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  2. Swords, bombs, daggers, knives, all still in the emoji set. So as far as symbolism goes, its kind of stupid. Political correctness is called "political correctness" because its more about political pandering than it is about being correct in any more meaningful sense; not factually correct, morally correct, etc., but politically correct. The second part of this issue in particular is its just about their apps but the fact that the emoji set they use is based on a Unicode standard, and whether they can still claim to meet the standard. Personally, I think its pretty stupid that emoji were standardized in Unicode in the first place. But the argument for standardizing them was that they form part of a common language. Either Microsoft, Google, Apple believe this and they stick to the logic of it, or they're being kind of hypocritical.
  3. And into the trash
  4. After nearly a year, iTunes is finally available in the Microsoft Store by Rich Woods Last year at its Build 2017 developer conference, Microsoft surprised everyone by announcing that Apple will be bringing iTunes to the Microsoft Store (then called the Windows Store). Now, we're coming up on Build 2018, and there have been very few updates, until today. Yes, you can finally install iTunes via the Microsoft Store. That means no more annoying Apple prompts for updates, trying to push other Apple products like iCloud onto your machine. Instead, the app will update itself through the Store. In order to get it, you'll need to be on Windows 10 version 1709, also known as the Fall Creators Update and build 16299, or later. It comes in x64 or x86 flavors - so obviously there's no support for Windows 10 Mobile, in case you were expecting it - and it will run on all PC platforms. If you've got a Windows 10 on ARM machine like HP's Envy x2, it will download and run the x86 package. The download size comes in at 476.7MB, and while this sounds heavy, we all know that iTunes is a mess of features. It's a store for movies, TV shows, and music, as well as a media player and the Windows portal for Apple Music. It's also necessary if you want to transfer photos from your iPhone to your Windows PC via a wired connection. No one really wants iTunes, but there are plenty of people that need it, if only for transferring data between an iPhone and a PC. For that purpose alone, Windows users should rejoice at this being available. To download iTunes from the Microsoft Store, you can find it here.
  5. Do You Take Vitamins?

    Well, if you call high blood pressure and cholesterol medicine "vitamins", then yes...
  6. Surface is up because the Surface category in the balance is mixed with other services. However, I think Microsoft is doing well, even when it's not consistent, it's still burning money while cloud, office, server, and windows are saving the day.
  7. Do You Take Vitamins?

    Lies, we all know Mums always take vitamins
  8. Do You Take Vitamins?

    Well, I do take medication, but I don't think this really covers "vitamins"...
  9. Microsoft FY18 Q3 earnings: Surface up 32%, gaming up 18%, and $26.8b in revenue by Rich Woods Microsoft today published its financial results from the third quarter of its 2018 fiscal year, or the first quarter of the 2018 calendar year. The company reported $26.8 billion in revenue, a 16% growth (14% in constant currency) over the same quarter last year. Operating income grew by 23% (20% CC) to $8.3 billion, and net income grew by 35% (31% CC) to $7.4 billion. Diluted earnings per share comes out to $0.95, a 36% (31% CC) increase from the same quarter last year. LinkedIn is continuing to grow, still showing a $246 million loss, although there's $133 million income excluding amortization and intangible assets. Overall, LinkedIn revenue grew by 37% (33% CC). Office commercial products and cloud services revenue grew by 14% (12% CC), and Office 365 commercial revenue grew by 42% (40% CC). In fact, Microsoft says that Office 365 commercial seats grew by 28%. Office commercial products, on its own, declined by 15% (16% CC), and Microsoft says that this is because more businesses are moving to the cloud. The total amount of Office 365 commercial monthly active users (not paid subscribers, for some reason) is over 135 million. There are now 30.6 million Office 365 consumer subscribers, with Office consumer products and cloud services revenue growing by 12% (9% CC). Overall, Productivity and Business Processes accounted for $9 billion in revenue, a 17% (14% CC) increase year-over-year. Intelligent Cloud made $7.9 billion in revenue, also a 17% (15% CC) growth from last year. Azure is once again the superstar from this section, growing by 93% (89% CC) YoY. Server products and cloud services grew 20% (17% CC), and server products alone grew by 3% (1% CC). Enterprise Mobility grew 55% YoY, and that's now over 65 million, possibly due to the firm's Microsoft 365 offerings. Finally, More Personal Computing accounted for $9.9 billion in revenue, a 13% (11% CC) increase YoY. Microsoft says that this was driven by growth in Windows, gaming, Surface, and search. Windows OEM revenue grew by 4% (4% CC), and accounting for that is an 11% (11% CC) increase in Pro revenue, and an 8% (8% CC) decline in non-Pro revenue. Windows commercial products and cloud services increased by 21% (17% CC), and that's from a greater volume of products that "carry higher in-quarter revenue recognition". Hardware did pretty well too, with Surface growing by 32% (27% CC) YoY; however, Microsoft isn't boasting large numbers for this quarter. Instead, it's only saying that last year was low due to product end-of-life. After all, it was the quarter before Microsoft refreshed the Surface Pro and launched the Surface Laptop. Gaming increased by 18% (16% CC), and that's due mainly to Xbox software and services growth of 24% (21% CC). Xbox Live monthly active users grew 13% YoY to 59 million, which is around where it was last quarter. Finally, search revenue grew by 16% (14% CC), excluding traffic acquisition costs. Microsoft's next earnings report will be on July 19, and it will also have an end-of-year report.
  10. Bill Cosby: GUILTY

    Yea. Used to have his albums on vinyl. It is sad what happened but I will always like the guy for his comedy. I don't condone what he did, but I also believe that bad ask shouldn't wipe out the good in most cases. Just like I am sure OJ did it, I still like watching him in the Naked Gun movies.
  11. Do You Take Vitamins?

    Yes, I take my vitamins with my tomatoes, zucchini, avocado, lemons, oranges, kale, lettuce, cabbage, black beans, chick peas, etc.
  12. Do You Take Vitamins?

    Well Vitamine D is a bit tricky to get enough of from food. You can get it from the sun, but you have to be out during a certain part of the day. If you were to get your levels tested you are probably deficient too.
  13. Yeah, especially if you're serious about using it in tablet mode. I generally hate how 2-N-1s like this fit together in tablet mode. I'm more of a removable keyboard kind of guy. I bet that screen at 15" is beautiful though.
  14. Do You Take Vitamins?

    Nope. If people need to take vitamins, it's probably because their diet isn't very good.
  15. Ugh too big. 15 inches is for giants, not humans. 13 inch would be a sale. 15 inch is a travesty
  16. Do You Take Vitamins?

    I was just wondering how many people here take vitamins. If you do take them, how often and what do you take?
  17. Why don't people who complain about forced updates just delay them? If you have Pro, which I figure most of the people who complain on here do, you can defer feature updates for a whole year. While it's true you'll have to upgrade at some point, once a year is like the old service pack schedule, and after a year it's worth a upgrade for all the fixes you get anyways. Wrong. MS now ignores the GPO that was supposed to let users defer feature updates up to 365 days. Only Enterprise SKU do they honor it. They even ignored metered connection status to spread that crappy update. Disabled windows update in services.msc? Too bad MS doesn't care - they've hardcoded a backchannel to spread these meaningless and featureless updates like malware. I'm not talking about the group policy option, it's a option in the WU settings itself, I've managed to delay updates for up to a month in the past. Yes but after that month Home/Pro cannot defer again until you are fully updated, Enterprise can go longer.
  18. bug free is never going to be a thing. heck even reality isn't free of glitches
  19. It works like this. If you do business with companies that the US has sanctions with, you lose the right to do business in the US or deal with US companies. So you don’t have to do what the US says, so long as you don’t need the US market or want to buy from US companies. This can be extended so that the US can force other companies not to deal with Sanction breaking organisations by denying access to US markets and technology to those. You make the choice. What difference does it make to Huawei? The U.s are too paranoid to use them anyway, so no loss to them. The U.S still think they are the world police, no matter how much Trump says he wants to get out of that, To Huawei not so much, because a lot of companies elswhere use them a lot. And fyi, a lot of isps in the us use huawei for fiber infrastructure. On the mobile side it probably would not affect them too much, since they have their own SoC, unlike ZTE that use a mix of Qualcomm and Mediatek. I wonder how much time it would take these companies to have their ip "licensed" to other companies that are "located" in Taiwan or Hong Kong.
  20. It works like this. If you do business with companies that the US has sanctions with, you lose the right to do business in the US or deal with US companies. So you don’t have to do what the US says, so long as you don’t need the US market or want to buy from US companies. This can be extended so that the US can force other companies not to deal with Sanction breaking organisations by denying access to US markets and technology to those. You make the choice. That in itself is not a big issue. The problem arises when other countries enter into trade agreements with the US and as a result, all kind of regulations get agreed on that have not passed any real muster, and sometimes the public has no real knoledge of it, until it is too late.
  21. It is. Price depends on the configuration. Thx, I appreciate
  22. Yeah, well done to Lenovo, the only problem is, that Lenovo had spyware on their machines, have they not sorted that out? Not that I am in the market for a laptop type machine, but if i was and Lenovo had sorted out the spyware problem, one of their ryzen machines would be on my list. i would never buy another intel based machine.
  23. Today
  24. Radeon graphics with no Nvidia option...pass.
  25. Desktop Or Laptop

    just desktop for me. i feel like the odd one out, but when i'm not at home, i've never wanted to have a computer with me.
  26. I always think back to the day of Windows 95 and while sure it had it's share of bugs and bluescreens, think about what they shipped. They shipped an OS on a disk / disc before getting patches on the internet was standard (ship it now, patch it later). It had to be compatible with a large assortment of configurations out of the box. It still amazes me what they were able to accomplish. Maybe I just had a good experience installing it on our Gateway P5 60. Same goes for games on game consoles before the era of downloadable game patches (day one patches). They had to get it right the first time. While you do eventually have to ship something and you can never have anything like windows 100% bug-free, it wouldn't kill them not to be in such a hurry to get the next big update out and to feature lock it 6 months in advance. Then spend the next 6 months fixing bugs. Someone commented on the front page a week ago how developers hate fixing and finding bugs. Ya well, consumers hate bugs too. Windows has gone down the toilet in the shipping buggy code department. I remember Steve Gibson talking about shipping bug-free software and how impractical and expensive it would be. Then he talked about the code that goes into these space crafts that get sent out into space to go explore other planets. That's probably the most bug-free code you will find.
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