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    • +warwagon

      My WTF story of the day. So I was helping this person with their internet. They have US Cellular for their internet and pay about $190 between their cellphone and their internet with a monthly cap of 10GB. They have a hotspot / router. They were telling me "I can't watch youtube, it uses too much bandwith" ... I said... uh ... ya if you only have 10 GB a month, that's ridiculous. 
      They live in a town that offers fiber optic for $40 per month for 10 down and unlimited. (They also offer other plans including 250 at $79 a month and even a 1GB plan but that one is still price prohibited at $199 a month, but at least they offer it and the price over time will come down)
      They brought their tower over so we can check their machine on good known working internet. it worked fine.
      When they were here I told them now be a great time to call the other company for internet service.
      So they went home and called me the next day saying US Cellular sent them home with a new hotspot / router and it still wasn't working. I said... now might be a great time to call that internet service provider. They said, I have a 2 year contract. I said "SINCE WHEN?" ... they said "Since yesterday" .. I never had one before they made me sign one. I'm thinking "OH FFS".
      Anyway... They called me today telling me that after going through 3 techs on the phone with us cellular they saw they were blocked on their system and that's why their internet wasn't working.
      · 1 reply
    • Steven P.

      Welcome to the new grid layout in the forums 🤓
      · 0 replies
    • Nick H.

      It feels a bit silly to be downloading firmware for a lightbulb!
      · 2 replies
    • Daniel F.

      Managed to bag a PS5 (Disc edition) off Amazon UK @ £450 - Screw you scalpers! 
      · 2 replies
    • Homer  »  enigma-penguin

      · 0 replies
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