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  2. yes, a PC demo for a 9 year old game; that's totally gonna help sales /s I'm sure those who cared about the game have played through it or watched a playthrough of it by now
  3. Heavy Rain demo is now available on PC through Epic Games Store by Pulasthi Ariyasinghe Quantic Dream is working on bringing its selection of PlayStation exclusives - Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human - over to PC this year, and the studio recently revealed that demos for each game would arrive on the new platform a month before they each launch. And right on schedule, the Heavy Rain demo has landed on the Epic Games Store, finally letting PC players have a crack at the award-winning adventure game. The free demo gives access to the first act of Heavy Rain, presenting the initial two chapters that introduce players to Norman Jayden and Scott Shelby, an FBI profiler and a private detective, respectively, that are hunting the Origami Killer. Players will meet the remaining two playable characters in the full game, which is slated to launch exclusively on the Epic Games Store on June 24. As for PC specific enhancements, the demo, as well as the full game will feature "graphics in 4K resolution, 60 fps and Widescreen compatibility" according to the store page. However, as of publishing this article, the PC demo seems to be giving everyone an error when trying to launch it. The studio is working on a fix right now.
  4. I have my shocked face on right now. 😆
  5. SyntheticVirusZ

    Windows Media Creation Tool and May update question?

  6. Sales for this super expensive thing were never going to be high IMO. Even if it went smooth and didn't have issues, it's just way too high priced.
  7. doesn't matter now but you could have enabled manually it from edge://flags this is just the first version it automatically enables itself based on your windows setting. I don't notice anything different with it now that it auto enables Aye, i did enable Chrome with the flag (didnt know if you could in chromium, didnt try TBH) ... but after it updated, and went dark... it was soothing
  8. It should be pointed out that this version of LTSC loses mainstream support on October 12, 2021. There's also a LTSC version of 1809 to for whatever it's worth.
  9. Best Buy cancels all pre-orders for Samsung's Galaxy Fold by Rich Woods Announced at Mobile World Congress this year, Samsung's Galaxy Fold has all but folded. Reviewers had problems with the display, which Samsung initially blamed on removing the plastic on the front. Soon enough though, the company postponed the launch of the Galaxy Fold so it could go back to the drawing board. Today, Best Buy has officially canceled all pre-orders for the device. In a support article where a Best Buy social media specialist praises the innovations of the Galaxy Fold, the retailer promises that it's still working with Samsung to deliver the foldable handset. However, with breakthrough designs and technology come many hurdles and the possibility to face a plethora of unforeseen hiccups. These hurdles have led Samsung to postpone the release of the Galaxy Fold, and Samsung has not provided a new release date. Because we put our customers first and want to ensure they are taken care of in the best possible manner, Best Buy has decided to cancel all current pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy Fold. You can still sign up to be notified when the Galaxy Fold is available, although there's no release date. In fact, there isn't even a ballpark timeframe for when the smartphone will ship. It's probably a safe bet that we won't see it anytime soon though, being that pre-orders are being canceled. If you want to be notified when the Galaxy Fold is available, you can sign up here.
  10. Ya, just from the few posts here so far and half of them had the Edge get messed up! Way to go MS with your auto updating everything so automatically! Luckily I hadn't been on this machine in a while and even though I just had my Edge get updated, I'm still on the previous version to this update! While it downloads the update, you actually have to restart it for it to update, if it's open. Otherwise it won't just update on it's own. I always get a notification to restart to update on Canary. Apparently the Dev version doesn't work that way as my version gets updated upon opening. Never been told to restart. Some how missed this update on this machine also, which I'm usually on about every other day. Edit: just got updated to on my Dev Edge. Started up just fine and working great. Edited 36 minutes after posting this reply. That's what I mean, if it's already running it won't update until you manually restart it. I've always got it open when my PC is open so I've had to manually restart pretty much each day to get the newest canary build. I could be wrong but isn't this the same way Chrome has updated for years?
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  12. They weren’t there to begin with. They get downloaded. That said, I’ve never had that happen on an enterprise install. xbox is still in enterprise edition Sorry. I was referring to the net flix, candy crush etc.
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  14. Useless to you. I use them every day. I also doubt Virtualbox had any issue with hyper-v. Nox is probably a type 1 hypervisor and you cannot use a type 1 inside a type 1. Ever. It was probably the issue.
  15. doesn't matter now but you could have enabled manually it from edge://flags this is just the first version it automatically enables itself based on your windows setting. I don't notice anything different with it now that it auto enables
  16. Windows 10 LTSC 1607 is the best Windows 10 release.
  17. Just got mine updated too! My eyes wont bleed anymore! Main reason i was still using chrome was for dark mode.... going to give this new Edge build a decent spin... see wots wot!
  18. Microsoft releases Windows 10 build 14393.2999 - here's what's new by Rich Woods Microsoft has released KB4499177, an update for Windows 10 version 1607 that brings the build number to 14393.2999. Obviously, this update is not for most people, since there are few users left on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. The only people that should receive this are users on the Long-Term Servicing Channel, Windows Server 2016, or those that certain older Intel Atom chips that were unsupported for version 1703. You can manually download it here, and it contains the following fixes: Updates wininet.dll to prevent the re-creation of File Transfer Protocol (FTP) control sessions. Addresses an issue that prevents the OS from loading new icon files if it encounters an icon file that has a bad format. Addresses an issue to set the date separator properly in the Japanese short date format. For more information, see KB4469068. Updates time zone information for Morocco. Updates time zone information for the Palestinian Authority. Improves performance related to case-insensitive string comparison functions such as _stricmp() in the Universal C Runtime. Addresses an issue that may cause a temporary KRB_AP_ERR_MODIFIED Kerberos sign-in failure in applications and services configured to use a Group Managed Service Account (GMSA). This issue occurs after the automatic update of the service account password. Addresses an issue that causes a sign-in to fail with the error, “Incorrect Username or password” when using an empty or null password and Windows Defender Credential Guard is enabled. Addresses an issue that causes Microsoft Office and other applications to prompt for a password after you change a user account password. This issue occurs on hybrid Azure Active Directory (AD) joined systems. Addresses an issue with BranchCache when it is in distributed cache mode. BranchCache may use more disk space than assigned for the republication cache. To fully address the issue, devices that have exceeded the disk space assignments should empty BranchCache using the netsh branchcache flushcommand. Addresses an issue that may cause a Stop D1 error when you increase the random-access memory (RAM) capacity of a CPU (“hot add”) on a virtual machine. Addresses an issue that may cause event 7600 in the Domain Name System (DNS) server event log to contain an unreadable server name. Addresses an issue with apps that have incorrect audits and are not protected by Extranet Smart lockout when they are published using the Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) RichClient. Addresses an issue that fails to record a local user’s last logon time even when the user has accessed the server’s network share. Addresses an issue that may cause error “0x7E” when moving a Network File System (NFS) File Server role and any client is active. Addresses an issue with the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) class, Win32_PhysicalMemory, which reports 32 GB of memory without a Capacity value. Addresses an issue with scrollLeft in Internet Explorer. Addresses an issue that causes rendering to stop working for {svg} elements. There are also several known issues: Symptom Workaround For hosts managed by System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM), SCVMM cannot enumerate and manage logical switches deployed on the host after installing the update. Additionally, if you do not follow the best practices, a stop error may occur in vfpext.sys on the hosts. Run mofcomp on the following mof files on the affected host: Scvmmswitchportsettings.mof VMMDHCPSvr.mof Follow the best practices while patching to avoid a stop error in vfpext.sys in an SDN v2 environment (NC managed hosts). After installing KB4467684, the cluster service may fail to start with the error “2245 (NERR_PasswordTooShort)” if the group policy “Minimum Password Length” is configured with greater than 14 characters. Set the domain default "Minimum Password Length" policy to less than or equal to 14 characters. Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release. After installing this update, there may be issues using the Preboot Execution Environment (PXE) to start a device from a Windows Deployment Services (WDS) server configured to use Variable Window Extension. This may cause the connection to the WDS server to terminate prematurely while downloading the image. This issue does not affect clients or devices that are not using Variable Window Extension. To mitigate the issue, disable the Variable Window Extension on WDS server using one of the following options: Option 1: Open an Administrator Command prompt and type the following: Wdsutil /Set-TransportServer /EnableTftpVariableWindowExtension:No Option 2: Use the Windows Deployment Services UI. Open Windows Deployment Services from Windows Administrative Tools. Expand Servers and right-click a WDS server. Open its properties and clear the Enable Variable Window Extension box on the TFTP tab. Option 3: Set the following registry value to 0: “HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\ WDSServer\Providers\WDSTFTP\ EnableVariableWindowExtension”. Restart the WDSServer service after disabling the Variable Window Extension. Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release. Certain operations, such as rename, that you perform on files or folders that are on a Cluster Shared Volume (CSV) may fail with the error, “STATUS_BAD_IMPERSONATION_LEVEL (0xC00000A5)”. This occurs when you perform the operation on a CSV owner node from a process that doesn’t have administrator privilege. Do one of the following: Perform the operation from a process that has administrator privilege. Perform the operation from a node that doesn’t have CSV ownership. Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release. After installing this update and restarting, some devices running Windows Server 2016 with Hyper-V enabled may enter Bitlocker recovery mode and receive an error, "0xC0210000". Note Windows 10, version 1607 may also be affected when Bitlocker and Hyper-V are enabled. For a workaround for this issue, please see KB4505821. Microsoft is working on a resolution and will provide an update in an upcoming release. This is an optional update, so it will not automatically install. You can get it through Windows Update or by installing it automatically.
  19. They weren’t there to begin with. They get downloaded. That said, I’ve never had that happen on an enterprise install. xbox is still in enterprise edition
  20. There is very little bloat. yeah right. everyone know windows has ton of legacy bloats. unwanted software thats deprecated but still exists like the ones mentioned in the article You'll be surprised how much software out there still depends upon stuff that's no longer being developed or maintained. If Microsoft starts ripping out stuff that's been carried over from older versions, then I bet we'd start getting a bunch of comments from people complaining their programs no longer work for no reason - especially for business users. Like, what about old versions of programs that software makers just don't support anymore, and that's too costly to upgrade? Or programs where the developer either stopped making/selling that program, went bankrupt, or straight up disappeared? Do you want to choose between being left behind in technological progress/new updates/security fixes and keep your old programs working, or being able to stay up to date and use the new programs being made while having to completely rewrite or replace your entire workflow every year or so? Even if Microsoft made this legacy stuff a downloadable extra (which would be a logistical nightmare), you'd get people who either don't know how to download the stuff and complaining, people complaining that they have to download things to get their programs to work "when they were just fine before", and people complaining because they have a download cap. If you want your old programs to keep working in Windows, Windows will have to keep some stuff around to keep those programs working. And especially for business customers, Windows really prioritizes keeping these programs working that you're already used to. If you really just want the new stuff and to be out with the old, you can just use Windows RT. ... Except that totally failed. then how are they able to remove these bloat without breaking the apps. you talk as if removing things will always break stuffs. thats not the bloat we want removed. removed legacy unused software like these which is no use to anyone. there is always duplicate apps like settings, IE/edge etc its also horrible how there are at least 10 UI design and are so inconsistent
  21. if as bloat you're talking about few MBs occupied on your hdd, easily unistallable with 2 clicks yes ... if you're talking about sw that runs on startup, slow down your pc, fill your registry, when you unistall leave files and registry voices in your hdd...than no if by bloat i mean you uninstall and it comes back when you do an update. that kind of bloat too. besides thats not the only bloat. there are ton of service like the one mentioned here that you cant remove but running and taking up space
  22. Hyper-V and M$ hypervisor happily deleted because of BSOD when launching Virtualbox or NOX Player. Sandbox and Hyper-V are useless. Interface (colors) is awful. Amount of spying is insane.
  23. yep I just got this version pushed as well they must have just pushed it as I didn't get it when I checked some 30 odd minutes ago
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