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  2. How does this affect Samsung Galaxy Watch users?
  3. You guys are like broken records. There could be an article about Microsoft’s janitorial staff and we would hear Windows 10 bitching. Never mind there are 144 thousand people employed by MS and the majority don’t work on Windows 10 or that shareholder related stuff is not related to QA and Windows 10. exactly... and by the way I'm quite they do QA testing, it's just difficult to test on potentially billions of hw/drivers configurations/combinations... meanwhile another company that provide just few configurations if you make a ratio has even more problems
  4. The OneDrive app gets dark mode for iOS 13 by Rich Woods Apple released iOS 13 for supported iPhones today, and one of the key new features is native dark mode. As usual, that means that a whole lot of apps are going to get updated on your iPhone today, and one of those apps is OneDrive. And yes, the update is all about dark mode. The OneDrive app will automatically set itself to your system theme, so if your phone is set to dark mode, you'll get OneDrive in dark mode. Announcing #DarkMode in #OneDrive. Welcome to the dark side. — OneDrive (@onedrive) September 19, 2019 The feature has been in testing for a few days now, for those that are receiving TestFlight builds of the OneDrive app and are on the iOS 13/13.1 beta. Microsoft actually announced the scope of its dark theme plans last month, and the plan was for it to start with Outlook, so expect to see that soon. The rest of the Office suite will be updated as well, although the one app that hasn't been mentioned is OneNote, which only has dark theme on Windows 10 right now.
  5. Wait so you bought a phone from a company that has been accused of using its kit to spy on people for china but you dont like google... I am not a google defender but I find buying a phone without any control on the rom which can be preloaded with anything a worse thing then having google on the phone. If you could put a clean rom on it may not be so bad. there is no proof google is proved to spy and target you yes I like to install cutsom rom, but your statement could be applied to any android phone (also with google apps preinstalled)
  6. Memory isn't something computers today is short on, though. so for you it's totally fine if a simple app like this take 500mb, that you could use to run a 3d game instead...makes sense Yes, because no game I've played ate up 15,5 GB of RAM (the closest I've been at was 12 GB with some horribly optimized game I think). If the game requires that much memory, that hog from the game itself is more of a problem to me. Then again, you could also just close the launcher window while you're playing games, that should free up that memory (if it doesn't, I will agree that it's rather silly) if you really need those 500 MB. Well in that case it might as well eat up 14GB of RAM right? You said it yourself, you're not low on memory... Let's try a different component: just because I have a fast i7 processor doesn't mean I want a program constantly using 35% of it to display a simple interface. Or how about juste because I have a 512GB SSD I don't want a simple application sitting on 250GB of that space. Suddenly it becomes a lot more important when phrased like that right? you lose time, thanks to people like him, we live in a world where electron apps on pc uses 500mb of ram, and stupid apps on phone are native and optimized And that is because a phone is a far from as powerful as a gaming PC, while being battery-powered rather than pulling power from a PSU. Making some bad analogy isn't going to change the fact that it's not necessary to optimize as much for a PC as it is for a phone. don't know, I prefer to use to use this UWP app instead of the other electron app to do exactly the same thing...and use the 480mb of ram that I save to do tons of other things
  7. Copernic

    HomeBank 5.2.8

    HomeBank 5.2.8 by Razvan Serea HomeBank is a free software (as in "free speech" and also as in "free beer") that will assist you to manage your personal accounting. It is designed to easy to use and be able to analyse your personal finance and budget in detail using powerful filtering tools and beautiful charts. If you are looking for a completely free and easy application to manage your personal accounting, budget, finance then HomeBank should be the software of choice. HomeBank also benefits of more than 19 years of user experience and feedback, and is translated by its users in around 56 languages. Highlights: Cross platform, supports GNU/Linux, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X Import easily from Intuit Quicken, Microsoft Money or other software Import bank account statements (OFX, QIF, CSV, QFX) Duplicate transaction detection Automatic cheque numbering Various account types : Bank, Cash, Asset, Credit card, Liability Scheduled transaction Category split Internal transfer Month/Annual budget Dynamic powerful reports with charts Automatic category/payee assignment Vehicule cost HomeBank 5.2.8 changelog: new : import: auto assigment is now optional new : payee dialog: added a payment icon column to ease management new : add help and donate toolbar buttons change: payee popover: improved the dimension of the popover to larger one wish: #1843184 reorganize accelerator for txn dialog wish: #1841462 shortcuts for register view wish: #1828914 mark "Today" for calendar widget wish: #1826211 csv import to assign category from payee choice wish: #1673902 add a visual marker for uncategorized txn of budget account bugfix: fixed compile fail with GTK < 3.22 and gtk_popover_popdown bugfix: accelerator key was not working for date widget bugfix: #1843648 info gets empty after editing a txn with paymode cheque and positive amount bugfix: #1842935 can't save file after OFX import with long unicode strings bugfix: #1842292 windows: language change KO if install path as utf-8 char (é, ç, à , etc) bugfix: #1840998 transaction Screen only shows 3 weeks in advance bugfix: #1840393 import qfx similar transaction dialog amount show $0.00 bugfix: #1839851 balance report details view all show amount 0.00 Download: HomeBank 5.2.8 | 16.0 MB (Open Source) Download: 3rd party packages (macOSX. Ubuntu...etc) View: HomeBank Website | Support | Features Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware
  8. Will it overtake Android TV, Fire TV, or even Roku? Not sure about that. But if you want to talk about "overtaking", keep an eye open for Apple TV. It will overtake all three in about a year. Except for the part where it really only appeals to people who are already bought into the Apple ecosystem. If you don't have any other iDevices, there's nothing attractive about Apple TV compared to a mid-range Roku. Except the parts of it being way faster. I can pull in full symmetrical gigabit into my Apple TV boxes and have not been able to with any other top box or smart TV. A top end roku tops out at 100Mbps on Ethernet.
  9. Microsoft Flight Simulator Tech Alpha release schedule gets unveiled by Hamza Jawad At E3 2019, Microsoft announced the return of its long-running Flight Simulator series. The company has since provided regular updates regarding the development of the next title Microsoft Flight Simulator. Last week, recruitment for the Tech Alpha opened, though no further details as to its release timeline were revealed. Now, Microsoft has unveiled this information in the form of a timeline that reads as follows: October 10: Release testing complete. Lock final delivery schedule. October 17: Build release preparation. October 24: Release window opens. As can be observed, the firm is opting for a schedule spanning a period of three weeks, beginning from the completion for release testing and ending with the opening of the release window. That's about it for this week, however. For next week, on September 26, Microsoft promises the arrival of the Feature Discovery series preview. This series is to explore feature details in much greater depth, and will kick off fully next month. All you need to do to experience the Tech Alpha release in all its glory next month is to timely sign up for the Insider Program. Microsoft Flight Simulator is slated for a 2020 release on the PC and Xbox One, and it will be supporting third-party and community-made content upon arrival.
  10. They could probably sell more than a few of these to the trades and van fans. Video of Rivian's pickup at bottom. Detroit News...
  11. Will it overtake Android TV, Fire TV, or even Roku? Not sure about that. But if you want to talk about "overtaking", keep an eye open for Apple TV. It will overtake all three in about a year. Except for the part where it really only appeals to people who are already bought into the Apple ecosystem. If you don't have any other iDevices, there's nothing attractive about Apple TV compared to a mid-range Roku.
  12. Roku announces new line-up of devices starting from $29.99 by Paul Hill Roku has announced a new line-up of streaming players priced from $29.99. The line-up includes the Roku Express ($29.99), Roku Express+ ($39.99), Roku Premiere ($39.99), Roku Streaming Stick+ ($59.99), Roku Streaming Stick+ HE ($59.99), Roku Ultra LT ($79.99), and the Roku Ultra ($99.99). The Roku Express and Roku Ultra are available for pre-order today (and ship in mid-October) while the Roku Express+ will be available at the end of the month with the rest of the devices on sale sometime in October. Each of the new devices is unique. The updated Roku Express has an even smaller form factor than before and offers easy HD streaming. The Roku Express+ has a sleek form factor and a Roku Voice remote and is exclusively available at Walmart. The Roku Premiere allows for 4K and HDR streaming and includes a simple remote. The Roku Streaming Stick+ HE is a Best Buy exclusive and includes the Enhanced Roku Voice Remote with a headphone jack and Roku headphones. The Roku Ultra LT features HD, 4K, and HDR streaming. It supports Ethernet, 802.11ac MIMO dual-band wireless, and comes with the Enhanced Roku Voice remote with TV controls and Roku headphones. This player is available only at Walmart. Lastly, the Roku Ultra supports HD, 4K, and HDR streaming and comes with premium JBL headphones. It also has the same networking capabilities as the Roku Ultra LT. Commenting on the new devices, Mark Ely, Vice President, Players and Whole Home Product Management at Roku, said: “We’re driven by the goal of delivering an exceptional streaming experience to our customers that includes endless entertainment and intuitive ways to find it. Our new streaming player line-up continues to offer a device for every type of streamer. Whether you’re streaming to your TV for the first time or are a cord-cutting power-house who wants our ultimate streaming device – we’ve got something for everyone.” If you’d like to pre-order any of the devices announced today, be sure to head on over to and place your order. The company also announced Roku OS 9.2 today, these newly announced devices will likely come with that update pre-installed, but if not, it will be available over-the-air. Gallery: Roku 2019 (September)
  13. Gungel

    Apple releases iOS 13 with dark mode and more

    Lots of TLS server violation when browsing the web with this new release. I read that web certificates need to be signed with a RSA key of 2048 bits and can't be valid for more than 2 years in iOS13. This is not good for our company network. Now I have to check our firewall certificates and what not to make sure that they don't exceed the 825 day validity. I love the extra work Apple throws at you without warning
  14. ME :EPIC games and there loot.. EPIC: Here are some free games. ME: Thanks, what was I saying... oh yeah EPIC and there loot... EPIC: Here are some free games. ME: Thanks, what was I saying... nope cant remember. Oh well never mind. On a plus I have free games.
  15. I've installed every version of Windows 10 since the first, and I've downloaded every update when it was released, and I've never had an issue. Well lucky you, maybe your hardware was all standard, or maybe you do not tax your machine. i had a load of problems because i had hardware that did nto like Windows 10, like my sound card. windows 10 kept trying to put it own incompatible drivers in place and windows 10 will not allow you to stop one driver being updated, it is all or nothing. Stupid idea. My Inkjet printer at the time, which is still sold by the way, also had problems with Windows 10. Getting my scanner, which I admit is getting on a bit to run with windows 10 is a pain in the neck and takes some doing and yet, it had no problem with Windows 8. software that worked with Windows 7 and 8 crashed on Windows 10, sure most have been updated now and works, but what did MS do with Windows 10 to stop this software working? Windows 10 is a mess, have been a mess since is was launched and will always be a mess, it is always in beta and will never be any different and yet Ms still add useless features, try to find more ways to get us to use their cloud services and more ways to spy on us. if windows 8 would work on this machine I would go back to it, but that is another thing MS done, mucked up Windows 8 so it will not work on modern machines. ms changed the driver model, so the companies of your hardware should have updated, its not ms's fault It is always MS fault.
  16. DocM

    Tesla Semi, Roadster, Pickup

    If the rumors are correct the Tesla pickup will be a Class 6 (F-650 equivalent). Perhaps three motors for the Pickup, an arrangement used in the upcoming 'Raven' Model S upgrade (1 front, 2 rear, with AWD.)
  17. Copernic

    SpeedyFox 2.0.27 Build 142

    SpeedyFox 2.0.27 Build 142 by Razvan Serea Your Firefox/Skype/Chrome/Opera/Thunderbird is working slowly? Boost them all in a single click with SpeedyFox absolutely for free! Supported programs: Firefox / Chrome / Chromium / Skype / Thunderbird / Opera / Vivaldi / Yandex Browser/ Epic Privacy Browser / Cyberfox / FossaMail / Viber for Windows / Microsoft Edge / Slimjet Browser/ Pale Moon / SeaMonkey Mozilla Firefox is by far the best feature-rich and fastest browser out there, but with the passage of time it slows down considerably. It will take a lot of time to load during startup, the overall speed will be effected, and browsing Histories will be too slow. This is very common problem and it occurs largely because of fragmentation of databases. SpeedyFox is a brand new small utility that fixes this problem with a single click! It seems unbelievable but after you optimize your Firefox with this tool, you will get a fresh newly-installed feel because the speed indeed gets considerably faster. You will get up 3 times faster start-up speed, browsing history will become faster, and performing operations with cookies will be quicker than before. You get: Boost Startup in up to 3 times! Speed-up browsing history Overall quicker operation Smaller profile size Available for both Windows and Mac OS How often should I run SpeedyFox? Depending on your browsing activity we recommend optimizing your profile once in 1-2 weeks. SpeedyFox 2.0.27 Build 142 changelog: Support of Microsoft Edge browser (Chromium based) SQLite engine updated to 3.29.0 Download: SpeedyFox 2.0.27 Build 142 | 674 KB (Freeware) Download: SpeedyFox for Mac OS X | 822 KB View: SpeedyFox Website Get alerted to all of our Software updates on Twitter at @NeowinSoftware
  18. Really, what desperate about giving games away to entice gamers to it's platforms? it's a smart business decision that works many times. The real desperation is the Steam fanboys that don't want to accept that Epic are here and don't seem to be going away and unless Valve offers better terms to developers, Epic are going to keep pulling games away from Steam, that is the reality of this. Beside, desperate or not is irrelevant, the fact of the matter is that Epic are offering a few games for free so how you can argue on that is laughable.
  19. Amazon commits to using 100% renewable energy by 2030, zero carbon emissions by 2040 by João Carrasqueira Today, Amazon announced that it's partnering with Global Optimism to co-found The Climate Pledge, a commitment to meet the Paris Agreement ten years early. While Amazon is the first signatory of the pledge, the hope is that more companies will join in order to promote environmental sustainability. Those that choose to join the pledge will be committing to: Measure and report greenhouse gas emissions on a regular basis; Implement decarbonization strategies in line with the Paris Agreement through real business changes and innovations, including efficiency improvements, renewable energy, materials reductions, and other carbon emission elimination strategies; Neutralize any remaining emissions with additional, quantifiable, real, permanent, and socially-beneficial offsets to achieve net zero annual carbon emissions by 2040. For its part, Amazon is making a number of commitments, starting with transitioning all of its energy usage to renewable energy sources. The company expects to use 80% of renewable energy for its operation by 2024 and to transition completely to renewable energies by 2030. This should help the company reach its goal of zero carbon emissions by 2040. Companies such as Google and Apple already run on 100% renewable energy. Commenting on the move, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos noted that the company decided it's time to use its size to influence others to make a change: “We’re done being in the middle of the herd on this issue—we’ve decided to use our size and scale to make a difference(...). If a company with as much physical infrastructure as Amazon—which delivers more than 10 billion items a year—can meet the Paris Agreement 10 years early, then any company can. I’ve been talking with other CEOs of global companies, and I’m finding a lot of interest in joining the pledge. Large companies signing The Climate Pledge will send an important signal to the market that it’s time to invest in the products and services the signatories will need to meet their commitments.” Amazon also announced that it has ordered a fleet of 100,000 electric vehicles from Rivian, an EV company that Amazon has already invested $440 million in, and which is aiming to launch its first vehicles by 2021. This is the biggest order ever of electric delivery vehicles, according to the online retailer, and Amazon plans to have 10,000 of these on the road by 2022, and all 100,000 by 2030. Amazon is also investing in reforestation - a fitting choice for the company - with the Right Now Climate Fund, committing $100 million to "restore and protect forests, wetlands, and peatlands around the world". Finally, Amazon is launching a website dedicated to reporting its sustainability commitments and progress to reaching the goals set by The Climate Pledge. Data such as the carbon footprint and other metrics will be available, as well as more information on the company's different programs to reduce its environmental impact. You can visit the new website here.
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