nothing else. They also need to change the settings where you choose who can message you and add “friends only” because as of now it has only “friends” and “friends of friends”. I think FB users need to have the ability to have full control of their FB profile, not just limited control. Just my 2 cents.
  25. Oh damn, I wish I would have been there. What a waste of good whiskey!....LOL
  26. Sounds cool, but my phone is too old to try it out (Galaxy S6). I think I'll just stick with the tried and true method, using an actual tape measure
  27. How about changing the feed algorithm to stop wasting my time by showing me 1-2 week old posts which I have seen, sometimes as many as 10 times repeated on my Facebook feed? Facebook constantly subverts posts because they don't get enough likes or what have you, but how could they if they keep getting hidden? Instead, I miss cool vacation photos from my friends so that I can see the same avocado salad pic for the 6th time because someone commented "Yum". This spiral into irrelevance will be the death of Facebook.
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