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  2. Microsoft is going full libtard. Ughhhh. I get making gaming inclusive, but safe spaces!? Really. We are raising a generation of snowflake sooks.
  3. I’ll install it but I’ll still use Chrome
  4. National Australia Bank announces immediate Apple Pay support for selected cards by Boyd Chan Back in December 2018, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia signalled its intent to become the second of the "big four" banks to roll out support for Apple Pay. This eventually came to fruition earlier this year, almost three years after ANZ made Apple Pay available to its customers, leaving the National Australia Bank (NAB) and Westpac as the remaining holdouts. It’s here. NAB customers can now use Apple Pay. Just add your NAB Visa Card and start using Apple Pay wherever you can tap and pay. Apple Pay with NAB. Easy. T&Cs apply. — NAB (@NAB) May 20, 2019 Now, that situation has changed once again, with NAB having announced immediate support for Apply Pay but only for personal or business NAB Visa credit and debit cards. The bank has also taken the opportunity to remind customers who use its PayTag, NAB's attempt at its own mobile payment solution, to peel off and destroy them in order to avoid interference with Apple Pay. The financial institution has also advised that its PayTag service will be removed from sale from May 21 and corresponding accounts closed in "early July". At this stage, NAB has not confirmed if Apple Pay will be made available to other credit and debit cards in its range. However, it has at least partially taken the lack of Apple Pay support off the table as an issue for its customers. Now, eyes turn towards Westpac to see how long it will continue to buck the trend set by its major competitors and remain out of step with its New Zealand arm which rolled out support for Apple's mobile payment system at the beginning of April.
  5. Really, surely there are more pressing things in the world for the UN to be worried about than this!!?!
  6. Can't even make a decent Halo game but lets commit more resourcing to a frakking avatar that it rarely seen I mean I doubt that people are being pulled away from game dev to work on this....unless I misread the article. Not even close to the point I was making, you're after a participation trophy right? Hah, well it would go with the article and being more inclusive
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  8. Can't even make a decent Halo game but lets commit more resourcing to a frakking avatar that it rarely seen I mean I doubt that people are being pulled away from game dev to work on this....unless I misread the article. Not even close to the point I was making, you're after a participation trophy right?
  9. Dented

    ADFS Redirection Help

    Sorry about the short reply, was on the phone on a bus. If you give me a bit more detail on your setup I think I can help you. How many ADFS hosts do you have? Are you using nginx for load balancing internal connections between multiple hosts, as a reverse proxy for publishing AD FS externally, or both? Do you have the zone internally as well as externally? Does nginx do DNS-lookups externally or internally? needs to be an A-Record both internally and externally. It cannot be a CName(alias). If nginx is used as a load balancer, the AD FS nodes must be configured with IP in nginx, not host name. If nginx is used as a reverse proxy, it must connect to the internal AD FS farm using FQDN of, which must be an A-Record or a local host record on the nginx server. That said, I know nothing about nginx, but I am fairly familiar with AD FS.
  10. U.S. temporarily allows trade with Huawei for 90 days, lifting Android ban by Paul Hill The U.S. Department of Commerce has issued a Temporary General License (TGL) which allows for “limited engagement in transactions” with Huawei and its affiliates. In effect, this means that companies, such as Google, can continue to do business with the Chinese firm. The TGL is only temporary and expires 90 days after it was issued (May 20, 2019) which takes us up to Sunday, August 18, 2019. The Secretary of Commerce, Wilbur Ross, commented on the decision, saying: “The Temporary General License grants operators time to make other arrangements and the Department space to determine the appropriate long term measures for Americans and foreign telecommunications providers that currently rely on Huawei equipment for critical services. In short, this license will allow operations to continue for existing Huawei mobile phone users and rural broadband networks.” The temporary lifting of the ban will have benefits for three groups: Huawei, customers, and suppliers. Yesterday headlines were filled with news that Google would have to drop support for Huawei devices meaning that customers would lose access to the Play Store, Gmail, and Google Play Services. Later in the day, news broke that the German supplier Infineon would be suspending shipments to Huawei; trade with Huawei makes up $100 million of Infineon’s yearly revenue. A slew of other manufacturers were also planning to discuss this week what their relationship with Huawei will be going forward, now they’ll have time to work out their position. Customers with Huawei devices will be able to carry on receiving updates during the temporary lifting of the ban and hopefully Huawei can work out a permanent solution during this period. However, if it can’t, more people might be ready to replace their Huawei devices by August so they’ll have more time to switch their devices with one which will get updates. The ideal solution will be for the U.S. and China to work out a solution to the problem but if they can’t, the temporary reprieve will give Huawei, suppliers, and customers more time to prepare for the future.
  11. I know you were thinking about Elite at one point, I've not played nearly enough but I feel the game is just too big for me. I'm terrible at the combat so I've stayed away from those missions but other missions often involve travelling for 20 minutes through systems and it takes a while. I did get to the point of installing Spotify on the Xbox and playing music as I flew and a very laid back way to play, I enjoy it but it's not the most exciting gameplay. NMS is £20 on Amazon which I think is probably more what I'm willing to pay but I'm lazy and really only like to buy digital these days.
  12. George P

    Google Glass is back with a new Enterprise Edition

    That's a pretty good point, it seems to me like they had a bunch laying around and figured they could try and pawn them off to business somehow.
  13. Can't even make a decent Halo game but lets commit more resourcing to a frakking avatar that it rarely seen I mean I doubt that people are being pulled away from game dev to work on this....unless I misread the article.
  14. Can't even make a decent Halo game but lets commit more resourcing to a frakking avatar that it rarely seen
  15. 1. Certain product lines within a brand may have better components, otherwise the only brand connection is the service footprint it has in your locality. 2. Product lines with better insides are Dell Alienware, Dell Precision, Dell XPS, Acer Nitro, Acer Preditor, ASUS ROG, HP Z series, HP Omen, Lenovo P series, Lenovo Y series, MSI Gaming series. Subjectively, I think the 3 Dell lines outshine the others by a hair or two... 3. Bloatware has no meaning for me since in most cases I would replace the boot drive of whatever new laptop I purchased with a Samsung 970 Pro NVMe and move the existing drive somewhere else. Some of the product lines listed above will ship with a top end Samsung NVMe in which case I would ZERO the drive with a low level utility so I could over-provision the spare flash cells and then clean install. 4. It may not be obvious at first, but even within a product line and certainly between manufacturers the "feel" of the keyboard can vary a lot. For me, the Dell XPS and the Acer Nitro models have outstanding keyboards but that is so so so subjective! So if you can, try to find a similar model in a giant electronics store and open a text editor and type on each for a few minutes. If the variation between laptops does not surprise you, I will be surprised!
  16. You know telemetry has been a part of Windows since at least XP. Yep, and no one wanted it even then! No one tossed such a big fit about it till Windows 10 though. And actually, while I agree to the option to have it on or not, some basic level of telemetry is needed or how will they know if a update breaks something? Or if some apps aren't working due to a API change or something? Or if some driver is the cause of a BSOD from a 3rd party hardware maker? I'm perfectly fine with MS collecting basic and anonymous error data so they can fix issues and know what's working and what's not. There should be an OFF switch though and it shouldn't be an OPT-OUT but an OPT-IN. Microsoft has no right to that data just because it would help them develop their product. That's not my problem, that's Microsoft's problem. Software licensing would say otherwise though. Is the PC yours? Sure, the hardware is, the OS, as per the license, isn't yours though, you've paid to use it but you don't own it. So from that legal standpoint they can have it opt-out and not opt-in or not allow you to fully turn it off, only have basic as the lowest setting. This is just nitpicking things, but the same applies to other devices and their software. You own your phone, you don't technically own the OS that it runs on. As we've just found out with Google and Huawei. And your phone is collecting at least double the info a Windows 10 device does, is any of that opt-in? Not from what I've seen.
  17. dipsylalapo

    Xbox Games with Gold & Deals with Gold: May 2019

    I swear we're the same person. I went through the same thought process when I was putting together this post. That's why I omitted it from by 'best of' list 😛
  18. So, the HP Omen 17" sold with a 4K screen, a GTX 1070 and a i7 6700HQ at some point, and clearly @ranasrule found one... That laptop has some longevity legs! I have an older Alienware 17" with a beautiful FHD display and a Dell XPS 15 9550 with a 4K display. So after 2 years, a day does not go by where I don't pause for a second and marvel at that 4K display. That just has to be a weighting factor in my subjective universe. My next laptop will be a return to a much heavier, super thick (NOT THIN) expandable laptop with a 17" 4K display and a proper giant 330 watt power brick! 4K YES. Super thin, super throttle CPU and GPU to keep temps down, NO! I mention all this to further refine your criteria of course and any resemblance to a rant on how modern trends sometimes moves things backwards for a tech enthusiast is purely coincidental.
  19. Cool.. "For enterprise" basically means that it will be harder for tech websites to call them out for having failed a second time.
  20. urgh, No Mans Sky is on there I've really wanted to give that a shot for a long time now, I know it had a rocky start but from what I understand it's a greatly improved game. Just not quite sure I want to spend £30 on it
  21. dipsylalapo

    Xbox Games with Gold & Deals with Gold: May 2019

    Here are this week’s games and add-on deals on the Xbox Games Store. Discounts are valid now through 28 May 2019. A few titles to point out Below - £13.99 Cities: Skylines - Xbox One Edition - £7.99 Firewatch - £5.27 (a personal favourite of mine) Forza Horizon 4 Fortune Island - £7.49 Inside - £6.39 Outlast - £3.19 Surviving Mars - £7.91 There's also a huge backward compatibility sale on at the moment too, so check that out too. Source
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