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  2. Not really. This is just another app. Nothing MS is doing is actually a serious investment in Android...otherwise we'd actually see Cortana and some of the other hands-free capabilities show up. MS on Android isn't NEARLY as functional as Windows phones are, especially in the car...where you can only answer or make phone calls.
  3. I'm a big fan of TeamViewer. It works pretty much on everything.
  4. Lots of dark scenes! Would probably play with RTX off if given the choice
  5. Sure. Because a new icon makes the program work better. Sheesh.
  6. Yet another horrible foldable device. It's WAY too big folded and WAY too small unfolded. And, good GRIEF that stupid crease!
  7. Figure 8 Dash

    Mojang and Nvidia announce ray tracing support for Minecraft

    Oh, so they CAN upgrade the graphics for just one platform. So maybe release the super duper graphic mode for the platforms that can support it.
  8. I'd better start saving for that RTX 2080ti if I want to play RT Minecraft then. I would probably have to lower the render distance to around 8 chunks just to get 60fps too.
  9. The Calendar looks like Mario's Calendar in the original NES Mario Bros Game.
  10. Spoiler alert: these are not the icons you'll see for the Windows Mail and Windows Calendar app. Might want to update this article guys.
  11. they claim its a OS built up from using a microkernel design... but who knows... this is china... could be ripped off kernel source from linux or other microkernels like QNX.. and in chian it's called Hongmeng OS... nothing better then a "Hung Men" OS.. but going by their source that was reviewed by others before for their switches and routers, the source is probably messy and buggy, they had almost no code review or quality assurance in their software design and coding in the past How can something based off the open source Linux kernel be considered a rip off?
  12. Nick H.

    Linux Gamers - Where are you?

    Unfortunately part of the reason I'm on Linux is because I needed an OS that could deal with the older specs of the laptop. It's got maybe 8GB RAM and a graphics card that may as well be a piece of cardboard. It works for productivity and watching videos, but there's no way I could do serious gaming. Maybe TuxKart (haven't tried it in Linux yet) and Battle for Wesnoth.
  13. fusi0n

    Linux Gamers - Where are you?

    Since gaming on Linux has came a LONG way in the past two years, I'm curious to see if Neowin has any Linux gamers? What I'm currently playing on Linux: Need for Speed Rivals OverWatch CEMU (Mario Kart 8) Unreal Tournament Quake Arena CSGO GTAV All those run great and Discord is native! Maybe if there is enough interest, we can start a Neowin Linux Gamer Discord #
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  15. Just need to activate the hidden alien device.
  16. patseguin

    Raytracing card worth it yet?

    Is the trade-off worth it to you?
  17. fusi0n

    Looking for New Browser

    Check out Brave.. It's privacy centric plus they have browsers for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
  18. I've had the game since it came out, in 2015. And I think I have all but 5 operators unlocked, I've spent $0 on them. That's part of the fun, winning to get points to unlock them. What are you playing it on?
  19. Microsoft BOB™ 10

    New Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app icons leak online

    Outlook needs to go yellow-gold again.
  20. Microsoft BOB™ 10

    New Windows 10 Mail and Calendar app icons leak online

    Looks like a single color rubik's cube
  21. Microsoft BOB™ 10

    Mojang and Nvidia announce ray tracing support for Minecraft

    In some scenes it looks less colorful now and dark?
  22. You are gonna look awful goofy holding this next to your hear to make phone calls.
  23. Here's how to watch all the gamescom 2019 streams later today by Vishal Laul It's forecasted to be mostly sunny in Cologne, Germany as gamescom 2019 kicks off later today with an Opening Night event scheduled to be hosted by Geoff Keighley. There's a concatenation of events planned right before the big gamescom opening, though; Nintendo, Microsoft, and Google will each have their own livestreams later today revealing what they have been up to. Nintendo Nintendo is expected to premiere a 20-minute Indie Direct presentation with a whole bunch of trailers for games coming soon to the Switch. Here's when it's scheduled for, and where to watch it: August 19 - 6 AM PDT (Los Angeles) August 19 - 9 AM EDT (New York City) August 19 - 2 PM BST (London) August 19 - 3 PM CEST (Cologne) August 19 - 6:30 PM IST (New Delhi) August 19 - 11 PM AEST (Sydney) Microsoft Inside Xbox is scheduled to go live with a gamescom stream; we know Microsoft wants to use this event to showcase Project xCloud, so expecting a few more details about that service is most reasonable. Also expected is some news with regards to the Age of Empires franchise as well as Halo MCC, which continues to be a work in progress. It will stream via Mixer. Here's when to watch the stream: August 19 - 8 AM PDT (Los Angeles) August 19 - 11 AM EDT (New York City) August 19 - 4 PM BST (London) August 19 - 5 PM CEST (Cologne) August 19 - 8:30 PM IST (New Delhi) August 20 - 1 AM AEST (Sydney) Google Stadia represents Google's foray into the gaming industry at large; today, it will host its second Stadia Connect event where expectations of more game announcements seem reasonable. It will also be interesting to see whether Google has any plans on how it will tackle the next generation of consoles. Here's when and how to watch the stream: August 19 - 10 AM PDT (Los Angeles) August 19 - 1 PM EDT (New York City) August 19 - 6 PM BST (London) August 19 - 7 PM CEST (Cologne) August 19 - 10:30 PM IST (New Delhi) August 20 - 3 AM AEST (Sydney) gamescom Opening Night Live Geoff Keighley will be hosting the Opening Night Live event, as mentioned, There's going to be a plethora of announcements and trailers lined up for the two-hour event, along with a few brand-new reveals as well. EA is also expected to show some gameplay from the just-announced Need for Speed: Heat. Here's when and how to watch the stream: August 19 - 11 AM PDT (Los Angeles) August 19 - 2 PM EDT (New York City) August 19 - 7 PM BST (London) August 19 - 8 PM CEST (Cologne) August 19 - 11:30 PM IST (New Delhi) August 20 - 4 AM AEST (Sydney)
  24. Comes with "3 Years McAfee Internet Security".... in for 2.
  25. finally.. now I can move on with my life.
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