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  2. I just hope there are no detection or mounting issues with grub on mbr booting partitions on a gpt nvme, because i really dread moving 2tb worth of data back and forth. When this is done, it will be the first time i willingly boot uefi all the time. LE: As of writing this i m not sure that i can boot grub from an mbr drive if bios is in efi mode...
  3. They found a way to cram auto playing videos into a print magazine. You are joking, but i remember seeing someone talk about a greeting card (or maybe a holiday one) that had a screen inside. Don't remember if the card was an ad for something, or if it actually was available.
  4. It should work fine. Just make sure that the grub entries are mapped to the correct drives and partitions.
  5. What i am about to describe has worked countless times on mbr sata drives (of all sorts) and a bios motherboard (or a newer one in legacy mode. I usually have a dual boot system like this... Windows installed first on the fastest drive (usually connected to port 0), then repartitioned. After that, i install Linux on th same ssd and i put grub on another drive and set the bios to boot the grub drive first. This is because of a few reasons... One being that Windows does sometimes screw up partitions during upgrades. If grub is on another drive Windows will not usually care. Side note, i remember once that a windows 7 update would not go through when the drive with windows was not the primary boot drive. Another reason is less friction for other people. I usually set grub to boot windows first so my family does not have to deal with it and it cuts down on the steps i have to trubleshoot over the phone (only ever had to do it once when a bios battery died.) Got a hold of an nvme ssd from a friend and i am planning to move to it as it is significantly faster than my old sata hyper x and is not as worn out... To reiterate what i did with sata drives and bios (or set to legacy mode) motherboards: 1. I install windows to fastest sata drive connected to port 0 (usually ssd) 2. Repartition it to fit linux 3. Install linux in free space, except 4. Install grub to another drive (usually connected to port 1) 5. Set bios to boot from port 1 6. Profit! Things will be changing. The dual boot drive will be nvme, because speed and responsiveness. The drive will be gpt and not mbr formatted, because nvme. Will it work if the grub drive is mbr formatted? Are there issues i should keep an eye out for?
  6. I do! Along with, The Screen Savers/Call for Help, on TechTV, this was one of my most beloved times in the tech world. Dam great times!
  7. Why pre-order it when you can get for cheap? T i preordered because i LOVED the first 2 and wanted to play early and not wait. but, alas, on this one i could have waited. should have preordered the 2nd one, as i got to it too late, but LOVED it True. You just never know when publishers do surprise price drops.
  8. It’s been a very short time since the tragic end of Telltale Games, I hope this new studio releases a good game without rushing, and learn from Fallout 76 about releasing unfinished games.
  9. Despite some minor grumps from people not seeing the big picture in this thread, I don't think there has been much topic shifting when you consider that the real topic title is: "I don't know anything about digital media and want to set up a home server maybe and mostly only will ever have old retro DVD media and I'm really confused and have very limited time and will appreciate all sorts of input and help to get to an interesting destination of some sort" So setting up the playback audio environment seems right in the middle of the topic anyways unless audio is not important to movie viewing, which could be true if your entire collection is from the "Silent Film" era... What I do, is just keep a 5.1 Dolby or DTS track unless only stereo is available. For stereo input, I have my 5.1 home theater set to synthesize a 5.1 output for a stereo input which is why the "face palm" is easier than you might think since there is always "something" coming out of all the speakers. For playback on devices that only have stereo, I am fortunate to be able to select players that can process 5.1 input and combine it into plain old stereo. For people that are constrained to keep multiple audio tracks, I think there is a way to set one of them as the DEFAULT.
  10. The standard Windows 10 Mail App allows multiple account access and it seems to work as you desire. All "free" email accounts such as Outlook, Gmail, etc will increasingly be difficult to work with "outside the box" as the entire nascent "Cartel" of "internet giants" want to separate everything to a single person with a single verified cell phone number since advertising revenue triumphs in the end over customer satisfaction. Oh, they are doing this for "increased security" which everyone just swallows for some reason... So that tiny rant was to suggest that no solution will work long term unless it is based on computer software running on your PC or else your own server software running on servers you control (i.e. typical pre-cloud era hosting accounts). For the same "Cartel" type reasons, I expect hosting of email in major cloud based vendors to be increasingly difficult to configure by design. And well, with single human identity tied to a single cell phone and with IPV6, all that prevents 1984, is the good will of "Don't Be Evil" corps...
  11. You don't like getting your money's worth? Odd...
  12. I probably would face palm ... IF i had 5.1 surround, which i don't Though i am considering a soundbar as an alternative. But now we're about a million miles off topic so i'll leave it there.
  13. tomcoleman

    Pay What You Want: Adobe CC A-Z Lifetime Course Bundle

    Can I pay £1?
  14. Elliot B.

    mIRC 7.53

    I'd believe 16 years ago.
  15. ultimatescar

    mIRC 7.53

    now lets download and install it and make use of that license i bought like 6 years ago
  16. The downside of multiple audio is remembering to select the "right" one on playback you want to "face palm" when you realize you just watched a great 2 hour movie in stereo instead of 5.1 surround!
  17. Director's Cut Warning: sometimes it just makes the movie tedious and boring in the full version Very subjective IMO the Giant Special Case: 3 hours vs 4.5 hours for the 3 Lord of the Rings movies - the vast majority of humanity watched the 3 hour version and mocked people who watched the 4.5 hour version - It's hard to imagine actually, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the Extended 4.5 hour version
  18. I did a bit of Googling after the last post and found the uncensored directors cut version did indeed last 2hrs47mins - exactly the length of the video i ripped later on. I'll keep both on the drive anyway.
  19. Well, this one is partially in the realm of "Movie Critic" Many movies of great fame and origin will have a variety of versions which are often documented on Wikipedia and other sites Most of these versions have enough of a difference that a separate disc release is required to handle major changes to the movies. But you have encountered the simple exception to that, pieces of the movie that have been just snipped right out. In the case of "simple cuts" and "alternate endings" the various disc formats have been designed to handle that and your RIP software is showing the result of a slightly different path through assembling the pieces. Types that can often sit on the same disc: 1. Original Movie release 2. Original movie release uncensored - seconds here and there or even entire scenes put back in that were removed by either official or self-imposed censorship - most censorship acts on just seconds of a scene and is sometimes done by the studio against the director's wishes to achieve a younger age limit to yield more sales - warning: for some people, the bits cut out would be uncomfortable to watch making the "unrated" version less enjoyable 3. Director's Cut (some of them) - often large segments of the movie are removed by the studio against the director's wishes to enable a 90 minute runtime and the Director's cut restores the original intent - if it is just 100% material CUT, the disc format can accommodate it - many Director's Cuts have significant editing differences and are NOT able to share space with the original movie.
  20. GrandMaster

    FastStone Photo Resizer 3.9

    Looks very similar to irfanview batch actions
  21. jupe

    FastStone Photo Resizer 3.9

    Here's some info on it: I wouldn't be surprised if they just eventually added some of the technology into the regular JPEG standard. I know what it is, and understand it is superior, I just meant even though it is superior it has never taken off so I have never encountered a .jp2 "in the wild". I am not in the photography business though so I guess it is understandable.
  22. How do you use it ? Live collaboration. Live collaboration , on ? Sharing ideas, brain storming on UI designs... I know a mathematics tutor who uses this for classes.
  23. I have one, it's ok IMO. I bought/beat Odyssey and BOTW and for now I'm done with the system. I've never been interested in Smash (I know, blasphemy), no interest in repurchasing updated Wii U games I own on my Wii U. Some of the third party games like Diablo and Skyrim interest me, but again I've already played these games before. Eventually I'll get Xenoblade Chronicles I guess I was hoping they would actually do more with their online service and virtual console by this point, so I'm semi-disappointed at the moment with it. More exclusive 3rd party games like this does help, but I want me F-Zero and Star Fox among others lol.
  24. naap51stang

    Huawei pledges $2 billion to address UK security fears

    Google, by the way of their AI program in China is just using China to beta test their all knowing, all seeing, all telling software. China is more than happy to let Google do it, because it makes it easier for the Communist regime to keep an eye on their "subjects". Between that and their social credit score, just an easier way to control. Once it is perfected in China, look for the deep state in the USA to roll it out, in the name of "keeping you safe". Of course the globalist in the UN and around the world, want it as well.
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